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— TOLe DO 
T(?/\NSI t 

w\y to school 



Ducny HAZChJ 
coivits FV7orn HpRe 



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Ja.YM<^ ner 

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II From Here 

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DeE"uM%,&>l-l-y, be 

Harriet 2t*6e -— miuupjipcj 




// >T 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 


Once more offers its pages for the portrayal 
of the ever interesting, dramatic story of 
college lire at r 

volume edite 

srsity. This 
is and 

o?"the staff, col- 
laborating with business managers Gene 
Korb and Harold Briola, will in a pictorial 
manner review the people and the events 
in which they participated throughout 
the year. 


*-*>£*' *** 

■fP" "W ,f&* 




<*%" Jr 

k : <;p 


/ ^ 





4*MMN£ '^^W£$ fe &'> 



Oh the life of a department head . . . worry, worry ■ ■ ■ why can't 
we have more space . . . what do they use that room for . . . how 
do they expect us to teach in these cramped quarters . . . wonder 
if they will raise my pay . . . see me in my office at . . . guess we'll 
have to have more money this year . . . don't you think we ought 
to have another assistant ... is an exhibition advisable . . . sign 
your name here before you take that out . . . where's my N. Y. A. 
help to grade these papers . . . let's have more speakers . . . can't 
do it, no room . . . fill out this requisition first . . . now let's go 
through these again . . . worry, worry . . . more worry. 

University Physician 



Head of Speech Department 


Head of French Department 


Head of Department of History 
and Social Science 

Head of Department 
of Agriculture 


Head of Department 

of English 

Head of Kindergarten- 
Primary Department 


Director of 

Training School 

Head of Department 
of Physical Science 


Head of Department of 

Geography and Geology 


Head of Department 

of Philosophy 

Head of Department of Spanish 

Head of Department 
of Home Economics 

Head of German Department 

Head of Latin Department 

Head of Industrial 
Arts Department 


Head of Department of 
Education and Psychology 

Head of Music Department 

Head of Biology Department 


DON RANNEY. President of Student Council. 


T. Watts, President; Dr. Pearce, Miss Parish, J. Malquist. 

E. Likens, D. Kinsey. H. Madden, Dean Manchester. 


M. Williams. T. Watts, M. E. Elgin. H. Dunstan, G. Hostetler, R. Horton, C. Page, 

E. Williams, J. Moyer, H. Westcott. D. Ranney, R- Cox. 


H. Grable, M. Elgin, E. Bader, Dean Verder, J. Faranacci, D. Scott, S. Warner, 

Dr. Hudson, Dean Manchester, Mr. Tichendorf. 


L. Troyer, E. Williams, E. Kegler, D. Neal, E. Raymer, D. Ranney, D. Schafer. J. 


D. FITZGERALD, President of Panhellenic Council. 


J. McSorley, N. Dominick, M. Elgin, E. Ashton, H. Strouse, L. Weber, M. Irvine, 
B. Immerman, K. Shilling, L. Lossie, W. Palmer, L. Moore, G. Warner, D. Fitz- 
gerald, Miss Fletcher. 






L. to R.— J. Kelly- A. Lea. 
R. Scribner, R. Hurd, J. 
Hout, W. Watts. H. Un- 

The frosh-soph 

Out of my way. 
you lowly greenhorns. 



Starched, ruffled dresses . . . Lord Fauntleroy collars . . . shiny 
faces . . . red apples for teacher . . . thick five-cent writing tablets 
under their arms . . . persistent gold lockets . . . dented with teeth 
marks, on knotted chains . . . straight hair miraculously twisted into 
frizz on the ends . . . red pencil boxes with separate drawers ... a 
funny feeling in their stomachs as mother departs with a smile 
and a nod. 

o — o — o — o — o 

High patent leather pumps and rolled stockings . . . huge high 
school letters on conspicuously unused sweaters . . . fresh painted 
cheeks . . . stiff covered blue and red books with gold letters . . . 
new haircuts . . . honor society . . . dramatic club and valedictorian 
pins on coat lapels . . . tightly waved permanents . . . elaborate 
brief cases with seventeen compartments and zippers ... a funny 
feeling in their stomachs as mother departs with a smile and a nod. 

Just as the presses gain momentum as more and more news is 
gathered, so does school life, with its new faces, as the students are 
again caught in the huge web of activities in the dizzy, whirling 
maze of university life. 




George Urban . . Editor 

Phone 3G3 — Sigma Tau Gamma 


Helen Westcott Assistant Editor 


David Alden Business Manager 

226 East Williams St. 

Sundae Ciancio 

■ ■ ■ Assistant Business Manager 

Paul Ryan. Harold Hanson News Editors 

lean Mover Special Writer 

Martha Thompson Society Editor 

Andy Palich Sports Editor 

Gullan Melin Feature Editor 

Bill Diehl Promotion Manager 

REPORTERS: lane Ann Tatgenhorst. Ber- 
nita Elliott, Frances Grant. Bill Diehl. Mar- 
jorie McNab, Jean Moyer. Frank Kennedy. 
loseph Dixon. Jerry Stewart, Betty Ulicny. 
Artz. lack Watts. Gladys Swear- 
engin, Francie Waterbury, George Ens- 
minger, Marjorie Hanna, Harold Levinson. 
Bob Miller. Keith Spriggel, Tom Bell. Lin- 
coln Hackim. Ann Horwath, Eugenia Cat- 
Betty Schlesinger. 

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Mike Polli. Bill Diehl. 

Pope. John Thio. Mark Treat, Dick Gard- 



rj-» n.. i ( Jay DeEulis 

Editors m Chief t »/i 

1 lean Moyer 

Assistant Editor Handa Tozer 

First Assistant Russ Hurd 

Art Editor Eleanor Bader 

- . . ( Russ Hurd 

AsS,Stants I Marge McNab 

Fraternity Editor Tom Manko 

Society Editor Julia Begala 

W.A.A. Sports Editor Bernita Elliott 

Sports Editor Paul Ryan 

Intramural Editor Jack Watts 

GENERAL STAFF: Jane Fitzpatrick, 
Peggy Spencer, Sundae Ciancio, 
Madge Cunningham. Mary Cam, 
Hanna Dean Koerpel, Kay Ward- 
man, Marge Bedford, Peggy Clark, 
Jennie Jean White. 
Photographer in Chief Michael Polli 


D . «. \ Gene Korb 

Business Managers j Harold Briola 

Assistants I £ en MfGinnis 

( Priscilla Gneme 

Hold thai a minute, 
please. . . . 







-, ..itina who *l" be ■ 

"' »i the ««* assem 
Nation She U » «•»" 

Society Editor 

stan Countess. 

Society Editor ' V 11 

Countess Keller 

\%r\\ V?~ : "^v" 


Sports Editor 





Z^aWmntmn gtate CJC 


For Dorntito 

News Editor ! RTAN 

Represent Rent 
Public Affairs <■ 


of the 




tof ,j£$AN€IO^ •;'*« ^ V 

peie m .S#AJFF 

George Urban 
H. Westcott 
M. Thompson 
G. Melin 
S. Ciancio 
J. Moyer 
R. Tozer 

J. DeEulis 

Dr. Beal 

D. Alden 

R. Miller 

M. Stewart 

L. Troyer 

■.During^'*"*"- 4 "* 

_.— . ^ Cota«b««, Toledo, 


Assistant Editor, 

in a bit 

of a revery. 

McGinnis, Grieme, 

Fitzpatrick, Manko. 

In Action???? 

Ryan, Sports Editor, 
Giving Bedford some advice? 

Korb and Briola, 

Business Managers 

supreme — talking 

it over. 


Clark, White, 

Hurd and Bader 

getting their 

heads together 

over a "Slick" 

piece of art. 


Please tell us another story. 
L. to R. — Mrs. Bender, soph.; M. 
Shank, soph.; Dr. Hudson, B. 
Banyc, soph.; A. Mills, soph. 

Rhythm, at least, is international. 

L. to R. — H. Nelson, jr.; C. Hobinstine, soph.; E 
Phillips, soph.; M. Gustafson, jr.; M. Sigrist 
soph.; D. Tewes, frosh 

The story of Dr. Kang and the Dixie cup. 
L. to R. — D. Davidson, soph.; E. Hazlette, 
soph.; F. Jefferson, soph.; E. Koeppe, jr. 

So they still do handies? 
L. to R. — G. Hammock, soph.; J. Tallentire, soph.; 
M. Runk, soph.; E. Schneider, sr.; V. Bodo, soph. 

'Twould be perfect if they 

were reading the 


L. to R.— G. Mellin. sr.; Dr. 
Pringle; I. Saukkonen, jr.; M. 
Roller, frosh.; G. Boccia, frosh. 

"It says here 
L. to R.— J. Kerka. 
sr.; D. SiddalL sr.; 
D. Rogers, sr.; R. 
Moran, sr. 

Is that so? 

L. to R. — Dean Manchester, D. Ranney, sr.; 
R. Pinyoun, sr.; Dean Allyan. 

But I couldn't have gained 
20 pounds. 

L. to R. — M. Morrow, soph.; H. 
Pierce, soph.; V. Wallis, soph.; 
M. Kovalick, soph.; G. Cooke, 

Not more than two 
apiece now. 

L. to R.— C. Russo, soph.; P. 
Pearson, jr.; C. Magalion, 
soph.; J. Ebel, jr.; J. Locker, 
soph.; H. Peck. 

It's simpler to use the steps. 
L. to R. — M. Gates, soph.; H. Lock- 
wood, soph.; E. Geib, soph.; F. 
Parise, soph.; J. Friedly, soph. 

Can't you let a lady pass? 
to R.— D. Ellet. soph.; K. Gartrell, 
soph.; D. Epley, soph.; J. Tola, 
soph.; H. Gressel, soph. 

Take your time. 
L. to R. C. Caldwell, jr.; H. Davis, 

Time out between 

L. to R. — M. Eiden, soph.; 
J. Harrington, jr.; M. Metts, 
soph.; O. Shrader, soph.; 
M. Blazekovich, soph. 

"Lemme have Shep- 
erd's Atlas, plizz." 

L. to R.— P. Stopher, sr.; D. 
Shaddock, soph.; F. Wood, 
frosh.; T. DeEulis. soph.; 
R. Hurd, soph.; L. Koba, jr.; 
W. Wixom, frosh.; E. Far- 
son, frosh.; I. Erskin. frosh. 

That argument'U 
kill 'em. 

L. to R. — L. Vagnozzi, sr.; 
W. Tapper, f r o s h . ; M. 
Runk, soph.; V. Bodo. soph. 


As rebuttal speaker, I do 
hereby rebutt — " 

L. to R.— W. Dunlap, jr.; G. Pugh, 
soph.; E. Schneider, sr.; Zonnizer, 
soph.; G. Hostetler, frosh. 


No! Don't relax, once you 

L. to R.— D. Fitzgerald, sr.; E. 
Bader, sr.; M. Stewart, sr.; D. Teas, 
sr.; D. Runk, jr.; Dr. Beal; V. Car- 
penter, sr.; G. Melin, sr.; B. Man- 
chester, jr. 


Note the surrealist murals. 

L. to R. — J. McCorkle, jr.; I. Saukkonen, 
jr.; J. Young, sr.; F. Reed, frosh.; R. Hor- 
ton, sr.; J. Page, sr.; E. Traeger, sr. 

Spaghetti a la lab. 

L. to R. — J. Rummell, sr.; R. Miller, 
sr.; D. Fouser, grad.; Prof. Cun- 

This calls for a woman's touch. 

L. to R.— E. Troeger. sr.; M. Polli, jr.; 
M. Serene, grad.; D. Fouser, grad. 

Give him a chance to eat. 

L. to R. — R. Horton, sr.; M. Serene, grad.; V 

Petty, sr.; D. Rogers, sr.; Dr. Alexopolous 

G. Urban, sr. 

Appeasing one of the 
biological urges. 

L. to R.— W. McAlister, sr.; L. 
Seeds, jr.; R. Oviatt, sr.; D. Manful, 
soph.; B. Kunert, sr. 

Next class at the Brady, eh? 
L. to R. — C. Bligh, soph.; F. Con- 
rad, soph.; D. Chilcothe, soph.; W. 
Ault, jr.; A. Braden. soph.; A. De- 
luis. soph. 

Gwan, you'll be late to class. 

L. to R. — B. Emmerman, soph.; C. Elses- 
saer, soph.; H. Peterson, irosh.; B. Knox 
soph.; J. Funkhouser. soph. 


,.Hi ■ t ' 

No candy sale today, girls. 

L. to R. — M. Kaufman, soph.; G. Schul- 
man, soph.; M. Szabo. soph.; T. Brown, 

After you, mesdames. 

L. to R. — I. Mitchell, soph.; M. Leizert, 
soph.; M. Shank, soph.; R. Keep, soph. 

Do you think she'll see us? 

L. to R. — G. Rolph, soph.; J. Klien, soph.; 
f. Ruta, soph.; V. Ripple, soph.; M. Scavona, 

Five Romeos in reverse. 

L. to R. — M. Vitelangelo, soph.; 
M. Bruno, soph.; H. Heineman, 
jr.; E. Sullivan, soph.; R. Acken, 

If you can't write, you'll 
simply have to sing it. 

L. to R.— M. McNab, soph.; J. 
Tagenhorst soph.; H. Nighman, 
jr.; A. Johnson, soph.; R. Hud- 
son, soph.; M. Timmons, soph. 

Watcha got in the case — 
a piccolo? 

L. to R. — Mrs. Bender, soph.; M. 
Crompton, soph.; V. Brown, 
soph.; E. Breting, soph. 

'So I says to him — " 

Playing hookey or just let out 
L. to R. — L. Terrill, soph.; J. Church, jr. 
M. Rice, jr.; W. Beitzle, soph. 

L. to R.— K. Osborne, frosh.; G. 
Theobald, soph.; D. Wheelan, 
soph.; C. Boyle, soph. 

"Let's see, where to sit?" 

L. to R. — H. Dunlevy, soph.; E. 
Toth, soph.; B. Zurcher, soph.; 
I. Taanila, soph. 

Wanted: seats in the 

L. to R.— C. Reed, frosh.; H. 
Bridges, frosh.; R. Stribley, 


Service sums up the existence of the club. The group strives to 
fill the gaps on the campus and in the community life where need 
is felt. This organization tries to aid girls in formulating a sane, 
wholesome way of living. It reaches out to all types of activities — 
social, service, religious, and study. 

Ye gods, she's late 

L. to R. — L. Koefenderfer, frosh.; 
M. Ickes, soph.; M. Ault, soph. 

Don't shoot us, 

L. to R. — F. Thompson, 
soph.; P. Gerber, soph.; 
M. Crampton, jr.; Deem 
Verder; V. Brown, soph.; 
L. Dunlap, soph.; L. Boyd, 
soph.; M. Allen, soph.; M. 
Conkle, soph.; G. Warner, 
frosh.; Dean Parrish; A. 
Ugran, soph. 

Semi-cirHe of the sisterly spirit. 
L. to R. — V. Brown, soph.; M. Enouff, frosh.; 
M. Allen, soph.; K. Wason, soph.; A. Ugran, 
soph.; J. Hylkema, soph.; Dean Verder; M. 
Conkle, soph.; A. Horwath, sr.; E. Whit- 
mire, frosh.; F. Thompson, soph.; P. Ger- 
ber, soph. 

Aw, what's the hurry? 

L. to R.— T. Manko, jr.; R. Murphy 
jr.; R. Schild, soph.; H. Peters 
soph.; M. Trunkey, jr. 

Only 75c — and it's not formal. 

L. to R.— D. Neal. sr.; G. Corbett, jr.; H. Harring- 
ton, soph.; R. Murphy, soph.; W. Gambier, soph. 

"But did you sign it out 
before 4 o'clock?" 

L. to R. — M. Schreckengost, soph.; 
B. Philius, soph.; M. Bedford, soph.; 
L. Seeds, jr. 

Last one up's a sissy. 

L. to R. — R. James, soph.; A. Gin- 
tert, soph.; D. Hoyt, soph.; C. Hoff- 
man, soph.; H. Didday, jr. 


What is it, a mouse? 

L. to R. — E. Likens, soph.; E. Os- 
man. soph.; J. Muzum, soph.; J. 
Tomeseska, soph.; H. Silsby. soph.; 
E. Mathews, soph. 

"Gee. this guy 

wrote a lot of 


L. to R. — E. Clement, soph.; D. Maniold, 
soph.; C. Wheel, soph.; B. Sassaman. 

Did y° u ever see anything 

like it? 

L. to R.— W. Berger. 

soph.; H. Hanson, soph.: 

D. Mc Bride. 

soph.; B. Dim- 

--. merling, soph. 

Sorry, but the next one's 

L. to R. — J. Simpson, sr.; D. Butler, 
soph.; B. McGinnis, jr.; B. Oyler, 
soph.; V. Florenz, soph.; F. Daily, 
frosh.; M. Gates, soph.; M. Kepler, 
jr.; H. Stewart, jr. 


With brightly colored uniforms the university band, 
80 strong, marched itself into prominence this year, 
lending more color than ever before witnessed at the 
university activities. On the football field, in pa- 
rades, at the Cleveland exposition, and at plays, the 
band together with its six featured trumpeters made 
itself an alive organization. 



A record audience greeted the University music department's production of 'The Messiah," the 
great oratorio by Handel, depicting the birth, life and crucifixion of Christ. The performance of this 
famous composition on the afternoon of Palm Sunday, March 21, was the largest undertaking ever 
attempted by the Department of Music and its success reflects much credit on the various partici- 
pating groups and the conductors. 

The soprano solos were sung by Miss Helen McClaflin of the Music Department. The other solo 
parts were sung by guest artists: Floyd Townsley, tenor; Ellen Repp, contralto; and Melton Moore, 
bass; all of New York City. 

The oratorio chorus of 100 voices was composed of the men's glee club and the girls' glee club. 
The chorus accompaniments were played by the University orchestra. 

Prof. Fred H. Denker, at the piano, and Miss Juliet Dowdy, at the organ, accompanied the solos. 

Miss Florence Sublette conducted the oratorio performance, having had during the rehearsal weeks 
the assistance of the associate conductors: Prof. Roy D. Metcalf, Prof. Fred H. Denker, and Miss 
Elfleda Littlejohn. 



Seymour. Jean 
Brode, Leland 
Woodward. Shirley 
Read. Margaret Ruth 


Hair, Florence 
Weis, Paul 
Matthews, Robert 
Ewell. Laura 
Sprague, Dorothy 
Hagedorn, Enid 
Hostadt. Pauline 
Alleman. Hershel 
Hange, Clarabel 
Bagerel, Lenore 
Wilcox, Glennwood 
Cartle, Carol 
Little, Warren 
Breting. Evelyn 


Wallace, Martha 


Caldwell, Charles 
Brown, Sam 
Schnur, Marie 


Johnson, Lloyd 
Seegar. Twylah 


Lemmerman. Jean 


Booth, Jack 


Farinacci, John 


GiHord, Herbert 
Carpender, William 


Shaw, Leonard 
Stribley, Rex 
Andregg. Charles 


Paluch, Anthony 


Helmboldt. William 


Tocus, Eugene 
Darby, Jean 
Blase, Jane 
Chilcote. Dorothy 
Matthews. Jack 


Stump. Robert 
Lythgoe, Warren 
Kennedy, Franklin 
Eaminski, George 
Watkins, James 
Killgrove, Ruth 
Stroup, Atlee 


Jenkins, John 
Strohl. Dale 
Theobald, George 
James, David 


Hawthorne, Clyde 
Huston, Elmer 
Patterson, William 
Parsons, Aletha 


Post, Donald 
Fouser, Daniel 
Mosher. Francis 
GiHord. Herbert 
Carpender, William 


Strahl. Maxine 
Gray, Helen 


Harold Briola President 

Franklin Kennedy Vice President 

Jean Seymour Secretary 

Paul Weis Librarian 

Heinz Gladigan Assistant Librarian 

1 - ^ X 



*r V 

L. to R. — 1st Row: Nathalie Dick, Ruth Jacobs, Helen Lee Nighman, Mary Daltorio, Margaret 
Malony, Florence Hair, Maxine Strahl, Orile Neel, Dorothy Runk. 

L. to R. — 2nd Row: Helen McClaflin (Director), Winifred Gamber, Helen Gray, Geraldine 
Thomas, Madge Mandula, Isabel Erskine, Helene Nimberger, Norma Jean Daub, Donna 
Schwendeman, Aletha Parsons. 

L. to R. — 3rd Row: Robert Smith, Warren Little, Orlo Sprunger, Hugh Nickerson, Robert Orpin, 
Frank Fouser, Michael Polli, Warren Lythgoe, Bill Ault, John Hibbs, Alfred Acken. — Not in pic- 
ture: Helen Neidhardt. 


Outstanding vocal organization on the campus, 
voices blending in harmonious song. 

Thirty picked 

This year the choir was featured in the Thanksgiving, Christmas, 
and Easter assemblies; and assisted in several other assembly 
programs. Numerous concerts were given at various schools and 
churches throughout northeastern Ohio. Broadcasts were made 
from Akron, Cleveland, and Columbus. 

The choir is under the direction of Miss Helen McClaflin of the 
music faculty. 

Worm's-eye view. 

L. to R. — D. Smith, soph.; L. 
Steckel, soph.; R. Schneider, 
soph.; A. Spodar, soph.; V. 
Sherrell, jr.; R. Freeland, soph. 

R. to L. — R. Strauss, fresh.; L. 
Ewell, jr.; V. Boncilla, fresh. 

R. to L.— F. Luli, fresh.; M. 
Hoover, soph.; L. Hammon 
soph.; L. Lossee, soph.; M. Har- 
mon, soph.; E. Jewel, soph.; T, 
Himelrigh, soph. 

Prof. E. Turner Stump .... 


Prof. G. Harry Wright 


Deborah Teas 

Theatre Manager 

John Batchelder 

Assistant Manager 
Dorothy Runic Secretary 

Margaret Stopher 



"The Bishop 

Hod Eagan Don Schilmiller 

Donald Meadows Jay Miltner 

Hester Grantham Anna Jane Lea 

Guy Waller John Batchelder 

Mrs. Waller Eleanor Clement 

The Bishop of Broadminster Ernest Williams 

Lady Emily Lyons lane Doubet 

Collins Leonard Rodkey 

French y John Farinacci 

Mr. Brooke Joe Kerka 

George Keck 
Too many cigarettes 

Ruth Beard and John Batchelder 
Painting up 

Lynette Seeds and Eleanor Clements 
"Hold Still" 


George Keck Stage Manager 

Virginia Carpenter Properties 

Ruth Beard Make-up Artist 

Owen Landis Master of Lights 

Marjorie Bedford Wardrobe Mistress 
Watson Watts Master oi the House 

Winifred Palmer 

Mistress of the House 

"Would you do 

this to me?" 

Larry Vagnozzi 

and George Dike 


T ^j^'ft 


Kent's foremost tradition . . . gayest splurge of the year . . . super-gals campus night 
. . . doors thrown open to the whole countryside . . . just before twilight . . . the crown- 
ing of the May Queen . . . the old-worldly dance of the May pole . . . the parade forms 
in the gathering dusk . . . costumes keyed to the highest degree of originality . . . 
paraders as riotous as the colors they wear . . . the eerie bobbing of lighted lanterns 
like a phosphorescent snake . . . the pace-setting bank at its head . . . the return to 

the campus . . . marching order thrown to the winds inside the gym the dance is 

on . . . colors blend on the floor in kaleidoscopic tumult . . . intermission . . . male 
voices from vine-clad steps float out through the purple spring night over the 
hushed gathering . . . the hubbub resumed . . . back into the gym . . . dancing till 
midnight . . . costumed figures noisily disperse . . . another Campus night gone by. 


Sign him up before he 
boosts his price. 

Paul Boyle, sr.; Jane Fitzpatrick, 
soph.; Pres. Engleman; M. Ickes, 
soph.; J. Thomas, fresh. 

Trucking at the 
Sophomore Hop. 

L. Newell, soph, 
A. Mook, soph. 

Post no bills. 

D. Katz. soph.; 

A. Wortheimer, soph. 
S. Fogg, jr.; D. Sea 
son, soph.; R. Glaz 
ier. soph. 

Is assembly over yet? 

E. Sheatsly, soph.; J. Wright, soph.; M. 
Savier. soph.; E. Lutz, soph. 

Sure you can't eat two? 

M. Seesholtz. soph.; J. Holbein, 
soph.; V. Truax. soph.; R. Camp- 
bell, soph. 

A champ wrestling 

with texts. 

R. Doan, soph. 

Company A turns out for an 
8 o'clock. 

M. Blue, jr.; H. Brunker, soph.; A. Adams, 
soph.; B. Amstrutz, soph.; M. Counts, 

We have from here to here 

E. Lichti, soph.; D. Maniull, soph.; 
B. Knoll, soph.; A. Weatheriord. jr. 

Enjoying their 
Sunday sitdown 

L. to R. — K. Murphy, soph.; V. Border, soph.; B. 
Connors, irosh.; V. Booroni, soph.; C. Edmiston, 
frosh.; S. Maiarik, frosh.; P. McMuldren, soph.; 
B. Lutz, soph. 

The tire boys must be 

L. to R.— B. Flanders, sr.; G. Mol- 
lica, frosh.; Al Vuillemin, soph.; 
H. Gardner, jr.; T. Sellom, C. 
Sokoloski. sr.; J. Robertson, 
soph.; H. Shook, sr.; H. Edwards, 


The Goodrich club is made up of ambitious young men who are 
out to prove that brain is mightier than muscle. 

The club is the brain child of "once a free man" Del Homer and 
Willard Turner. Our purpose is to find social release for gummed- 
up lives of rubber workers. 

This year the club has a membership of thirty, and the strength of 
three hundred. 


The Industrial Arts club, composed of majors and minors in Indus- 
trial Arts, is an organization which promotes better fellowship 
among the students, and discusses many of the current problems 
of the teacher and the student. 

The organization held several social functions, outstanding, a 
combined banquet with leading industrial arts men from Ohio 
and others in the industrial arts conference held here this spring. 

Ben McGinnis President 

Harold Schamp Vice Pres. 

Harold James Sec. 

Abe Schwartz Treas. 

"The Smiths, some beeg 
stoff were they." 

L. to R.— C. Sokoloski, sr.; V. 
Gilly, sr.; Mirto, sr.; H. Clements, 
grad.; J. Mendiola, jr. 

'I'm telling you, if — " 

L. to R.— B. McGinnis, jr.; H. 
Schamp, sr.; J. Schari, sr.; H. 
James, soph.; C. Philius, soph.; 
J. Gidley, grad.; F. Tabor, grad.; 
Mr. Tischendorf. 

There's snow fun like skiing. 

L. to R.— D. Zinc, soph.; M. Dal- 
toria, soph.; M. Duniee, soph. 

Can't a fellow be let alone 
any place? 

L. to R. — E. Haines, soph.; J. Ar- 
mour, soph.; H. Grable. jr.; A. 
Hall. jr. 

_ s- 


Long distance, 

please. ... Is 

this Lanny Ross?? 

Randa Tozer as she con- 
versed -with the famed 



Says the 

vice president 

to the secretary, 

"But it's good — and free, tool" 

Ben McGinnis, M. Elgin, jr. 


flipper puts a key 

to its first use. 

B. Graven, Junior class president. 

Kent's Cornells and Cowards. 
L. to R. — Mr. Wright, E. Bader, senior; G. Dike, senior; V. Carpenter, senior; Prof. Stump, P. Stopher, 
senior; D. Teas, senior. 


Director George Dike 

Playwright Margaret Stopher 

Business Manager Eleanor Bader 


Membership in Alpha Psi Omega is the highest honor which can 
be bestowed upon college students active in dramatics. To be- 
come a member, a student must be of junior or senior standing 
and have had two leading roles in major productions or the equiv- 
alent. Nine people have been initiated during the year, 1936-37. 
The purposes of Alpha Psi Omega are: 1. To reward people who 
have done outstanding work in dramatic art; 2. to give them af- 
filiation with a national group that will be of value to them later 
on; and to encourage these students to do more and better work 
in the theatre. 


The parlance group was established in its present form during the first semester of 1936- 
37 term. It is unique in the respect that it is the only organization in the state that has at- 
tempted with considerable success, to bring the students and faculty members of a univer- 
sity on a comparatively equal basis — as students of modern social and economic 
phenomena — its primary purpose. 

The organization has launched a radio program disseminating information analyzing the 
functions and relationships of the many different American institutions to the American 
people. This is a regular bi-weekly feature. It has done this in the belief that a Univer- 
sity should not exist solely to impregnate the enrollee with academic knowledge, but also 
to serve its community as a whole as a spring of reliable information and interpretation of 
human culture. 

L. to R. — Cooper, jr.; G. Theobald, soph.; Helen Huston, soph.; M. Miller, soph.; C. Boyle, soph.; Brad- 
ler, jr. 

"I believe we should — " 

Off the grass, please. 

L. to R.— E. Luke, jr.; M. 
Braucher, jr.; B. Comfort, 

soph.; G. Carson, 


Somethin's about to hatch. 

L. to R.— T. Schultz. soph.; M. Noland, 
soph.; W. Patterson, frosh; R. Reesh 
soph.; V. Shoii. soph.; J. Scobie, soph. 

L. to R.— E. Kent, soph.; H 
Glanzer, soph.; M. Lawrence 
soph.; Nischwitz, soph. 

Watch it brother, he might bite. 
L. to R. — J. Seymour, jr.; J. Jenkens, soph.; 
E. Odazin, soph.; D. Taylor, soph.; H. 
Levinson, jr.; Bittner, jr.; M. Simpson, jr. 

Golly, it takes a girl a long time to dress! 

L. to R. — J. Smith, soph.; E. Haberkost. frosh.; K. 
Reynolds, frosh.; D. Sprague. frosh.; E. Creese, 
jr.; M. Senerchia. jr.; M. Bucher, soph. 

Impromptu sermon by 
Rev. Kasha. 

L. to R.— V. Oelschlaeger, jr.; W. 
Tulenick, soph.; D. Butler, soph.; 
J. Kasha, sr. 

Nothing better than HO! 

B. Lukens, jr.; V. Moore, soph.; G. Rum 
mell, soph.; F. Briggs, jr.; J. McConkle 
jr.; J. Willemsen, jr. 

Make way for a lady! 

B. Art, soph.; Keplinger, soph.; El- 
let, soph.; B. Kaiser, jr. 

Planning the annual New 
Year's swing. 

D. Teas, sr.; Dean Verder, P. 
Suppes, frosh.; A. Bacer, frosh.; 
M. Stewart, jr. 

"Oh, no — you take 
the minutes." 

L. to R.— J. Kelly, frosh.; J. 
Hylkema, irosh.; E. Lacy, 
jr.; V. Florenz, soph.; M. 
Brevoot, frosh.; A. Hor- 
wath, sr. 

Big sisters tea up the little ones. 

L. to R. — D. Mallory, irosh.; E. Johnson, 
frosh.; A. Singley, frosh.; J. Crow, 
frosh.; C. Wagstaff, frosh.; M. Vlad, 
frosh.; J. McLahn, frosh.; B. Morly, irosh.; 
Mrs. Hudson. 


This body is made up of women representatives of every organi- 
zation on the campus. The purpose of this group is to do all in its 
power through the action of the executive board and adviser to 
aid in acclimating all the girls to the campus and its surroundings, 
and to work for the betterment of the school in general wherever 
possible. SERVICE is their motto. 


Mary Jane Stewart President 

Peggy Suppes Vice President 

Gullan Melin Secretary 

Audrie Baker Treasurer 

Deborah Teas Chairman of Big Sister Committee 

Not a piano percher in the bunch? 

L. to R. — N. Bailey, frosh.; H. Nimburger, 

frosh.; M. Whitinger, frosh.; S. Ruta, 

soph.; M. Mandula, frosh.; N. Virigat, 

\ frosh.; A. Shaleen, frosh. 

We should go to Class. 
L. to R.— V. Woods, jr.; R. DeEulis, 
frosh.; L. Young, sr.; M. Catlin, jr.; L. 
Desimio, soph.; F. Gauger, sr.; L. 
Young, sr. 

Can this be a 

L. to R. — M. Finifrock, frosh. 
B. Ferguson frosh.; M. Sidley 
frosh.; J. Woods, sr. 


The Off-Campus Women's club is a social organization open to all women 
students not living in a campus dormitory. 

Dances, picnics, steak roasts — all are given throughout the school year for 
members and their guests. Social activity is as important a part of the bi- 
weekly meetings as the more formal business procedure. 

The annual Pop Entertainment, which bids fair to become a school tradi- 
tion, is the club's most ambitious project. Profits from the performance are 
used to further furnish the club room, which is the recognized haven for 
girls who "don't have a class this hour." 

Virginia Woods President 

Frances Gougler Vice President 

Betty Ferguson Secretary 

Jeannette Woods Treasurer 

Hard on the soles, sister. 

L. to R. — C. Konkle, soph.; M. Parker, soph.; 
L. Stump, soph.; V. Lesher, soph.; M. Koste, 
soph.; J. Bowen, soph. 

Is that lamp post beginning 
to lean? 

L. to R. — C. Pressler, soph.; M. J. Gor- 
don, soph.; R. Forthofer, soph.; M. 
Grooms, soph.; M. Fuchiks, soph. 


"Did you ever hear of 

No votary?" 

L. to R. — W. Dickey, soph.; A. Popp, 

soph.; M. Schully, soph.; B. Ulacny, 


Just a Davey tree man. 

L. to R. — Mildred Dupola, soph.; H. 
Koerpel, soph.; H. Jacobs, soph.; V. 
Hosea, jr. 

This should be worth hearing. 

L. to R.— V. LaWand, soph.; J. DeGroft. 
frosh.; J. Fitzpatrick. soph.; E. Hazlett, jr.; 
J. Wood sr.; M. Perry, frosh.; E. Peters, 
soph.; B. Starkey, frosh. 

"From this moment I 
swear — " 

L. to R.— H. Madden, frosh.; B. Bos- 
man, frosh.; Mrs. Shanenberger, 
frosh.; V. Gottrel, jr.; B. Fish, frosh.; 
G. Allison, frosh. 

Extra! Officers meet to 
censor Little Red Riding 

L. to R.— H. Madden, jr.; M. 

V Seternad, soph.; S. Canon, jr.; 

Van Fleet, soph.; Miss Swan. 

Tsk! Tsk! 

The Punch and Judy 

days are gone forever. 

L. to R.— D. Iillie, sr.; B. Henderson, jr.; C. Volde. 
frosh.; B. Heik, frosh.; D. Schroder, soph.; C. Cush- 
man, frosh.; K. Osbome, frosh.; D. Ward, frosh.; L. 
Dynlop, soph.; B. McGuire, frosh.; W. Whittlesey, 
frosh.; Backstage — V. Pearl, soph.; J. Hughs, soph. 

The Dean having just pulled a fast one. 
L. to R. — O. Neal, sr.; D. Ranney, sr.; J. Farinacci, sr.; Dean Manchester. 


The men's activity program existing at Kent State University is an outgrowth 
of the belief that a Dean should give his students helpful supervision, intelligent 
guidance, help them develop an enthusiasm for life's activities, and give them 
encouragement for creative endeavor. He realizes that only a small proportion 
of students have the qualifications necessary for the hard grind of varsity 
athletics. He does not believe, however, that most students should sit on the 
bench while the remainder work out. It is therefore necessary to work out a 
broad program of activities ranging from intramural athletics to creative arts, 
some part of which will fit the interests of every male student on the campus. 
This is the purpose of the Men's Union, an organization that every male stu- 
dent automatically becomes a member upon entering school, and which is 
directed by the director of Men's activities who works under the Dean. Each 
year Dean Manchester presents a cup to the student who has achieved the 
most number of points from this program of activities. This year's director was 
John Farinacci and his assistant Sam Fogg. 

"Where are you from — ?" 

L. to R. — H. Asquith, frosh.; J. 
Brown, soph.; H. Patterson, soph.; 
R. Parmigian, jr. 

No hurry, the ten-of just rang. 

L. to R. — G. Harmon, soph.; A. 
Litus, soph.; B. Gay, soph.; V. flut- 
ter, soph. 

Be sure to bend your knees 
when you jump. 

L. to R. — D. Kinsey, soph.; E. West- 
fall, soph.; E. Gieb, soph,; P. She- 
ron, soph. 

Better divvy up the books. 

L. to R. — F. Plummer, soph.; M. 
Hanna, frosh.; H. Jacobs, soph.; M. 
Hobbine, soph. 

L. to R.— J. Kerka. sr.; A. Allen, sr.; T 
Manko, jr.; E. Shank, sr.; R. Grosvenor 
soph.; H. Kimes, jr.; D. Heminger, sr.; A 
Irving, sr.; C. Bradler, jr. 

L. to R.— C. Bradler, jr.; 
R. Grosvenor, soph.; D. Heminger, 
sr.; H. Kimes, jr.; F. Pamer, sr.; A. Allen, sr.; E. 
Malpass, jr.; R. Hurd, frosh.; E. Sackett, soph.; 
J. Seymour, soph.; Prof. Davey. 

Quiet corner un- 
der the eaves. 

L. to R. — G. Montal- 
do, soph.; G. Moyer, 
soph.; E. Masto, 
soph.; O. Neel, soph.; 
D. Lude, soph.; M. 
McMillion, soph.; A. 
Linder, soph. 

L. to R. — K. Steinhouser, frosh.; 2 guests, C. Falcone, 
soph.; L. Keiier, soph.; H. Dunlavy, soph.; E. Kegler, sr. 

Just plain stumped. 

L. to R.— I. Garland, 
soph.; V. Hoobler, soph.; 
E. Wilson, soph.; A. 
Geisinger, soph. 

"Watcha doing 
tonight — ?" 

Kalkcts prepares to go to 
work on a layout. 

L. to R. — J. Munger, frosh.; Daisy, 
frosh.; J. Kalkas, grad.; M. Vlad, 
soph.; E. Overholt, frosh.; M. Bran- 
non, jr. 

Advertisement v s . 

L. to R.— J. Kalkas. sr.; 
E. Baldwin, soph.; R. 
Wicks, soph.; S. Cian- 
cio, jr.; F. Fouser, sr.; 
P. Greime, soph. 

Talking statistics or sports? 

L. to R. — J. Quinette, frosh.; P. Pearson, 
jr.; H. Levinson, jr.; G. Shriver, soph. 
Prof. Cochenderfer. K. Hoskins, sr. 


The Commerce club started the fall season with a membership of 
fifty-eight. Several trips were made, two to Akron, visiting the 
Goodrich Rubber company and Polsky's store, and one through 
the woolen mills of Ravenna. 

Prominent business leaders addressed the club on different occa- 
sions. Social functions added more interest to a well-rounded 
program of activities. 


Frank Fouser President 

Sundae Ciancio Vice President 

Virginia Petty Secretary 

Robert Miller Treasurer 

So — the Phi Bete's do relax. 

L. to R. — G. Urban, sr.; W. Palmer, sr.; P. Stopher, sr.; F. Roberts, jr.; E. Monte- 
calvo, sr.; H. Schnieder. sr.; K. Hall, jr.; M. Serene, grad. 


The Phi Betes of the campus. This organization was originated by 
Dr. Heer, director of the training school. In order to gain member- 
ship in this organization, one must maintain a 3-point average. 
The activities of the group are social as well as educational. The 
local chapter. Delta Beta, has undertaken many useful projects 
this year- 


The Art club was created for the purpose of broadening the ex- 
periences of its members. The club holds two meetings a month. 
The business meeting is held regularly at 4 o'clock the first Wed- 
nesday of each month. 

The activities of the club consist of individual and group projects, 
lectures by artists and professional people, exhibits, trips and so- 
cial functions. 

Financing of the club is through the sale of prints and other similar 
projects in place of dues. 

Faculty advisor E. L. Novotny 

fO. Burke 

Executive committee -j I. Keller 

[A. Kieselbach 

Secretary-treasurer Jerry Stewart 

"Just follow those lines over 

L. to R. — A. Piehl, soph.; Prof. Novotny, 
R. Parsons, soph. 

Face lifting in the 
Phidian manner. 

A. Maretka, soph.; A. 
Kieselbach, frosh.; O. 
Burke, jr.; I. Keller, 

Homemade brown 
cow and a choklet 

L. to R. — K. Jacobson, jr.; 
E. Kegler, sr.; A. Ruggles, 
soph.; H. Westcott, jr.; E. 
Garrison, grad. 

He'll have to make three 

L. to R. — S. Kacaor, jr.; N. J 
Cam. jr.; J. Kaiser, jr.; M. V 
Kruck, soph.; Mcintosh, jr.; O 
Shuman, soph. 

Sisters of the story 

L. to R. — B. Manchester, 
jr.; H. Strouse, jr.; V. Sieg- 
fried, jr.; V. Wallis, soph.; 
R. Tozer, jr.; M. Williams, 

said a bite, not the 
whole thing. 
L. to R. — E. Sackett. soph.; 
D. Siemens, soph.; D. 
Knapik, soph.; M. Strahl. 

Say, that's a cute 

L. to R. — S. Murray- soph.; 
H. Dunlavy. jr. 

Shh! No one's 

L. to R. — B. Bergman, 
soph.; S. Canepa, soph.; 
K. Stevens, soph. 

Whew 1 . What a long walk. 

L. to R. — C. Capobianco, frosh.; G. Boccia, frosh.; C. Biancio, frosh.; H. McCon- 
nell, frosh.; G. Mollica, frosh.; H. Penn, frosh. 


The physical education club is composed of physical education 
majors and minors. The purpose of the club is to promote friend- 
ship among the members of the club and to develop a professional 

Throughout the year meetings of social and professional char- 
acter are held. Hikes, skating parties and picnics are held for the 
pleasure of the members. Every fall a dinner banquet is held and 
a noted person in the field of education speaks to the group. Dur- 
ing the year, the club was fortunate in securing pictures of the 
recent Olympics held in Germany. 


Paul Boyle President 

Bernita Elliott Vice President 

Jane Peet Secretary-Treasurer 

"Oooo, lookit — a new 

L. to R. — B. Jarmes, frosh.; M, 
Fakass, frosh.; D. Kramer, frosh.; 
L. Smith, frosh.; H. Nimeburger, 
frosh.; E. Crispell, frosh. 

"What! only four forks?" 

L. to R. — G. Gettrust, soph.; I. Peterson, 
frosh.; B. Madison, frosh.; M. Dyer, frosh.; 
I. Mitchel, frosh.; E. Ashendorf, frosh.; G. 
King, frosh.; D. Happoldt, frosh.; P. Fuller, 

"Well, who's gonna serve?" 

L. to R.— C. Willoughby, jr.; J. 
Davis, sr.; E. Montecolvo, sr.; H. 
Conlsle, seated, jr.; J. McCarlsle, 
F. Roberta, B. Green, seated; I. 
Sankkonen, jr.; E. Markley, sr.; E. 
Malpass, sr.; H. Zerbe, sr.; L. 
Eddy, sr. 

Step right up and get your 

L. to R. — V. Richards, soph.; J. Davis, 
jr.; A. Birkner, irosh.; G. Gettrust, 
soph.; A. Immormino, irosh.; A. Gal- 
elta, soph.; M. Burdner, soph. 

"Gimme a fag, pal.' 
L. to R.— C. Reed, irosh.; D. 
Gardner, irosh.; R. Lewis, soph.; 
J. Whalen, soph. 

"Did I make the dirt column 
this week?" 

L. to R.— B. Czar, soph.; C. Barber, 
soph.; M. Brannon, soph.; E. Cris- 
pell, soph.; M. Allgood, soph. 

"Room for one more?" 

L. to R. — D. Werner, jr.; E. David- 
son, jr.; M. Simmerman, soph.; F. 
Wood, jr.; I. Halwth, soph. 

Let's have it quiet, please. 
L. to R.— D. Osborne, soph.; F. 
Sykes, soph.; I. Smith, soph.; W. 
Hammer, soph.; G. Warner, 
soph.; L. Shuman, soph.; A. 
Uhgrin, soph. 

Shall we have our picture taken? 

L. to R. — P. Nostad, soph.; A. Maretha, 
soph.; V. LaWand, soph.; E. Davidson, 
jr.; M. Messersmith, soph.; L. Meyers, jr. 

The lady first, kid! 

L. to R. — W. Long, jr.; G. Sweringen, 
soph.; J. Schaetzle, soph.; W. White, 
soph.; C. Kainrad, soph. 

No smoking in the gym, 

L. to R. — H. Nickerson, soph.; K. 
Seist, frosh,; K. Hulbert soph.; H. 
Conkle, jr.; C. Blair, soph. 


"Making franchise at each 


(Le pun est lousy.) 

L. to R.— H. Schneider, jr.; R. Van 
Dorsten, frosh.; D. Ray- soph.; D. 
Teas, sr.; P. Corbin, frosh.; V. Boc- 
ella, frosh.; S. Dorsey, jr.; P. Franks, 
soph.; C. Schuler, frosh.; M. Samp- 
son, jr.; J. Osborne, frosh.; R. 
LaPolla. frosh. 

"Mais il y a trop des jeunes 

L. to R. — Miss Machan; M. Mc- 
Million, frosh.; H. Grable, jr.; F. 
Waterbury, soph.; M. Senerchia, 
jr.; D. Werner, frosh.; M. Eatlen, sr.; 
E. Zimmerman, jr.; D. Smith, soph.; 
R. DeEulis, frosh.; V. Clark, frosh.; 
E. Schlesinger, frosh. 


* %-Mf^ 

"Ach, it's Herr Adolph on 
der short wave." 

L. to R. — B. Zuercher, frosh.; E. 
Whitmire, soph.; H. Veyalesga, 
soph.; I. Crile, frosh.; I. Sankon- 
nen, jr.; A. Shufheitlin, jr.; V. 
Oeschlager, soph.; C. Wheeler, 
soph.; D. Winemiller, soph.; W. 
Gerber, frosh.; R. Horton, sr. 





L. to R. — Top row: H. Schamp, J. DeEulis. G. Urban, E. Merrill, G. Dike, J. Farin- 
acci, K. Jacobson. 

Second row: L. Troyer, W. Beitzel, R. Blockinger, L. Eschenberg, M. Kovalik, 
E. Matthews. 

Third row: B. McGinnis, J. Smith, H. Stewart, J. Schaetzle. 

Fourth row: P. Ryan, W. Biggins, J. Dixon, R. Hurd, J. Miltner. 

L. to R. — A. Podwojski, C. Russo, 
T. DeEulis. Second row: D. 
Zink, R. Beck, F. Winemiller. 
Third row: E. Williams, T. 
Watts, P. Damkov. 




(Founded 1926) 


Loris Troyer President 

Frederick Winemiller Vice President 

Kenneth Jacobson Secretary 

Hugh Stewart Treasurer 

"Kent's only national fraternity" ■ ■ ■ boasts the campus' largest 
active chapter . . . sent four delegates to the national convention 
at Hot Springs, Ark. . . . head over heels in politics, as usual . . . 
contributed a few athletes . . . big annual father-son banquet . . . 
and two snappy dances to relieve the winter monotony . . . then 
swinging a finale to the rhythms of Merle Jacobs at Hotel Cleve- 


(Founded 1922) 


Douglas Rogers President 

Raymond Moran Vice President 

Leo Koba Secretary 

Sam Sherman Treasurer 

L. to R. — Top row: R. Moran. 
Second row: J. Simpson, W. 
Harrington. Third row: D. 
Rogers. J. McCort, D. Ripley. 

Point with pride to Chet Sokoloski and Roscoe Snyder, 
All-Ohio gridmen . . . and to Bud Graven, latest edition 
of a line of intramural and state champs . . . copped home- 
coming decorations prize . . . socialize at pledge dance at 
Tally-Ho and formal at Park Lane Villa . . . celebrated its 
sixteenth year by inaugurating a building plan for 1938. 

2 1* 

L. to R. — First row: E. Kegler. R. Whitman, D. Homer, L. 
Koba, J. Widowski. 

Second row: R. Butler, C. Sokoloski, F. Phillips, M. Manful, 
R. Butler. 

Third row: V. Lindsey, R. Snyder, H. Brown, B. Graven, R. 


(Founded 1924) 


Don Ranney President 

P. Boyle Vice President 

A. Godfrey Secretary 

J. Kerka Treasurer 

L. to R. — Top: Don Ranney. 
Second row: D. Bolich. G. Korb. 
Third row: J. Kerka. P. Boyle, 
H. Briola. 

The Columbus street boys . . . key flippers . . . cup chasers . . . con- 
siderably successful in politics . . . dances a la boilermaker and 
otherwise . . . house parties interspersed -with bull sessions . . . 
active mother's club that resulted in remodelling the house . . . and 
a new deal in fraternity finances ... a president that was also 
president of Blue Key and Student Council . . . shared some of the 
athletic honors both in varsity and intramural athletics. 

L. to R. — Top row: J. Wright, G. Kempf, B. Oyler, Dean Williams, H. Dunlavy, 
S. Gardiner, R. Cox. 

Second row: C. Hines, R. Lewis, H. Dunlavy, F. Tabor, R. Wicks, Prof. Stump, 

F. Wood. 

Third row: R. Glazier, J. Wilder, O. Shuman, C. Rapp, J. Kalkus, P. Deevers, R. 


Fourth row: R. Katzenmyer, A. Godfrey, E. Mcllvane, F. Kennedy, H. Gill, G. 

Pringle, A. Cox. 

Fifth row: D. Gardner, P. Wright, W. Keller, Prof. Saterfield, O. Simmons, F. 

Ritchie, T. Manko. 




Inaugurated a social hour with every business meeting . . . several 
hikes and wiener roasts composed most of the fall's socializing . . . 
very active in intramural athletics . . . delight in stopping the Greek 
organizations . . . boast one of the strongest and largest chapters 
ever had. 


Clarence Boyle President 

William Noll Vice President 

Ralph Krabill Secretary-Treasurer 


George Theobald President 

Wendall Berger Vice President 

John Yerman Secretary-Treasurer 

Anthony Paluch Publicity Manager 

Top: G.Theobald. 

Second row: T. Paluch. 

Third row: L. Burger. S. Brown, R. 


L. to R. — Top row: O. Sprunger, R. Welday, I- Matthews, A. 

Second row: E. Lymochko, J. Fraser, C. Boyle. H. Brunker. 

Third row: H. Romito, J. Nuzum, W. Noll, W. Gamauf. 

Fourth row: D. Kinzey, W. Berger, J. Yerman, T. Dowding. 

L. to R. — Top row: H. Nelson, M. Serene, R. Parmigian, P. Angelo, F. Felder. 
Second row: C. Bradler, H. Levinson, H. Steckel, C. Hoenstine, H. Shaffer. 
Third row: I. Rickel, H. Shaffer, A. Kieselbach, J. Page, P. Acker. 



loe Page President 

Newton Guise Vice President 

Myron Bruno Secretary 

Harry Nelson Treasurer 

A sport dance . . . two house parties . . . spring hop and the spring 
formal both to Bernie May's tunes . . . not neglecting, of course, the 
usual participation in the Greek athletic circuit. 


(Founded 1931) 


Richard Neal President 

Eugene Shank Vice President 

William Hammer Secretary 

Raymond Dellner Treasurer 

Boasting the senior class and interfratemity presidents among its 
members . . . active in intramural athletics . . . and debate . . . 
snaggers of scholastic honors . . . smokers . . . booth ... at the Mardi 
Gras . . . spring formal in the dizzy loft of Cleveland's terminal 

L. to R. — Top row: L. Vagnozzi, E. Raymer, Prof. Wagoner, C. 

Mirto, E. Schneider. 

Second row: E. Shank, Prof. Cunningham, M. Polli, G. Corbett, 

W. Hammer. 

Third row: Prof. Stelson, R. Ellsworth, R. Dellner, C. Blair. 

L. to R.— Top row: B. Kunert, P. Siopher, J. Moyer, D. Teas. M. Elgin, B. Creger. 

Second row: M. Bucher, B. Knox, V. Florenz, H. Madden. 

Third row: W. Palmer, M. Bedford. J. Ebel, K. Wardman, V. La Wand. 

L. to R. — Top row: B. Lacy, J. Burroughs, 
B. Peck. 

Second row: E. Clements, Miss Fletcher, 
D. Winemiller. 

Third row: D. Dixon, R. Parsons, C. Buell. 

Fourth row: R. Hudson, J. Fitzpatrick, 
M. Cohn. 



Winefred Palmer President 

Mary Elizabeth Elgin Vice President 

Deborah Teas Secretary 

Betty Eunert Treasurer 

Began the year by copping the 
shiny new theater cup . . . 
pledges and actives throwing 
each other dances . . . parties . . . 
teas ... a rollicking scavenger 
hunt . . . two semesters of varied 
activities . . . topped off by the 
visit of the national president. 



Dorothy Fitzgerald President 

Harriet Zerbe Vice President 

Marie Stambaugh Secretary 

Ruth Klein Treasurer 

L. to R. — Top row: D. Fitzgerald. 

Second row: H. Zerbe, V. Carpenter. 

Third row: R. Klein, M. Stambaugh, M. Dunfee, 

M. McNab. 

L. to R. — Top row: J. Davis, H. Koerpel, V. Meyers, G. Gettrust, H. Jacob, P. Johnston. 
Second row: Mrs. Mack, J. Ulmer, J. Tagenhorst, M. Baltzley, P. Spencer, P. Grieme. 
Third row: L. Shuman, R. Fleet, M. Cam, L. Immel, J. Brown, B. Beidler. 

Won house decorations at homecoming . . . second in bridge tour- 
nament . . . visited by the national president . . . hostesses for first 
all-Greek dance in two years . . . largest sorority pledge chapter 
. . . Wanda Griffiths represented the university at the national 
speech tournament . . . Hanna Dean Koerpel elected president of 
Ohio association of Collegiate Home Economics clubs . . . closed 
the year with a dinner-dance at Lake Forest. 

L. to R.— Top row: J. McSorley, J. Peet, J. Buckmaster, V. Petty- B. Elliot. 

Second row: H. Dunstan, L. Schoheld, G. Melin, R. Ridinger. 

Third row: E. Adams, D. Knapik, A. Walter, S. Canepa, S. Cannon. 

Fourth row: C. Yingst, K. Stevens, R. Hamil, A. Piehl, A. Bardner, R. 
Murphy, E. Ashton. 



Jane McSorley President 

Jayne Buckmaster Vice President 

Bernita Elliott Secretary 

Ruth Reidinger Treasurer 

L. to R. — Top row: V. Moore. R. Reesh. L. 

Second row: H. Gray, M. Strahl, E. 

Third row: E. Smothers, J. Seymour, M. 

Fourth row: S. Rummel, M. Blue, V. 

Journalists . . . musicians . . . artists . . . politicians . . . control WAA 
. . . boast three Cardinal Key members . . . largest campus mem- 
bership . . . holders of highest point average for the first semester 
= . . for distinction have a new advisor, Juliet Dowdy, Oxfordian, 
and the little blond Swedish correspondent . . . ended up with a 
big spring formal at Lake Shore Hotel, Cleveland. 



Eleanor Bader President 

Iris Follin Vice President 

Verna Siegfried Secretary 

Betty Lauderbaugh Treasurer 

L. to R. — Top row: Eleanor Bader. 

Second row: M. Colby. R. Merrick. 

Third row: R. Tozer, B. Manchester, Miss Adams, M. Kep- 
pler, J. Evans. 

L. to R.— Top row: H Strouse. H. De- 
Weese, D. Season, H. Pierce. 

Second row: C. Cook, M. Marrow, D. 
McGrath, V. Schantz. 

Third row: E. Saum, V. Wallis, P. 
Moore, M. Lawrence. 

Fourth row: B. Lauderbaugh, M. Wat- 
son, V. Siegfried, C. Leininger. 

Queens . . . Queens . . . Queens . . . Homecoming . . . Bader . . . 
Pigskin Prom . . . Schantz . . . Smile . . . Tozer . . . politicians par ex- 
cellence . . . winners of Pop concert . . . and Funfest . . . also intra- 
sorority bridge tournament . . . champion hitch hikers, but also a 
new house of splendor . . . Prexy Bader most popular campus 


Alumna Cleo Crow back on campus as a member of the faculty 
. . . Miss LaMarr accepted bid and became one of the advisors . . . 
national recognition . . . received silver loving-cup for having 
made the most progress in the last 3 years . . . Dr. and Mrs. Dater 
now listed as patron and patroness . . . ended year up with a big 


Dorothy Heminger President 

Mae Jeanne Swan Vice President 

Betty Breen Secretary 

Vietta Hoobler Treasurer 

L. to R. — Top row: Dorothy Heminger. 

Second row: M. Ickes, Miss LaMarr, 
T. Garland. 


Jfto. H 

L. to R. — Top row: J. Bowen, M. Chuey- 

Second row: V. Hoobler, V. Lesher, M. Ault, L. Hausman, 
M. Dupolo. 

Third row: E. Hoffman, V. Bodo, L. Stump, C. Konkel, E. 

Fourth row: E. Montecalvo, H. Silsby, M. Swan, B. Breen, 
E. Wilson. 

L. to R. — Top row: L. Moore, D. Braucher, M. 
Crampton, K. Forbs. 

Second row: J. Lilie, E. Luke, E. Brandmiller. 
H. Neal. 

Third row: D. Rhodes, M. Sternad, A. St. John, 
G. Warner. 

Bottom: J. Young. 



La Verne Moore . President 

Ellen Brandmiller Vice Pres. 

Asthore St. John Secretary 

Dolores Braucher Treasurer 

Boast officers in the Commerce and Home Ec. clubs . . . Mary 
Crampton, the girl with the four-point average, president of the 
Y. W. C. A. . . . hostesses for the Christmas formal . . . great aspira- 
tion to go big national. 


Organized a new alumnae chapter . . . members are actresses, 
musicians, singers, and students . . . won 193G scholarship cup . . . 
May formal at Twin Lakes . . . annually sponsor the Womanhood 
Key award at commencement. 


Mary Irvine 

Miriam Rumbaugh 
Leona Weber 
Mary Brannon .... 

L. to R. — Top row: M. Irvine. 

Second row: L. Weber, H. 
Remick. M. Allen, V. Zeltman. 

Third row: M. Rumbaugh, J. 
Darby, M. Gustafson, A. 


Vice President 




In early spring the chapter mourned the untimely passing of their 
president, Catherine Schilling . . . other sisters carried on however 
. . . an all-Greek tea ... a spring dinner-dance . . . honored by a visit 
of the national president, and acquired a new faculty advisor. Dr. 
Lotz, psychologist. 


Catherine Schilling President 

Elizabeth Westfall Vice President 

Angeline Immormino Secretary 

Elaine Jewell Treasurer 

L. to R. — Top: C. Schilling. 

Second row: E. Laison. A. Alger. 

Third row: A. Immormino, M. Bell, A. 

Fourth row: E. Jewell, L. Lossie, E. Westfall. 



Nellie Dominick President 

Betty Spenseller Secretary 

Eleanor Boli Corresponding Sec. 

Elizabeth Baer Treasurer 

L. to R. — Top row: N. Dominick, E. 
Thayer, P. Sheron. 

Second row: D. Osbery, V. Riley, 
E. Malpass. 

Third row: I. Smith, C. Barber. 

Fourth row: E. Boli, E. Sponsella. 

District and national interest aroused by sending repre- 
sentative to conclaves . . . hostessed all-greek Christmas 
tea . . . guests of pledge chapter for dinner ... a June 
breakfast for graduates and alumni. 



Bertha Emmerman President 

Libby Pliskin Vice President 

Evelyn Shapiro Treasurer 

Thelma Cohen Chairman oi Committees 

L. to R. — Top row: B. Emmerman. 

Second row: L. Pliskin, E. Shapiro. 

Third row: T. Cohen, D. Katz, A. 

First year, but growing . . . locally organized . . . have still 

to acquire advisors and patrons and patronesses time 

important element in expanding . . . planning to blossom 
out next year. 


L. to R. — Top row: R. Drab- 
ble, L. Burger, M. Ringley, 

E. Phillips, G. Shively. 

Second row: A. Montean, 
R. Keep, L. Eavans, R. 
Doerr, M. Diltz. 

Third row: R. Grass, L. 
Wyatt, Miss Eisen, A. 
Cisar, C. Bennett. 

Fourth row: H. Weinstein, 

F. Haynie, J. Hoben, M. 
Scavona, M. Brevoart. 

Fifth row: B. Schaeffer, C. 
Schiavoni, M. Partridge, 

G. Jones. 


Betty Vayne President 

Mabel Bennet Vice President 

Harriet Weinstein Secretary 

Mildred Ringley Treasurer 

Non-Greek local . . . female barbarians . . . successful year with 
dances, teas and club activities . . . increase in membership . . . 
and a few more fingers in the political pie . . . believe in being 




The pool is a spot of heaven for the true W.A.A. member. The sight of its cool 
green water brings back memories to all its invaders. Each Tuesday evening 
at 8:00 P. M. "Sharks Club" is in session and scenes from exciting water polo 
games or perhaps from team relays or free splashes can be witnessed. 

A most exciting event is the annual team swimming meet, to prove which 
W.A.A. team has the biggest fish. One would think that the Japanese with 
their background, would come out on top, but contrary to fact, the German 
team emerged victorious. 

The true "Sharks" of the club are Ellen Hollenstien, who shows beauty in div- 
ing; Helen Dunstan, administrator of all activities, and Harriet Nunnally, an 
expert backstroker. 

Dancing — enjoyed by the ancient Europeans — is still enjoyed by 
the members of the Modern Dance Club of the Women's Athletic 
Association. Here we find Modern Dance in the most modern 
form as advocated by Charles Wiedman and Doris Humphrey a 
part of the program of Kent State university. Each year a dance 
drama is choreographed by members of the association and pre- 
sented by Kent State's Doris Humphrey; Bernice Lacy, Virginia 
Petty, and Bunny Elliott for the benefit of the students and faculty. 

Tap Dancing both to learn how and to perfect present knowledge, 
is a part of the winter and spring activities. This year Lake Erie 
College sponsored the advanced tap group as a part of their pro- 
gram in the dance symposium for northeastern Ohio colleges. 

The Women's Athletic Association Club Room was opened this 
year by an all-college tea, attended by nearly five hundred stu- 
dents. The room was furnished by the Gold K Club, the final 
award for W.A.A. It offers the height of comfort ranging from a 
studio couch to a radio. 

Each week the official board meeting, "prexied" by Jayne Buck- 
master, is held in the room. The monthly meetings, association 
parties. Gold K Club meetings, committee meetings, and frequent 
teas may be seen enjoying the comforts of the club room. Each 
day over thirty W.A.A. members use it to study. It is the stopping- 
off place, the "bull session corner" and the campus "Brady" for the 
women of the University. 

"Take me back to my boots and saddle," the theme song of all members of the "Boot and Saddle 
Club," a newly organized yet very popular club of the Women's Athletic Association. They post and 
try to canter at the popular Ravenna Riding Academy. Eleanor Likens and Violet Pearl are able to 
"stick" in the saddle better than the majority of the members. 

"Tee for Three" hums the "Tee Club" members as they try the eleventh putt on the green at the 
Meadowview Golf Course, considering that the fifteenth hole (the one near the lake) has been 
successfully covered. Jane Moss is the best W.A.A. "Putter," and they are certainly proud of her. 

"Swing High, Swing Low," and that is the exact motion of the loyal "Swing Club" members as they 
are led to accomplishment by the favorite "swingers" Nadine Hulbert and Francis Reed. 

Then there is the Horseshoe Club, pitched to victory by Mary Blazeckovich. The best Deck Tennis 
Club members were challenged as Evelyn Ashton came forth with a heavy overarm. Ruth Morrell 
starred in ping pong and Marion Heely in the Tennis Club. The Badminton Club is fortunate to have 
its winner, Adele Singley. Archery, or shall we say "Cupid's Club" has no one to excel Francis 

When it comes to the "Bucket Club" (basketball to beginners) we find nearly sixty players fighting 
for their teams to win the W.A.A. team Plaque, presented each year at the final banquet to the team 
■with the highest awards. Kay Vallen and her "bucket-teers" of the Australian Team emerged the 

When there is a tea to be given we find Esther Adams, Betty Bergman, Kay Stevens, and Dorothy 
Ruggles the "call to arms." And when it's time to average the points to determine the final awards for 
each girl, one sees Sylvia Canepa laboring industriously in the Clubroom over stacks of points that 
terminate at her chin. 

At each board meeting where the final business of the organization is decided upon it is very comfort- 
ing to see Mrs. Marie Apple, the advisor for the association, sitting importantly on the Clubroom 
studio couch. 

The notice has just been posted, and all members are on their toes to se- 
cure their tickets for the Sweetheart Dance. Notices of startling effect like 
this one are posted daily on this bulletin board just outside the W.A.A. 
Club room. 

In September one would see a poster concerning the Freshman Style 
Show which acquaints the new women with the organization. In Novem- 
ber it will be the Dance Drama, a Julia Marsh production, featured in the 
case, and by January it is the annual Carnival. February announces the 
Awards Tea, and its chairman, Rita Murphy, and March the Symposium. 
When May comes along the spring air has taken effect and the Associa- 
tion announces the entertainment of nearby high school students at their 
Betty Bozman-sponsored Rodeo Playday. In the early days of June the 
Formal Banquet ends another active year and begins the reign of a new 

In addition to these social activities each week one sees notices posted in- 
viting the entire college to social dancing or play and swim nights. 

Modern Dance — A change 
from the old spring dance 
to rhythm supreme, cher- 
ished by fifty coeds. 



osy SjgTrn 

. ■■ ■':■ , ■ ,: ■/ ..■■■ 

If- '>mm*,^7 




BUTLER, guard 

JALLI, tackle 

SNYDER, tackle 

WARREN, end 

GILL, guard 


KEGLER, halfback 



WIDOWSKI. fullback GARNER, halfback 


MORAN. Mgr. 

In the season's debut, Kent State's Golden Flashes whipped John Carroll's Blue Streaks 34-7. Car- 
roll scored seven points, in the early minutes of the game, before the Starnmen began to click and 
smothered the Clevelanders. 

Heidelberg's Student Princes defeated Kent 19-0. Fumbles proved disastrous as the Flashes over- 
looked Heidelberg in their feverish preparation for the Akron game. 


The Zipper jinx toppled Kent again, this time 6-0. The lone touchdown came in the second period 
as the result of a 75 yard march. Rain slowed up the game considerably. 


In a downpour of rain, the O. U. Bobcats edged Kent into their third consecutive defeat by the score 
of 6-0. Kent lacked the scoring punch to defeat the co-holders of the Buckeye conference. 

Kent won its second victory at the expense of Bowling Green's Falcons. Coach Starn strategically 
elected to receive the opening kickoff after losing in the opening moments of former contests. The 
move proved timely, and the Flashes halted a dangerous aerial attack to win 6-0. 


A hefty crew of sophomores played the important roles in Kent's third victory of the season over 

Findlay, 19-0. The second year men scored in the first three periods, ■winning easily over a weak 

Findlay squad. 


After leading by two touchdowns in the first Period, Marietta's Pioneers rallied to nip the Kent 
Staters for their fourth setback of the season. The Flashes faded after piling up a commanding 
lead, and bowed 14-12 before an excited Homecoming throng. 

Ashland's Eagles were the fourth team to taste defeat at the hands of the Starnmen. Kent broke a 
long-standing jinx to win, but had perfect command of the situation throughout the contest. Dolby, 
Eagle back, ran 99 yards to set a new field record as well as Ashland's lone score. 



L. to R.— First row: Head Coach Starn, P. Hazen, E. Jalli, C. 

Hines, H. Gill. V. Lindsey. E. Kegler, D. Ranney. Coach 


Second row: R. Moran. Mgr., W. McAlister, Mgr.. F. Keifer. A. 

Hall, H. Nickerson, C. Falcone. I. Widowski, S. Sedlacko, 

Coach Novotny. 

Third row: T. Decile. R. Butler, T. Bell. R. Bolich. A. Cox. D. 

Hoskins, R. Snyder, L. Warren. 

Fourth row: M. Harrington, J. Armour, B. Morgan, F. Weir, N. 

Littlepage, H. Harrington, R. Wicks. 


L. to R. — First row: Car- 
dinal, Baumberger, 
Wanio, Wilson. Grub. 
Pomeroy, Griffith. Brown. 
Seitz. Meurth. 

Second row: Stutzman. 
Kisselback, Simkins, 
Chalker. Angel, Miller. 
Tabler, Watts (mgr.). 

Third row: Becker, Esto- 
chin, Sivon. Mcllvan, 
Alexander, Page, Morris, 

Fourth row: Baker, Mur- 
phy, Winsper, Galko, 
Mitchell, Rentschler. 

Flanders. Boyle and Pinyoun going up to do their 
part ior Kent against Hiram. Unerring accuracy 
gave Kent a 35-24 victory. 

Findlay college pulled the surprise of the year by 
edging a last-moving band of Flash courtmen. 
26-25. on the Findlay battleground. 

On the same trip. Defiance college bowed to an 
angered pack of Starnmen by the score of 40-33. 

Kent made it three in a row against Bowling 
Green. 35-26. 

Above: Scharf, Pinyoun, Boyle and Hazen fight- 
ing against Toledo, perennial upstate Conference 
contenders. Kent finished fast to win, 43-40. 

Wooster forgot to do right by Rosy Starn when 
he took his courtmen to the land of the Scots. A 
terrific 60-36 drubbing was administered. 

In the only two consecutive defeats of the sea- 
son, Kent bowed to Wilmington, 45-34 and to Wit- 
tenberg, 40-36. 

At the left: Boyle and Hazen, stellar guards, hold- 
ing the high-powered Marietta quintet in check 
until the final quarter when a spirited rally gave 
the former Ohio Conference champions a 48-40 

John Carroll was unsuccessful ior the sec- 
ond time against Kent, losing 36-33 in a 
bitterly fought contest. 

Varsity squad. L. to R.: 

First row: H. Shaffer. P. Boyle, J. Scharf 
H. Pinyoun. P. Gulgin. B. Watkins. 
Back row: V. Gilly. W. Keller. Coach Starn 
H. Baughman, P. Hazen, O. Simons, as- 
sistant manager. 


Front row: H. Shaffer, R. Rentschler. R. 
Honeywell. S. Farkas, W. Griffith. C. Hy- 
att, and F. DeFranco. 

Back row: G. Krause, manager. D. John- 
son, B. Davidian. G. Baker, D. Alexander, 
D. Scullion, Coach Ray Novotny. 

^fm r y ft 

Flanders does a bit of fancy maneuvering. 

Ashland provided little opposition as the 
Flashes ran wild, 72-23. 

The crowd taking its workout. 

Hiram, Bowling Green and Bluffton fell 
before the late season spurt of the Starn- 
men. Kent defeated Hiram, 39-32, Bowl- 
ing Green, 35-31, and then traveled to 
Bluffton to end the season with a 38-33 



Champs! — In all the competition and victories that wrestlers win there is none that equals the thrill re- 
ceived when the crown is given to the wrestler, symbolizing the "Champion," the best in the weight. 
Ever since wrestling got its foothold on the athletic program, individuals have been given an oppor- 
tunity to reap rewards for their individual performances. 

It is not like other sports, where teams win and lose, and the individuals are just players — but a 
sport in which the individual is all for himself and he gets credit for whatever he does. 
Wrestlers must match wits, manpower, and knowledge, and there is very little chance for luck. Con- 
dition counts as much as any other factor and the winner must be good. 

Kent has provided the Interstate tournaments with the majority of champions. These champion- 
ships represent the best in this district. 

Every year the place winners are brought together to determine the highest honor that can be 
achieved by any wrestler in the United States, that of National Champ. 

Several Kent men have come so close to wearing one of the National crowns that all indications 
point that — "It won't be long." 

Kent can be proud of Buell Graven, twice champ in the Interstate; Russell Doan, newly crowned 
champ; Carmen Falcone, heavyweight champ; Fulton Scott took second place. 
Defeating O. U. in the opener the Flash grapplers marched on . . . victory number 23 slid by . . . the 
surprise match of matches . . . Big Ten stuff . . . barnstorming Chicago U gave Kent something to re- 
member them by . . . but also fell . . . Falcone, Kent's tough man sophomore decided the issue . . . 
19-11. Winning streak snapping Michigan had the tables turned on them . .. again it was close but 
the local wizards took them . . . ending 15V2-10V2- The Flashes again threw a wrench in the Roches- 
ter, New York Mechanic's machinery . . . score 34-0. Waynesburg, victim number 28 . . . still the Flashes 
marched on. Big Nebraska sends her corn huskers to the local mats . . . hair raising finishes . . . 
Kent is still supreme . . . Falcone repeating the hero act . . . the victory scale registered 29. A ques- 
tionable referee's decision . . . Case wins . . . the Golden flash victory chart falters . . . score 15-11. 
Result of the season . . . Two newly crowned Interstate champions . . . introducing Russ Doan and 
Carmen Falcone . . . Twice crowned champion, Buell Graven . . . Fulton Scott also manages to 
grab a second, and a trip to the Nationals with the forementioned three. 




Left to right — First row: D. 
Strohl, M. Harrington, F. 
Scott, E. Kegler. B. Graven. 

Second row: H. Dunlavy. 
C. Kainrad, C. Falcone, T. 
Manko, R. Doan, D. 

Standing: Coach Begala. 


Back row: R. Loderick. R. Mil- 
ler, R. Mirth, J. Riley, I. 

Second row: I. Foust, A. 
Dimick, P. Harbough, E. 
Adams, J. Cover. 

First row: D. Kisselbaugh, I. 
Watts, J. Fowler, L. Pom- 
eroy, E. Simpkins. 

Below: As interstate 
heavyweight champion. 
Falcone puts a Nebraska 
Cornhusker to rout, 

Above: Dunlavy, the fight- 
ing "Bishop" gets out of a 
nasty one. 

At the left: Strohl. Kent's feather- 
weight, puts this Rochester man's 
shoulders in the right place. 

145-pounder Eegler 
warming up beiore go- 
ing on the mats. 

Scott, 155-pounder in a 
characteristic pose. 

At the leit: Twice Inter- 
state champion Graven. 


L. to H.— First row: R. Smith. A. Hall. V. Gilly. P. 
Boyle. P. Warwin, F. Tabor. 

Second row: O. Cobb, R. Wherley. C. Sheehe. R. 
Pinyoun, Coach Starn. 


Late inning rallies . . . long distance hitting . . . masterful pitching . . . features of the 1936 baseball 
season . . . "Rosy" Starn's first year at the helm . . . nine wins and two losses were recorded. 

Relying on the able mound corps of Garner, Pinyoun and Widowski, pitcher-catcher, the Flashes 
took the opener at Oberlin 13-10 . . . outstanding was a triple play started by shortstop "Vic" Gilly 
. . . Then came a 6-0 game with Ashland . . . Garner making Ohio conference history by pitching a 
no-hit, no-run game, facing but 29 men and striking out 24 . . . Next was a close game with Wooster's 
able Scots . . . Kent winning 6-5. 

The victory string was continued when Pinyoun sat Bowling Green down 9-3 . . . Another late inning 
rally defeated a strong Baldwin-Wallace nine 5-3 . . . Displaying his versatility, Roy Widowski 
turned in a two-hit pitching performance against Findlay . . . smothering them, 15-1 . . . The first re- 
verse of the season hit the Flashes the following game when the powerful Toledo outfit eked out a 9-8 
victory. . . in the twelfth inning . . . Bowling Green then met its second loss to Kent, 11-2 ... A field 
day was enjoyed against Ashland 17-2 ... In a vengeful mood, Wooster lit on the Starnmen in the 
next game to win, 15-10 . . . A free-hitting contest with Marietta brought Kent its seventh victory, 
11-7 .. . the end of an excellent season. 


No shame should be felt when the records of Kent's minor sports are spoken of, for the University 
has fared as well as any other in its first few years of varsity competition in these events. Decisive 
victories have been turned in over some of the cream of Ohio's competition. 

In track, last year, several outstanding candidates were uncovered and are bolstering this year's 
thin clad crew. Although no wins were recorded in last year's competition, it was as well as could 
be expected for the first year of varsity competition. 

Tennis saw the team faring somewhat better. Winning two matches, tying two, and losing three, 
the racketeers compiled a fairly good average. The Kent victories were over Ashland and Hiram. 
The defeats were from Hiram, Baldwin- Wallace, and Bowling Green, and the ties were with Bald- 
win-Wallace and Ashland. 

The swimmers managed to garner two wins out of eight meets, being barely nosed out several 
times. The number of wins is one better than last year, and speaks well for the second year of var- 
sity competition for the natators. The two victories were over Fenn and Akron. 

There was no Varsity gym team this year, but an exhibition team was formed that gave nine 
demonstrations throughout the school year. Given mainly at basketball games, the exhibitions 
included tumbling, apparatus stunts, and novelty acts. 

L. to R. — First row: W. Morris, 
F. Burlak. B. McGinnis. A. 
Medeikis. R. Potts. G. Holmes. 
I. G. Altmann. J. Kerka. G. 
Wrentmore. F. Bennett. R. 

L. to R.— First row: R. Widowski. D. Weir. 

J. Jones, N. Carter. 

Second row: O. Reisster, B. McGinnis, 

Riley. J. Scharf. E. Fuller. F. Scott. 

Third row: T. Manko, H. Stadler, Coach 


L. to R. — First row: R. Glazier. W. Wheeler. 
D. Manfull, W. Bailey. 

Second row: D. Ranney, G. Hausmann, A. 
Godfrey, Coach Novotny. 



Delts won. 
K.M.K. 2. 
Barbarians 3. 


K.M.K. won. 
Delts 2. 
Barb. J 
Gammas \ 


tied for third. 



Delts won. 
Kappa Sigs 2. 
K.M.K. 3. 


tied for first. 

Alpha Phi Beta / 
Delts \ 

KjJl.K. ' ,ied ,or ,hird - 

Delts won. 
Gammas 2. 
Alpha Phi Betas 3. 

K.M.K. won. 
Delts 2. 
Kappa Sigs 3 


Vice President 


George Urban 

"Copy! Copy! And 
make it good." 


"Chet" Sokoloski, Eleanor 
Bader, Paul Boyle, and the 
captain of the Marietta 
football team as they ap- 
peared Homecoming Day. 

Dotty F 
gerald p 

Don Ranney as he 
was crowned King 
of hearts at the 
W.A.A. Sweetheart 

Row One 

Row Two 

Row Three 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 


B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. A. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

Row Four 

Row Five 

B. S. in 


B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. 

in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

■K , mrmmm 

Row One 

Row Two 

Row Three 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. A. in Lib 


B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. 

Row Four 

Row Five 

B. S. in Ed. 


S. in Ed. 


B. A. & B. S. in Ed. 

B. A. 

in Lib. 



B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. 

n Ed. 

Row One 

Row Two 

Row Three 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. A. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Lib. Arts 

Row Four 

Row F 


B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in 


B. S. ir 


B. S. 

in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 


Row One 

Row Two 

Row Three 

B. A. in Lib. Arts 


B. S. in Ed. 


B. A. in Lib. Arts 


B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

& B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

Row Four 

Row Five 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Lib. 


Row One 

Row Two 

Row Three 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. A. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Com. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

Col. of Bus. Ad. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 


B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

Row Four 

Row F 


B. S. in Ed. 


S. in Lib. Arts 


B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. 

in Ed. 

Row One Row Two 

Row Three 

B. S. in Lib. Arts B. A. in Lib. Arts B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. B. S. in Ed. 

B. A. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 


B. S. in Lib. Arts 

Row Four 

Row Five 

B. S. in Ed. 


B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. A. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 


B. S. in Lib. Arts 

Row One 

Row Two 

Row Three 

B. S. in Ed. 


B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. A. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

Row Four 

Row Five 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. 

in Ed. 

B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

Row Four 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. S. in Ed. 

B. A. in Lib. Arts 

B. A. in Lib. Arts 

B. S. in Ed. 





Miss Alma Marie Zinninger Canton Joseph B. Hanan Akron 

John R. Williams Madison Charles H. Lake Cleveland 

Roy Harmon Smith Kent E. L. Bowsher Columbus 


President John R. Williams Secretary Miss Alma Marie Zinninger 

Vice President Joseph B. Hanan Treasurer Roy Harmon Smith 

Assistant Treasurer Miss Adaline O. King 


James Ozro Engleman President Blanche A. Verder Dean of Women 

John Edward McGilvrey President Emeritus Raymond E. Manchester Dean of Men 

John L. Blair Dean of College of Education Am °s L. Heer ... .....Director of the Training School 

Margaret Irene Dunbar Librarian 

Arville O. DeWeese Director of Health Service 

Oscar H. Williams ... Dean of College of Liberal Arts 

Arden L. Allyn 

Dean of College of Business Administration B. F. Renkert Business Manager 

Emmet C. Stopher Elizabeth Fellers ... .....Dietitian 

Registrar; Director of Placement Bureau C. Augusta Adams House Mother, Moulton Hall 


John Thomas Johnson Head of Department Merle E. Wagoner 

.Assistant Professor 


Nina S. Humphrey Head of Department 

Harriet Adams Assistant Professor 

Mary Kathryn Boswell Assistant Professor 

Elmer Ladislaw Novotny Instructor 


Harry A. Cunningham Head of Department 

Constantine John Alexopoulos Assistant Professor 

Ethel A. Gowans Professor 

Stephen A. Harbourt Professor 

Kenneth L. Kelley Assistant Professor 

Michael Serene Graduate Assistant 


Arden L. Allyn Dean and Professor 

William A. Ashbrook Assistant Professor 

Marguerite Lamar 

Cleo Crow Instructor 

Clarence C. Kochenderfer Professor 



Daniel Wilson Pearce Head of Department 

John L. Blair Dean and Professor 

Raymond M. Clark Professor 

Amos L. Heer Professor 

Miles E. Hawk 

.Assistant Professor 

Edna Rickey Lotz Assistant Professor 

Lester H. Munzenmayer Professor 

Fren Musselman Professor 

Argra Etta Ruffer Critic, Off-Campus Teaching 

Alfred W. Stewart Professor 


.Head of Department Ada V. Hyatt 

Chester E. Satterfield 

Florence Gray Beal Assistant Professor 

Ben Euwema Associate Professor 

Eric T. Griebling Assistant Professor 

Laura E. Hill Instructor 

Harlan M. Hungerford Instructor 

Grace Bussing Sherrer _.. 

Assistant Professor 

Susanne M. Koehler 

Director of Training in Training School 

Edgar Packard Professor 

Edward H. Pake Assistant Professor 

Assistant Professor 

Kenneth Ralph Pringle _ 
Assistant Professor 


David Olson 

Head of Department James R. Beck 

Edna Esther Eisen Assistant Professor 

..Assistant Professor 


Arville Ottis DeWeese Head of Department 

George J. Altmann Professor 

Marie Hyde Apple Assistant Professor 

Joseph W. Begala Instructor and Assistant Coach 

Alice Gwendolyn Drew Assistant Professor 

Elizabeth Ann Leggett Assistant Professor 

Raymond J. Novotny -Instructor and Assistant Coach 

Arthur Clayton Poe Assistant Professor 

George Donald Starn Director of Athletics 

Bertha E. Whitton Assistant Professor 


A. Sellew Roberts Head of Department 

Donald Anthony Professor 

Herman DeWitt Byrne Assistant Professor 

Henry Murray Dater Instructor 

Thomas E. Davey Assistant Professor 

Mona Fletcher Assistant Professor 

Hersel Wendell Hudson Associate Professor 

James Tamplin Laing Associate Professor 

Gertrude Lawrence Instructor 

Louis A. Tohill Professor 

Oscar H. Williams Dean and Professor 


Bertha L. Nixson Head of Department Mary Farnam 

Nona Isabel Jordan Assistant Professor Dorothey D. Scott 

.Visiting Instructor 


Clinton S. Van Deusen - 
Elbert W. Tischendorf 

Head of Department 
Assistant Professor 

Graduate Assistant 

Adrian Van Wyen 

Horace M. Jellison Visiting Instructor 

William D. Taylor, Jr. 

Head of Department Charles M. Conaway Lecturer in Journalism 

G. Hazel Swan Head of Department 

Isabelle Hazen Assistant Professor 


Raymond E. Manchester Head of Department Emma J. Olson Instructor 

Foster Lindsey Brooks Instructor Harold P. Rogers Assistant Professor 

Frances Harshbarger Instructor Hugh E. Stelson Professor 

Edith Belle Rowlen Head of Department Helen Whitman Machan Assistant Professor 

Anna Schafheitlin Head of Department 

Willis J. Burner Head of Department 


Florence M. Sublette Head of Department Elfleda Littlejohn Associate Professor 

Fred H. Denker Associate Professor Helen M. McClaflin Assistant Professor 

Juliet Dowdy Instructor Roy D. Metcalf Assistant Professor 

Maurice Baum Head of Department 


Christian F. Rumold Head of Department Allen W. Coven Associate Professor 

Edward M. Collins _ Assistant Professor Glenn Q. Lefer Instructor 

Clarence L. Cook Assistant Professor Maurice B. Palmer Assistant Professor 

Ronald Burns Spacht —Instructor 


E. Turner Stump —Head of Department 

Wilbur E. Moore Associate Professor 

Vivian Turner -Assistant Professor 

G. Harry Wright Assistant Professor 


Amos L. Heer Director of Training School 

Frank N. Harsh Mathematics; Principal 

Gerald H. Chapman Science Critic 

Vera M. Chapman _ Home Economics Critic 

George H. Cooke Biology and History Critic 

George A. Damann Industrial Arts Critic 

Melvin Forman Chemistry Critic 

Isabelle Hazen Latin Critic 

Michel Herchek .-Mathematics Critic 

Amy I. Herriff Study Hall Supervisor 

Doris B. Kinneman English Critic 

Elmer R. Meyer History Critic 

Blanche C. Miller English Critic 

Edith M. Olson Social Science Critic 

Nelle Richards Commerce Critic 

Norma D. Wood .. French Critic 


Ora Belle Bachman Music Critic 

Sara Hutt Art Critic 

H. Marjorie Kelly Physical Education Critic 

Susanne M. Koehler _ Director of Elementary Training 
Argra Etta Ruffer Supervisor, Off-campus Teaching 
May S. Neitz -Kindergarten Critic 

Ruth M. Parrish First Grade Critic 

Myrtle L. Shepard .Second Grade Critic 

Ethel Foster Third Grade Critic 

S. Dale Parsons Fourth Grade Critic 

Pearl J. Phillips ...Fifth Grade Critic 

Elizabeth M. Engle Sixth Grade Critic 


Margaret Irene Dunbar Head Librarian 

Isabelle Dunbar Associate Librarian 

Elma Brenner German -.Assistant Librarian 

Mary Elizabeth Mautz _ Assistant Librarian 

Virginia Riley Assistant Librarian 

Wilma Hafenbrak Sindelar Assistant Librarian 

Mabel E. Thurston — Assistant Librarian 

Renna Lee Tway Assistant Librarian 


A. O. DeWeese, M. D. Director of Student Health Mittie Smith, R. N. Resident Nurse 

Elizabeth Ann Leggett, M. D. ....University Physician Antoinette Link Secretary to Director 


Emmet C. Stopher Director of Placement Bureau Alvin J. Miller Instructor 

William A. Baker Instructor Christopher M. Scherrer Instructor 

Edith Tope Associate Professor 





2 1 — Freshman Week begins. 

23 — Registration of Upper Classmen. 

24 — Class Work begins. 

25 — Kent State Day at the Exposition. Football game — John Carroll at Cleveland. 

26 — Opening All-College Dance. 

29 — First Freshman Lecture. 

30— W. A. A. Style Show— Moulton Hall. 


3 — Gridders journey to Heidelberg. 

4 — Panhellenic Rush Tea. 

6 — Chi Delta sorority open house. 

8 — Football — night — Akron. 
1 1 — A 2 T Initiation — Sorority House. 
13 — Assembly — Rev. C. R. Bearmore — "Olympics." Delta Sigma Epsilon Rush Party — 

Hotel Kent. 
1 5 — Phi Alpha Alpha Rush Party. 
16 — Pi Kappa Sigma Rush Party. 

17 — Pi Delta Theta Rush Party. Football game — Ohio University. 
20 — Kappa Mu Kappa Hay Ride. 
23— N. E. O. T. A. Week-end. 
24 — Football game at Bowling Green. 

27 — Alpha Sigma Alpha House Warming. Chi Delta Rush Party. 
28 — U. S. Navy Band Concert. 
29 — Theta Sigma Upsilon Rush Party. Pi Kappa Sigma Halloween Rush Party. Phi 

Epsilon Rush Party. 
3 — Football game at Findlay College — night game. 
3 1 — A 2 T fetes prospective pledges — Robin Hood. 
End of sorority rush season. 


3 — A 2 T House Warming. 

4 — Homecoming Play — "The Bishop Misbehaves." 

5— Play. 

6— Play. 

7 — Fall Homecoming — Eleanor Bader, A 2 T, Homecoming Queen. Football — Marietta 

and Kent tangle. Homecoming Dance. 
10— W. A. A. Carnival. 
1 1 — Armistice Day — no classes in P. M. 

12 — A 2 T Pledge Service and Dinner — Capt. Brady. Tri-Sigma Pledge Service. 
13 — Alpha Sigma Alpha pledges give a dance. Freshman Play — "Dear Me." 
14 — Football game at Ashland. A 2 T's tribute to new pledges with a dance. 
19 — Social Dancing. Sheldon Johnson — Lecture. 

20 — 2 2 2 formal Pledge Dance. A 2 E Pledge Dance — Moulton Hall. 
21 — "Pigskin Prom." Prom Queen, Virginia Schantz, A 2 T. 
25 — Thanksgiving Assembly. Thanksgiving Recess begins. 
2 6 — Thanksgiving. 
30 — Class Work begins. 


1 — Assembly — Sherwood Eddy. 

4 — Moulton Hall Formal Dance. 

5 — University Theatre Formal — Gym. 

8 — Assembly — George Eberlin, Jr. — "Puerto Rico." 
10 — Basketball — Muskingum, here. 
11 — Blue Key — Cardinal Key. Mardi Gras. 
12 — K M K Fall Dance. Basketball — Findlay, here. 
16— A 5 A Tea Dance, 3-6. 
17— Play — "Ah Wilderness"— 17th and 18th. 
19 — A <J> 2 Skating Party — Silver Lake. Basketball — Ohio Wesleyan. X A Formal Dance. 

© 2 7 Winter Formal. 
20 — Christmas Carolling. 

22 — A 5 T Christmas Party. 5 2 2 Christmas Party. © 5 7 Christmas Party. Basket- 
ball at John Carroll. 
23 — Christmas Vacation begins. 


4 — Class Work begins. 

6 — Basketball — hosts to Akron. 

8— New Year's Ball. 

9 — Basketball — hosts to Heidelberg. 
15— Lowry Hall Balloon Ball. 

16 — * A A Formal Dance. A 2 T Benefit Bridge. K 2 X House Party. 
19 — Assembly — Memorial Service for Ledo Ross. Basketball at Hiram. 
21 — Social Dancing. 

22 — 2 2 2 Formal Dance. Basketball — Bowling Green. Wrestling — Univ. of Chicago. 
23— K 2 X Dance. Basketball at Wooster. 
25 — Examination Week begins. 
29 — 1st Semester ends — Registration begins. 
30 — President's Ball. 


1 — Basketball Game — Grove City (here). Debate with Hiram College (here). 

2 — Debate with Fenn College (here). 

3 — Cardinal Key Honorary — Initiation Service. 

4 — W. A. A. Play Night and Swim. 

5 — Delta Sigma Epsilon Dinner — Robin Hood. Sigma Tau Gamma Dance — Masonic 

Temple, Ravenna. Basketball with Wilmington. 
6 — Wrestling — Michigan State University — E. Lansing, Mich. Basketball game with 

Wittenberg (there). Sophomore Dance. 

8 — Chi Pi Dinner — Robin Hood. Basketball — Toledo (here). 
9 — Assembly — Band Concert. 
10 — Basketball Game — John Carroll (here). 
1 1 — Play — "The Streets of New York" — 1 1th and 12th. 
12 — A2T Formal Dance — Silver Lake Country Club. Women's League Sunset Dance 

13 — High School Day. Wrestling — Washington & Jefferson (here). Basketball — Mari- 
etta (here). All College and High School Dance. 

FEBRUARY (Continued) 

14 — A 2 T Faculty Tea — Sorority House. 

15 — Prep Week begins. Debate with LeMoyne University. Dr. Allen Robert speaker 

on "The Plain Man and International Affairs." 
16 — Assembly — Mr. Van Wormer Walsh — "Mexico Awakens." Theta Sigma Upsilon 

Chocolate hour. 
18 — Basketball game — Akron (there). 
19 — Swimming meet. Ohio University (here). Sigma Tau Gamma Pledge Dance. W. 

A. A. Sweetheart Dance. 
20 — Taus and Tri-Sigs have informal initiation. Basketball game — Ashland (here). 
22 — Washington's Birthday — No classes and a midnight permit. 

23 — Assembly — Dr. Paul Dengler speaker — "School and Home in the Fascist State" and 

"Universities in a Changing Europe." Pi Kappa Sigma Rush Party. Basketball 

with Hiram. 
24 — Big and Little Sister Tea — Women's League. 
25 — Basketball game — Bowling Green hosts. Old and Modern Paintings Display — Art 

26 — Phi Alpha Alpha informal initiation. Chi Delta Rush Party. Basketball game at 

Bluffton. Women's League Sunset Dance. Portage County Basketball Tournament 

26th and 27th. 
27 — Swimming meet with Akron U. Wrestling with Waynesburg. Panhellenic Ball — 

Portage Hotel — Akron. Off Campus Club Dance. 
28— A 2 T Tea— Sorority House. 


1 — Swimming meet with Wooster. Wrestling — Kent beats University of Nebraska. 

Chestnut Burr trounces Stater basketeers. Assembly Speaker — Walter C. Laves — 

"The United States and International Corporations." 
2 — Assembly — Mrs. Barnum Brown — "With the Dinosaur Hunters." AST Open 

House. Chi Pi Dinner (Initiation) Robin Hood. Phi Epsilon Rush Party. 
3 — Open meeting — "The Peace Question" — Dr. Laing and Dr. Anthony. Gamma's 

sponsor "Midsummer Night's Dream" 3rd and 4th. 
4 — Transfer Dinner. 

5 — Wrestling at Case — 37's lose one. Theta Sig Rush Party — Robin Hood. 
6 — Publication's Hop presenting Miss Kent State. A <J> 2 Pledge Dance. K M K 

Pledge Formal. 
7 — Theta Sigma Upsilon Buffet Supper. 
12 — Norman Thomas Assembly speaker. Sunset Dance. A2A Dance. Hall Johnson 

Negro Choir. 

13 — A 2 E Dog Dance. Interstate Wrestling Championship — Waynesburg, Pa. 

15 — End of rushing — Sorority bid replies go to Dean's office. 

1 8 — A 2 T Dinner and Pledge Service. Panhellenic Scholarship Dinner. 

19 — Moulton Hall Sport Dance. W. A. A. Sweetheart Dance. 

20 — Sophomore Hop — presenting '37 Smile Queen, Randa Tozer, AST. 

21 — Palm Sunday — "The Messiah" — Music Dept. 

23 — Assembly — Dorothy Fuldheim. A 2 A Pledge Service. 

24 — Piano Recital — Evelyn Swarthout. 

25 — Vacation begins at 5:00 P. M. 


5 — Winners of Burr's "Most Popular Man" and "Woman" Contest announced. 

5 — "Communistic Brawl," sponsored by Chestnut Burr. 

6 — Assembly — Speaker, Irina Skariatina. 

7 — Miss Helen McClaflin's Recital. 

9 — Thespian One Act Play Contest Week-end. National Forensic Tournament Week- 
end. Tri-Sigma Scavenger Hunt — Metropolitan Park, Akron. 

10 — AST Golddiggers Dance. K2X House Party. Newman Club's Dance — May- 
flower Hotel — Akron. 

15 — Pi Kappa Sigma Rush Party. 

16— A $ 5 Formal Dance— Y. W. C. A., Akron. 

1 8 — A. A. U. W. — Reception and Recognition of Senior Women. 

20 — Assembly — One Act Play. Tri-Sigma Founder's Day Banquet. 

22 — Pop Entertainment — sponsored by Off Campus Women's Club. 

23 — All Greek Dance — Meyers Lake — sponsored by A 2 A. 

24 — Panhellenic Bridge Tournament. Kappa Sigma Chi Dance. 

30 — Junior-Senior Formal Dance — Mayflower Hotel — Akron. 


1 — Sigma Tau Gamma Formal — Hotel Cleveland. 

2 — Mother's and Father's Day. 

3 — Tennis meet at Wooster. 

4^Baseball at Muskingum. Men's Union "Funfest." ASA Party. 

6 — Tennis meet — Kent hosts to Hiram. Cardinal Key Button Drive Dance. 

7 — Moulton Hall Formal. Cosmopolitan Club State Convention at Kent. 

8 — University Theatre Formal Dance. Track meet at Case. Tennis meet — with 
Marietta. Cosmopolitan International Cruise Dance. 

10 — Baseball — at Wooster. Tennis — at Ashland. 

14 — Homecoming Play — "The Old Maid," 12th, 13th and 14th. 

1 5 — All-College Homecoming Dance. Phi Spring Formal — Twin Lakes. AST Alumnae 
Garden Party. 

19 — Tennis — Wooster plays here. 

21 — A i A Spring Formal — Cleveland Club. Junior Class Spring Formal. 

22 — A 2 E Spring Formal — Sleepy Hollow Country Club. 05T Spring Formal — Hotel 
Cleveland. Chi Delta and Pi Delta Theta Dinner Dance. 

24 — Campus Night and May Queen. 

25 — Assembly — Scholarship Day. 

27 — Cardinal Key Musical Comedy, 27th and 28th. 

29 — A 2 T Spring Formal — Cleveland Terminal Tower. 


4 — 2 2 2 Spring Formal — Lake Shore Hotel. 

6 — Baccalaureate. 

10 — KMK Spring Formal — Park Lane Villa, Cleveland. K2X Formal — Twin Lakes. 
11 — Commencement — 10 A. M. 


Alexander, Dice Curtis 

2746 N. Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Alleman, Hershel Glen Bath, 

Alman, Richard Keith 

169 Streetsboro Road, Hudson, 

Anderson, Alfred Venner 

245 Exchange St., Akron, 
Andregg, Charles Harold 

476 Wolcott Ave., Kent, 



Angel, Lester George 

14032 Northfield St., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Artz, Thurman Route No. 2, Ravenna, Ohio 

Ault, William Doylestown, Ohio 

Baker, George 905 Tiffin St., Bucyrus, Ohio 

Bambaci, Philip 

221 Halstead Ave., Harrison, New York 

Barkalow, George R. F. D., Perry, Ohio 

Baughman, Lavonda Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Baumberger, Thomas Route No. 1 Ravenna, Ohio 

Beard, Ruth 816 Glamwood, Columbiana, Ohio 

Bedford, Marjorie R. D. No. 1, Norwalk, Ohio 

Berry, Josephine 85 Frances Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Bell, Thomas 77 Devonshire Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Bender, Richard 

2104 Eleventh St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Benford, Reynold 211 High St., New London, Ohio 

Benson, Nelson 1141 Carey Ave., Akron Ohio 

Biggins, Arthur 500 Valley, Minerva, Ohio 

Biller, Rebecca 83 6 Fifth Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Birkner, Hugo Ernst Twin Lakes, Kent, Ohio 

Black, Joseph Donald 

1773 Marks Ave., Akron, Ohio 
Blackburn, F. Marion ... R. D. No. 1, Barberton, Ohio 

Blair, Charles Cortland, Ohio 

Blase, Ella Jane 250 E. 214th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Blockinger, Robert 

412 Marguerite Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Blount, Charles 

267 Belmont St., N. W., Warren, Ohio 
Blount, Margaret Jean 

267 Belmont St., N. W., Warren, Ohio 

Bombach, Edward 

881 East 222nd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Border, Virgil 2171 Fifth St., S. W., Akron, Ohio 

Bower, William 320 Clinton St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Brake, Arden ...1650 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Braucher, Karl R. D. No. 2, East Akron, Ohio 

Braucher, Margaret R. D. No. 2, East Akron, Ohio 

Bridges, Harry 666 Schiller Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Briggs, Carl 204 Baker Ave., Lodi, Ohio 

Briggs, John 

2625 Maplewood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Brumbaugh, Mildred R. D. No. 2, Kent Ohio 

Brunner, Jean Luella .. Hastings Rd., Silver Lake, Ohio 

Burroughs, Jane R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Caldwell, Charles R. F. D. No. 1, Ravenna, Ohio 

Camp, Ralph Bernard ... 703 Sunset View, Akron, Ohio 

Carpenter, Bernice 

2945 Lee Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Carpenter, Paul Twin Lakes, Kent, Ohio 

Cathan, James ...Falls River Rd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Catron, Eugenia 237 Avery Place, Akron, Ohio 

Chalker, Leroy 

220 Homewood Ave., S. E., Warren, Ohio 

Chapman, Richard 

R. D. No. 1, Silver Lake, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cherry, Arthur 326 College St., Kent, Ohio 

Chrispell, Eleanor R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Cobb, Robert 1421 Beardsley St., Akron, Ohio 

Conkle, Helen .737 Albemarle, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Connor Jr., Robert 

1340 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Conrad, Reed 132 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Cooper, Leo 551 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Counts, Margaret Grafton Rd., Brunswick, Ohio 

Cover, James 312 Park Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Cox, Alvon 

33 8 Portage Trail East, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Craig Jr., Stanley B., 

861 West Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Creese, Earl 127 Cedar St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Crittenden, Henry Burton, Ohio 

Crotzer, Marion 

1268 St. Charles St., Lakewood, Ohio 

Curtiss, Carl 1100 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Cushing, William 

4046 E. 44th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Damkov, Pete 875 Edge St., Akron, Ohio 

Dangler, Ruth 219 E. Williams St., Kent, Ohio 

Darby, Jean 65 West Elm St., Norwalk, Ohio 

Davidson, Dalwyn R. R. No.2, Oberlin, Ohio 

DeEulis, Jay 3 34 Central Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

DeFranco, Fred 239 Sanford St., Painesville, Ohio 

DeLeone, Julia W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Delius, Alton 851 West Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

DeWeese, Harriette 515 East Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Dike, George R. D. No. 8, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Diller, Robert 803 Hudson Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Dimick, Alan Aurora, Ohio 

Dingledine Jr., Lewis 

1763 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Dixon, Dorothy 83 1 W. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Dixon, Joseph 831 W. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Dodson, Richard 

1139 Lincoln Way East, Massillon, Ohio 

Dorsey, Grace 22 1 5 Logan Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Doster, Eileen 1241 Belle Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Dotson, James 

313 Thompson Ave., East Liverpool, Ohio 

Driver, Martha Lee 64 E. 221st St., Euclid, Ohio 

Drown, Sinclair 1650 Home Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Eaton, William __ 3 1 8 N. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Eckman, Muriel 

177 Trumbull Ave., S. E., Warren, Ohio 

Eddy, Laura 

Graham Rd., Silver Lake, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Edwards, Frank 413 6 Main Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Eichorn, Mildred 

1407 Cleveland Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 
Eickleberry, Richard R. D. No. 8, Tallmadge, Ohio 
Ellett, Clayton R. F. D. No. 2, Box 8, Hudson, Ohio 
Ellen, Dwight .... .....R. D. No. 2, Hudson, Ohio 

Emmitt, Richard Tallmadge, Ohio 

Engstrom, Ralph 34 Castle Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Ensminger, George Suffield, Ohio 

Falls, Clare .... 3 1 1 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Falls Sr., Joseph __ .....311 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 
Farson, Edna Pauline 

2477 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Few, Catherine Jane ....North Ridge, Painesville, Ohio 

Figliulo, Vincent 

212 Ellicott St., Batavia, New York 

Finch, John Rootstown, Ohio 

Flanagan, John 

5083 Oakmont Drive, Lyndhurst, Ohio 

Foley, Gladys 

2026 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Forbs, Kathryn 

42 5 Hudson Rd., R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Foster, Priscilla 1297 Mentor Ave., Mentor, Ohio 

Fouser David Franklin ... R. R. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Fowler, Jack.25 5 8 Maplewood, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

France, Raymond 423 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

France, Robert 423 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Fraser, John .... R. D. No. 2, Wellsville, Ohio 
Frederick, Virginia Elinor 

2320 Iota Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Freeborn, Jim 269 High St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Fuller, Frances .... .....91 Oviatt St., Hudson, Ohio 

Funk, Arthur .. ...534 E. 107th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Gaffney, Jane 45 Borton Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Galati, Francis ... 952 Hammel St., Akron, Ohio 

Galpert, Maurice .927 Cherry St., Canton, Ohio 

Gardner, Carey .147 Crain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Garner, Marvin R. D. No. 4, Louisville, Ohio 

Geig, Helen Route No. 2, Clinton, Ohio 

Gerberich, John 

23 50 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Gerig, Lois ._. 504 Beall Ave., Wooster, Ohio 

Gettrust, Gene Twin Lakes, Kent, Ohio 

Gillis, Richard 441 Erie St., Barberton, Ohio 

Glanzer, Harvey ....3 540 W. 49th St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Gosling, Leigh 

1125 Sackett Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Grable, Hugh ......326 22nd St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Grant, Frances 13 1 University Drive, Kent, Ohio 

Green, Edward 658 Grace Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Greenberger, Adeline 

2110 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Griffiths, Wanda Nan 

444 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Guise, Newton Box 59, Munroe Falls, Ohio 

Hackim, Lincoln 1232 Bittaker St., Akron, Ohio 

Hall, Charles .2564 Berk Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Hall, Doris ... ...1203 Morris Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Hammack, Wilbert East Canton, Ohio 

Hammer, William, Jr. 

405 5 Buxton Rd., South Euclid, Ohio 
Hanna, Marjorie ....863 Kenmore Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Harbaugh, Paul .... . ...503 Rockwell St., Kent, Ohio 

Hardy, Harold .... ... R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Harkins, Russell 

20 Lincoln Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Harrington, Homer 

117 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Harrington, William. .226 N. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Hastings, Margaret 

2494 Berk Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hawk, Bray Ora R. F. D. No. 1, Strasburg, Ohio 

Hawk, Lois Jean 1 19 Parsons St., Mankato, Minn. 

Hazen, Paul ... 1106 Grant St., Ashland, Ohio 

Heineman, Harold 

2741 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Herbert, Henry 

1117 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Herr, William 897 Berwin St., Akron, Ohio 

Heuser, Robert. ...1853 Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hibbs, John .... ... R. D. No. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Hill, Gerald ... .340 Gorge Blvd., Stow, Ohio 

Hoffman, Elde 73 3 Michigan Ave., Glassport, Pa. 

Holmes, Brian 615 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Holmes, Melville 

490 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 
Holmes, Ralph .... ... R. No. 3, Box 3 2 5, Kent, Ohio 

Horton, Robert Rootstown, Ohio 

Hoskinson, Howard 

R. F. D. No. 1, Mineral Ridge, Ohio 
Hostettler, Gordon ... 12 8 E. Hall St., Kent, Ohio 
Hunt, Marjorie.567 Sunset View Drive, Akron, Ohio 
Hurd, Robert .. 336 Ravenna St., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Irwin, Marjorie East Orwell, Ohio 

James, David _ Wayland, Ohio 

Jarius, Bernice 6247 Broadway, Cleveland, Ohio 

Jazbec, Ferdinand 821 E. 222nd St., Euclid, Ohio 

Jewitt, Rita 3915 Terrett Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Johnson, Max 778 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Johnson, Robert R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Kasha, Joseph Sos 3 50 Main St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Katzenmeyer, Robert 321 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Kearns, Martha Route No. 7, Frankfort, Indiana 

Keller, William 

1922 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Kemp, Charles 203 N. Arlington St., Akron, Ohio 

Kendall, Mary Tallmadge, Ohio 

Killgrove, Ruth Hartville, Ohio 

Kirk, Martha -166 N. Cleveland Ave., Mogadore, Ohio 
Kirtland, Kenneth 

3 1 1 E. Highland Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Klein, Ruth 648 W. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Klotz, Milton 726 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Knapp, Francis 53 5 Orlando Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Koons, Milo Greensburg, Ohio 

Kovalik, Martin 5397 Marion St., Maple Heights, Ohio 

Krause, George 536 Cuyahoga St., Kent, Ohio 

Kreighbaum, Bruce -1101 Massillon Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Kunert, Betty R. D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Lafrerty, Alice 432 N. Park Ave., Warren, Ohio 

Landis, Owen 97 N. Main St., Rittman, Ohio 

Lea, Anna Jane 

Silver Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Leist, Catherine 

1 124 Twelfth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Leubits, Eli 178 Casterton Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Lewis, Robert R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Lewis, Roger 326 College Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Lohr, Herbert ___R. D. No. 5, Box 112, Akron, Ohio 
Lowery, Omar__1021 Bedford St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Luke, Esther R. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Lutz, Robert Box 3 56, Tallmadge, Ohio 

MacBride, Gertrude 

2540 Berk Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

McBride, Donald 524 Yale Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

McCandless, Sara R. No. 1, Kinsman, Ohio 

McGlothlin, Claude 1077 Laird St., Akron, Ohio 

Mcintosh, A. Vern Chardon, Ohio 

McKenzie, Virginia 

325 Blakely St., East Liverpool, Ohio 
McNab, Marjorie 1208 Harvard Blvd., Toledo, Ohio 

Madison, Bette 1596 Ansel Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Maglione, Charles 107 Botzum Court, Akron, Ohio 

Malony, Margaret R. R. No. 4, Youngstown, Ohio 

Maluke, John 1055 Tonawanda St., Akron, Ohio 

Manchester, Elizabeth_.208 N. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Manko, Tom 33 5 E. School St., Kent, Ohio 

Mansfield, George 

2057 Fifth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Marcellette, Elizabeth 

11610 Willard Ave., Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Maris, Maxine R. D. No. 2, Newton Falls, Ohio 

Matthews, Jack 

602 Washington Ave., McDonald, Ohio 

Matthews, Robert 

602 Washington Ave., McDonald, Ohio 

Meacham, Dorothea 

394 Greenwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Meacham, Ralph R. No. 2, Cortland, Ohio 

Merrell, Edward 

203 5 E. 91st St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Merrick, Ruth 525 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Miday, Cesarie 

Fulton Road Extension, N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Miller, James R. No. 4, Alliance, Ohio 

Millet, Donald Gilmere Rd., Leavittsburg, Ohio 

Miltner, Jay 37 Nebraska St., Painesville, Ohio 

Mitchell, Iris..- 2789 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Mitten, Wallace..l5 89 Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Modarelli, James 

518 Glacier Heights Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Monahan, Thomas 

2470 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Monastra, Nick— R. F. D. No. 6, North Canton, Ohio 
Montecalvo, Edith 45 5 Sycamore St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Montgomery, Paul 123 Crain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Mooney, Howard R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Morey, Barbara 490 South Lincoln St., Salem, Ohio 

Morgan, Joan ....1066 Nela View Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Moyer, Garnet . R. D. No. 1, Leavittsburg, Ohio 

Moyer, Jean— -2 83 N. Market St., East Palestine, Ohio 

Mull, Harold Grafton, Ohio 

Murray, Grayce .808 School St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Mushrush, Otis -940 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Mytholar, Robert..811 W. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio 

Nelson, Andre R. R. No. 1, Mantua, Ohio 

Nickerson, Neil 176 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Nimberger, Helene ...3908 Smith St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Olson, Clair R. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

O'Neill, Rose Epping Rd., Gates Mills, Ohio 

Osborne, Jane 305 N. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Palich, Andy 259 Cranz Place, Akron, Ohio 

Pannier, Marion R. D. No. 1, Homeworth, Ohio 

Pardee, Josephine 13 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Peck, Betty Route No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Peck, Curtis 448 Rockwell St., Kent, Ohio 

Peck, Harold R. F. D. No. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 

Peirce, Richard ...209 E. Main St., East Palestine, Ohio 

Petersen, Twyla Josephine 

7807 Wainstead Dr., Parma, Ohio 

Phillips, Fred 3 1 Medford Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Pierce, Helen 270 Grant St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Pitkin, Frank 437 Nash St., Akron, Ohio 

Pratt, Iris Green Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Pressler, Claude R. D. No. 2, Akron, Ohio 

Pugh, George 43 Drexel Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Radak, Wilmer 405 Livingston St., Akron, Ohio 

Randolph, Charles Kent, Ohio 

Ranney, Don .2600 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ranney, James R. D. No. 2, Silver Lake, Ohio 

Rapp, Noel 417 Cleveland Rd., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ray, J. Daniel 907 Third St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Read, Margaret ...Silver Lake Blvd., Silver Lake, Ohio 
Rebeck, Harold 315 West Market St., Akron, Ohio 
Reed, Carroll, 231 Fifteenth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Reed, Frances 244 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Reed, Robert .....R. F. D., Suffield, Ohio 

Renkert, Robert 329 Erie St., Kent, Ohio 

Rent, Merle .122 Atlantic St., N. W., Warren, Ohio 
Reynolds, Kenneth R. D. No. 1, North Fairfield, Ohio 

Richardson, Ellenor 

123 Elm Court, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Rickel, Jack 

3 251 Berkley Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 
Rishko, Andrew.2462 W. Tenth St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ritchie, Frank 

746 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Rogers, Mrs. Zella B. .121 University Dr., Kent, Ohio 

Roland, Floyd East Canton, Ohio 

Rotondo, Mrs. Cathryn B. Yorkville, Ohio 

Rufener, Carl Suffield, Ohio 

Rufo, Albert 504 E. Riddle Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Ruggles, Arthur 

2594 E. Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Runk, Marguerite 

2492 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Russo, Charles. 1 1213 Ashbury Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ryan, Paul 182 E. George St., Marion, Ohio 

Ryser, Jack ... 447 Bertsch Terrace, Akron, Ohio 

Sackett, Esther ... . R. F. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Sauer, Wallace 4338 W. 226th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Saukkonen, Irma _ 

17444 Broadway, Maple Heights, Ohio 

Schaffer, Jack 1820 Oak St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Schild, Reed 345 Van St., Barberton, Ohio 

Schneider, Edward R. F. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Schneider, Edwin 151 N. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Schnur, Marie Manchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Schroyer, Doris R. R. No. 2, Warren, Ohio 

Schwember, Dorothy 

3609 E. 157th St., Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Scullion, Donald 

14413 Strathmore Ave., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Sebastian, Edward Keyes Twinsburg, Ohio 

Seeds, Martha Lynette 

R. D. No. 1, Hastings Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Seger, William . 122 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Sell, James 

2690 Maplewood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Seymour, Jean ...144 N. Meridian St., Ravenna, Ohio 
Shattuck, C. Dale 

2443 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Sheehe, Carl 501 Olney Ave., Marion, Ohio 

Sheron, Phyllis 

2512 Brecksville Rd., Independence, Ohio 

Sherrill, Verda 303 Main St., Poland, Ohio 

Show, Wfiitlaw 

Main and Eighth St., S. W., Massillon, Ohio 

Siddall, Don 264 Grant St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Sigrist, Margaret ...446 Lindenwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Simpkins, Theron R. F. D. No. 1, Suffield, Ohio 

Simpson, John 127 S. Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

Sivon, Lynn 1300 E. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Slater, Donna 671 E. South St., Akron, Ohio 

Smith, Dorothy... 61 East 219th St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Smith, Dorothy Pearl 

703 Sheldon St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, Gilbert 120 Wooster Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Smith, Glen... 1593 Seventh St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, Robert 

3034 Hudson Dr., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, Russel 

703 Sheldon Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Snowberger, Leo -1243 E. 143rd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Snyder, Milton 577 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Snyder, Roscoe 3014 E. 4th St., Dayton, Ohio 

Snyder, Ruth Emma R. D. No. 1, Wooster, Ohio 

Splan, James R. D. No. 4, Conneaut, Ohio 

Spratt, James 97 Jewett St., Akron, Ohio 

Spriggle, Keith _ ..Munroe Falls, Ohio 

Staley, Willard R. F. D. No. 2, Atwater, Ohio 

Stauflfer, Jimmy 

1397 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Steckle, Lucile 765 N. Main St., Akron, Ohio 

Stein, Kenneth R. D., Mogadore, Ohio 

Stewart, Dwight 402 S. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Stewart, Hugh .... .....402 S. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Stewart, Mary Jane 1 

17112 Lomond Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 
Stockdale, David ...264 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 
Stockman, Richard .Box 197, R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Stopher, Margaret 13 8 N. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Strahl, Mary 224 Lawrence St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Stribley, Rex 462 Wolcott Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Swan, Ada 1923 Sixth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Swedish, Frank 1007 Franklin Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Sykes, Franklin 

156 East Clark St., East Palestine, Ohio 
Tabler, Charles .129 / 2 S. Fourth St., Newark, Ohio 

Taffe, Lillian 143 S. High St., Steubenville, Ohio 

Tallentire, John 

2113 Oakwood Dr., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Tambling, Fred 3 83 Aqueduct St., Akron, Ohio 

Tapper, William 795 Diagonal Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Tatgenhorst, Jane 63 3 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Taylor, Darold R. D. No. 2, Box 285, Kent, Ohio 

Taylor, Reba Box 405, Hudson, Ohio 

Teas, Deborah 116 Streetsboro, Hudson, Ohio 

Tessman, Mary 

15 Elizabeth St., Battle Creek, Michigan 
Thomas, Bruce. ...73 2 N. Chestnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Thomas, Harold 109 Lime St., Woodville, Ohio 

Thomas, Ray 3 59 Talbot Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Thompson, Martha Garfield, Ohio 

Tibbitts, Paul 121 Walnut St., Geneva, Ohio 

Tocus, Eugene -1604 Stewart St., Youngstown, Ohio 
Tozer, Randa.. 2318 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Truka, James 702 Gay St., Bucyrus, Ohio 

Tulencik, Wendall 

721 North Fourth St., Toronto, Ohio 

Turano, Italo 4610 West Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Tweed, Warron 3 01 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Tymochko, Eugene North Jackson, Ohio 

Vaughan, Allan S. O. M., Solon, Ohio 

Vaughan, Enos Twinsburg, Ohio 

Vaughan, Lewis 450 Alexander St., Akron, Ohio 

Vuillemin, Alfred 597 Summit St., Akron, Ohio 

Wade, Earle Broadacre, Ohio 

Waechter, Robert 

2707 Eighth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Wagoner, William R. D. No. 5, Akron, Ohio 

Wallace, Mary. R. No. 8, Mahoningtown, Pennsylvania 

Walsh, Marie 175 Roslyn Dr., Youngstown, Ohio 

Wands, Ralph 413 Fairchild Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Ward, Jack 3 55 Pioneer St., Akron, Ohio 

Warner, Genevieve 157 Beck Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Waterbury, Francie ...66 Wandle Ave., Bedford, Ohio 
Watts, John Wayland, Ohio 

Watts, Campbell Thomas..93 8 Avon St., Akron, Ohio 

Watts, Watson Box 126, Wayland, Ohio 

Weatherford, Arnold R. D. No. 8, Akron, Ohio 

Weinberger, David „ 563 Madison Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Weis, Paul 73 8 E. King St., Lancaster, Ohio 

Welday, Robert R. No. 1, Seville, Ohio 

Wetzel, Alice 178 S. Main St., Hudson, Ohio 

Wheeler, William ..... 73 Wandle Ave., Bedford, Ohio 
Wiest, Wilfred ....10712 Miles Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Wiland, Dick R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Wilber, John 418 E. Kent Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Wilkinson, Floyd Bath, Ohio 

Willemsen, Jeanette 

R. D. No. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Williams, Ervin 

R. R. No. 1, Box 179, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wise, Charles R. F. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Witt, Annabelle 321 Grace Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wixom, Winifred 119 Sexton St., Struther, Ohio 

Wolcott, Betty 

2495 Whitelaw Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Wolfe, Merritt, 2513 Berk Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wood, Fred 9515 Baltic Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Woods, Frances 

1666 Twenty-Fifth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Woods, Mary Jane. .401 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Work, Clifford 

531 Marguerite St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Wright, Joseph. .2 543 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wright, Lillian 3 1 5 N. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Wright, Rose 62 8 E. Summit St., Kent, Ohio 

Young, Janet Congress Lake, Hartville, Ohio 

Young, William 3 3 Dwight St., Massillon, Ohio 

Zahniser, Maurice ._. 

2676 Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Zimmerman, Robert 

600 Dorchester Rd., Akron, Ohio 


Adolph, Kenneth R. F. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Allen, Betty 240 Jefferson St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Anderson, Wilbur Rootstown, Ohio 

Appel, Dorothy Jane 608 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio 

Arnett, Howard E 287 E. York St., Akron, Ohio 

Baldwin, Donald D. 

1420 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, 
Baldwin, Duff „1640 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Balyeat, Edwin L 561 W. 4th St., Mansfield, 

Batchelder, John Stoneman 

10301 Homeworth Ave., Garfield Heights, 

Baughman, Victor O'dell 

121 Munroe Falls Rd., Stow, Ohio 
Bayduk, P. L. 116 S. Willow, Kent, Ohio 



Beal, Elizabeth Laura 

2550 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Beck, Ralph E 264 Jefferson St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Becker, Paul F. 

2369 Stratford Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Beery, John 923 Mayfair Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Beidler, Billie Josephine 

936 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Bender, Jack 603 Douglas St., Akron, Ohio 

Beuck, Ralph F. 

18321 Landseer Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 
Boorom, Vincent... 2164 16th St., S. W., Akron, Ohio 

Bowman, Robert C 301 College Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Brandes, George 646 Roslyn Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Brown, Hugh Diamond, Ohio 

Brown, Thelma Deloris 242 Maple St., Kent, Ohio 

Brumage, Arch John 1098 Hazel St., Akron, Ohio 

Brunner, Myra Witt 

R. F. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Brunner, Ruth M. 

R. F. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Burger, W. Lamont.853 E. 150th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Bush, Chas. James Aurora, Ohio 

Butler, Dick E. ._. 214 S. Prospect, Kent, Ohio 

Butler, Robert P. __ ..._214 S. Prospect, Kent, O. 

Ciancio, Sundae 474 S. Meridian, Ravenna, Ohio 

Clark, Joan Edith 

R. F. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Colgrove, Dick 53 Chatfield Dr., Painesville, Ohio 

Conger, Chas. H. Boston Road, Peninsula, Ohio 

Conrad, Vernon 347 Witwer St., N., Canton, Ohio 

Cramer, Richard Sumeld, Ohio 

Diehl, Bill Wells .._ .65 River St., Madison, Ohio 

Donohoe, John 344 E. York St., Akron, Ohio 

Drushal, Doris June.__.3564 W. Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Dumire, K. Durwood 92 Willard St., Akron, Ohio 

Dunlevy, Harry Brewster, Ohio 

East, Don H. 

2470 Elmwood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Edmiston, Chas. Walter 

1517 Home Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Edwards, Harold Grant 

1745 Leighton Ave., Akron, Ohio 
Erwin, Richard Wm._ R. F. D., North Lawrence, Ohio 
Estochin, Frank .... 8 81 Allyn St., Akron, Ohio 

Feduniak, Steve 599 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Fisher, George F. 

411 W. Ravenwood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Fleming, Sega 22 W. Market St., Akron, Ohio 

Flynn, John James Twin Lakes, Ohio 

Follin, Lyle Omar 119 S. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Fowler, James 71 E. 201st St., Euclid, Ohio 

Fuchik, Norbert John 

5211 Theodore St., Maple Heights, Ohio 

Gardner, Hubert Crouch 

414 Talmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 
Garman, Robert Leroy .. 505 Bacon Ave., Akron, Ohio 
Glazier, Ronald R. F. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Gougler, Frances Ellen. R. F. D. No. 2, Atwater, Ohio 

Gross, Ruth F 557 Hoye Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Haberkost, Robert Richard 

1119 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hachtel, Catharine Jean 

330 Stow Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Hageman, Wilbert J. 

2101 Forestdale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hall, George E 694 Crosley St., Akron, Ohio 

Hannig, Albert A. _. 681 Upson St., Akron, Ohio 
Hanson, Harold E. Box 12 8, Randolph, Ohio 

Hanus, Eileen Francess Carelton St., Burton, Ohio 

Harrington, John D 226 N. Lincoln, Kent, Ohio 

Harris, Earl Morris— .305 E. Highland, Ravenna, Ohio 

Hausmann, George R 1212 Maple St., Mentor, Ohio 

Hawkins, Phyllis Joan 

185 E. Ravenwood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Herrick, Joyce Virginia Twinsburg, Ohio 

Herron, Lowell William .123 1 Maple St., Salem, Ohio 

Highman, Lillian Marie 

517 Gambier St., Mt. Vernon, Ohio 

Hinman, David Rockwell 

415 S. Prospect, Ravenna, Ohio 

Honeywell, Robert 

15 80 Stadelman Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Huber, Laurence R. R. F. D. No. 8, Akron, Ohio 

Hunter, Mary Jane 

917 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Isham, Quentin Delbert 

R. F. D. No. 3, Brunswick, Ohio 

Jenior, Willard George 

610 Fernwood Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Kalkas, John 434 N. Market, Wooster, Ohio 

Kempel, C. Norman 163 Hudson Rd., Stowe, Ohio 

Kennedy, Jack Alexander 

98 Kirkwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 
Kesselring, Blanche .1529 Triplett Blvd., Akron, Ohio 
Kettle, Therma Eileen. .503 S. Main St., Orrville, Ohio 
Kochenderfer, Lillian ... 3 19 N. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 
Krup, Paul ... .1122 Ansel Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Larick, Ernest 

23745 Lake Shore Blvd., Euclid, Ohio 

Lawrence, Cloyd 218 E. Oak St., Kent, Ohio 

Lennar, Maxine 511 Aqueduct St., Akron, Ohio 

Levinson, Harold F 

3 08 W. Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Lewis, Larry 609 Grace Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Long, Kenneth Howard 

96 W. Academy St., Albion, N. Y. 

Love, William Allen 

Riverview Drive, Leavittsburg, Ohio 

Luli, Frank Chas. 740 Upson St., Akron, Ohio 

McGrath, Dolores Mardelle.R. F. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 
Mclntyre, James Edwin.. .2 19 N. Willow, Kent, Ohio 

McKinley, Jay E. R. F. D. No. 4, Mansfield, Ohio 

McMuldren, Paul Grant 

2268 Englewood, Akron, Ohio 

Mack, Richard Louis 46 Atlas St., Akron, Ohio 

Malarik, Steve 1051 Burkhardt Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Medeikis, Albert 

1655 Rockwell Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Meyer, Norman L. 

1762 17th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Moore, Don Frederic ..242 Lake St., Kent, Ohio 

Moran, Raymond K ... 40 N. Balch, Akron, Ohio 

Morris, Robert Stephens 

801 N. 5th St., Steubenville, Ohio 

Murphy, K. Marx 

2648 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Nicholson, Dollie 3 30 18th St., Wells ville, Ohio 

Oyler, Robert Wm. ._. 

1671 13th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Page, George Oxford, Ohio 

Patterson, Dorothy Mae..l23 Broadway, Girard, Ohio 
Patterson, Wm. Allen 

903 E. 150th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Pearson, Philip Duane Aurora, Ohio 

Peterson, Carl H. Gates Mills, Ohio 

Pfannenschmidt, Adolph — 

2325 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, Ohio 

Podwojski, Alvin E. 

463 2 Turney Rd., Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Pope, Christ ._ 905 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, Ohio 

Pringle, George 502 S. Arlington, Akron, Ohio 

Pyle, Howard L. 619 S. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Rankin, Don W 33 W. Grant St., Alliance, Ohio 

Redmond, Richard Geo. 

1203 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Reese, W. Griffith Mechanics St., Grafton, Ohio 

Rentschler, Robert Main St., Jeromesville, Ohio 

Resseger, Howard.1030 W. Exchange St., Akron, Ohio 

Reynolds, Kermit R. F. D. No. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 

Rhoads, Dorothy Marie 155 Oak Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Ridley, Jean K 257 Ontario St., Barberton, Ohio 

Robart, John Max Sugar Creek, Ohio 

Roderick, Robert L...516 N. Howard St., Akron, Ohio 
Romito, Joe Thomas... 208 Hazen St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Romito, Joe Vito 85 Crowles Ave., Bedford, Ohio 

Rooke, Lotis Dahl 698 Wayside Dr., Akron, Ohio 

Rosenkeimer, George 

190 Liberty St., Painesville, Ohio 

Rowley, Donald F 3940 Idella St., Mogadore, Ohio 

Schaetzle, Joe A. 1200 Berwin St., Akron, Ohio 

Schaub, Emmet H. R. F. D. No. 2, Canton, Ohio 

Schoffman, Lincoln Joseph 

424 Butler Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Schoffman, Victor Edward 

424 Butler Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Senglar, Lillian R. F. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Shank, Marion Edward 

R. F. D. No. 1, Homerville, Ohio 

Sharp, Wm. John 876 Orlando Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Sherman, Samuel Louis 

128 Hollinger Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Shriber, George Austin 

1153 Sunset View Dr., Akron, Ohio 
Simons, Orlie Herbert....815 Hudson Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Slemmons, Dora Mae Navarre, Ohio 

Smith, LeRoy E.....2035 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Squires, Gertrude Roberta 

R. F. D. No. 1, Oberlin, 
Steinhauser, Kathryn Ellene 

2629 Benton St., Akron, 

Stokey, Leonard A R. F. D. No. 2, Kent, 

Stoneburner, Donald Salesville, 

Strohl, Dale Greensburgh, 

Stump, Thomas E 33 8 Fernwood Dr., Akron, 

Telinde, Don E. 1204 Laird Ave., Akron, 

Tewksbury, David Earl 23 Prospect St., Hudson, 

Thio, John C 41 S. Main St., Akron, 

Thomas, Josephine 

184 N. Highland Ave., Akron, 

Tifft, Howard 

239 Wadsworth Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Tramonte, Don Ross R. F. D. No. 2, Medina, 

Treat, Mark 639 School St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Tucker, Jane 2046 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Turner, Willard.R. F. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, 
Ullom, Thomas Hoover__342 W. Market, Akron, 
Vogelsang, Ralph E...Middlebranch Rd., Canton, 

Ward, Lester Robert 

616 Park Ave., E. Palestine, 

Watkins, Ben E. 

1041 Irvington Ave., Massillon, 

Weaver, Ralph J. 

1118 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, 
Weaver, Roger Henry....R. F. D. No. 1, Suffield, 

Weg^.an, George E. Suffield, 

Westcott, Helen Painesville, 

Whalen, James J. 323 E. College St., Kent, 

White, Jennie Jean 122 N. Prospect, Kent, 

Whitman, Robert W.... .681 Roslyn Ave., Akron, 
Wicks, Joseph Roger. 61 1 Sandusky St., Ashland, 
Wilcox, Glenwood Frederick .3 3 2 Erie St., Kent, 

Wilcox, Wm. Freeman 115 Lafayett, Medina, 

Williams, Tom Henry 

1288 Diagonal Rd., Akron, 

Wilson, Robert Joseph 

3 55 E. Vermont Ave., Sebring, 
Winemiller, Doris M.....63 8 Roslyn Ave., Akron, 
Winemiller, Frederick D. 

63 8 Roslyn Ave., Akron, 

Winsper, Lorell Dean 

12915 Christine Ave., Cleveland, 

Wood, Margaret Elizabeth 

427 Rockwell Ave., Kent, 
Wrightsel, Elizabeth Jean 

W. Main St., McArthur, 

Young, Harold C 226 Lowell Dr., Kent, 

Zink, Dale E R. F. D. No. 7, N. Canton, 













Abbott, Margaret Medina, Ohio 

Acken, Alfred __ 69 Kent Road, Tallmadge, Ohio 

Acker, Paul _. .... 28 Summit St., Norwalk, Ohio 

Adams, Eddie .._ .....912 Franklin Ave., Kent, Ohio 
Adams, Esther ... 706- 17th St., S. W., Massillon, Ohio 

Adams, Evaline 3931 Garfield St., Struthers, Ohio 

Adams, Geraldine 1159 Pitkin Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Adams, Mary... 313 Second St., Fairport Harbor, Ohio 

Adlard, Betty 198 Main St., Madison, Ohio 

Ahlstrom, Helen ....3 9 Richmond St., Painesville, Ohio 
Albright, Myrtle .714 Greenwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Alden, Clayton ....226 E. Williams St., Kent, Ohio 

Alden, David ... .....226 E. Williams St., Kent, Ohio 

Alger, Bettie 423 W. 6th St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Allcock, John Kingsville, Ohio 

Allen, Arthur 607 W. Oregon Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Allen, Maxine Amsterdam, Ohio 

Allgood, Miriam 3 19 Sexton St., Struthers, Ohio 

Allison, Helen 208 Broadway, Youngstown, Ohio 

Alogdelis, James ... 723 Bisson Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Amstutz, Elizabeth R. F. D. 1, Orrville, Ohio 

Angelo, Phillip 611-8th St., S. E., Canton, Ohio 

Antol, Mary 132 Funston Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Apley, Gertrude..... R. F. D. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Apley, Mabelle 123 Franklin Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Armour, John 2456 Peltar Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Arnold, William . .... R. F. D., Windham, Ohio 

Art, Betty .... 2207- 16th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Arva, William ... 671 Frisso St., S. E., Massillon, Ohio 
Ashton, Evelyn __ R. F. 2, Canton, Ohio 

Asquith, Helen .6801 Eusted Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ault, Marjorie R. F. D. 2, Louisville, Ohio 

Ault, William Doylestown, Ohio 

Ayers, M. Rebecca 

3 07 W. Johnston St., Upper Sandusky, Ohio 

Bader, Eleanor _ 

214 S. Maryland Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Bahler, Albert N. Broadway, Sugarcreek, Ohio 

Bailey, Nelle _ 579 W. State St., Sharon, Pa. 

Bailey, William _ Washingtonville, Ohio 

Bailie, Ivy .23 S. Evanston Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Baker, Audrie 1933-5th St., S. E., Canton, Ohio 

Baker, Leona 

814 Sackett Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Baker, Raymond 1116 Oakland Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Baldwin, Eleanor North Jackson, Ohio 

Baltzly, Mary 

217 Tremont Ave., S. E., Massillon, Ohio 
Bambaci, Philip 221 Halstead Ave., Harrison, N. Y. 
Bancroft, Frances R. F. D. 2, Garrettsville, Ohio 

Banyc, Betty ...10134 Norford Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Barber, Clarice ...1239 Grant St., S.E., Warren, Ohio 

Barber, Thelma 

R. F. D. 4, Waynesburg Rd., Canton, Ohio 
Barrick, James 

13 20 Maryland Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 
Bartok, Bette ...North Ridge, East, Ashtabula, Ohio 

Baughman, Howard 

5 848 Runkle Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Baughman, Lavonda Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Baumberger, Ruth 3 1 1 E. Summit St., Kent, Ohio 

Baumgardner, Ernestine 

3 86 W. Third St., Mansfield, Ohio 
Beachler, Ruth ... R. D. 1, Brookfield, Ohio 

Becherin, Yolanda 

1111 Gonder Ave., S. E., Canton, Ohio 
Beck, Jay .... R. F. D. 1, St. Clairsville, Ohio 

Bedford, Roberta 201 Park Ave., Charlevoix, Mich. 

Beecher, Carl Walnut & Herald St., Mantua, Ohio 

Beecher, Myrtle ...Walnut & Herald St., Mantua, Ohio 
Begala, Julia .557 Euclid Ave., Wickliffe, Ohio 

Begala, Lillian New Castle Ave., Struthers, Ohio 

Beitzel, William Magnolia, Ohio 

Bell, Beulah R. F. D., Wayland, Ohio 

Bell, Helen .. ..Wayland, Ohio 

Bell, Margaret 

1100 Greenfield Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Belsh, Ethel Amsterdam, Ohio 

Bender, Lil Harrington Ira, Ohio 

Benedict, Betty 21 Maples Avenue, Niles, Ohio 

Bennett, Fred 929 W. 41st St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Bennett, Harold ......929 W. 41st St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Bennett, Mabel 261 Harbor St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Berger, Lois R. F. D. 1, Salem, Ohio 

Berger, Wendell .._ R. F. D. 1, Salem, Ohio 

Bergman, Betty 129 Saranac Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Bethel, Russell Kingsville, Ohio 

Beucler, Erma Mineral City, Ohio 

Bica, Virginia 1601 S. Seneca Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Bittner, Hyel R. F. D. 4, Box 21 1, Akron, Ohio 

Blain, Grace Kilbourne, Ohio 

Blake, Ruth ... 509 Bedford Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Blase, Barbara 250 E. 214th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Blazekovich, Mary 

1423 Superior Ave., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Bligh, Charlotte ......R. F. D. 2, Wellington, Ohio 

Blue, Margaret Continental, Ohio 

Boccia, Gene .56 Mahoning Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Bockhorst, Lois 

73 6 E. 131st St., Suite 1, Cleveland, Ohio 
Bodo, Viola 757 Jennings Avenue, Salem, Ohio 

Boggs, Lois R. F. D. 1, Mineral Ridge, Ohio 

Boli, Eleanor R. F. D. 3, Canton, Ohio 

Bolich, Dick 162 Main St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Boncila, Victoria Idora Park, Youngstown, Ohio 

Booth, Jack 3391 W. Both St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Bordner, Alice 761 Erie St., Massillon, Ohio 

Borges, Mary 720 E. 6th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Bosley, Eleanor ....123 Braden St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Bosworth, William N. Cheshire St., Burton, Ohio 

Bowen, Elizabeth .20 W. Lowell Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Bo wen, Jane 

1507 Shorb Avenue, N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Boyd, Lydia R. F. D. 1, Wellsville, Ohio 

Boyle, Clarence Hammondsville, Ohio 

Boyle, Francis R. D. 2, Alliance, Ohio 

Boyle, Paul 5 116 Haverford Drive, S. Euclid, Ohio 

Bozman, Betty..340 Harter Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Braden, Andrew Kinsman, Ohio 

Bradler, Charles Kingsville, Ohio 

Bradley, William Dundee, Ohio 

Brandmiller, Ellen (Withdrawn) 

Brandon, Marjorie 1136 7th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Brannon, Mary R. F. D. 2, Alliance, Ohio 

Braucher, Margaret R. D. 2, Akron, Ohio 

Brawley, Jesse 2 5 2nd St., Campbell, Ohio 

Breckner, Selma 408 E. State St., Alliance, Ohio 

Breen, Betty 719 Shadyside, Canton, Ohio 

Brennan, Edward 

93 5 Park View Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Breting, Evelyn 1109 Dueber Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Brevoort, Mildred 

851 Amherst Road, N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Briggs, Frances 

2625 Maplewood St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Briola, Harold 1002 Melrose Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Brode, E. Leland Diamond, Ohio 

Brooks, Gertrude ...1240 Erie St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Brown, Frank 411 Kirn St., Akron, Ohio 

Brown, Jane 1064 Huston Ave., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Brown, Juanetta ....150 Archwood Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Brown, Samuel 139 W. 3rd St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Brown, Virginia ....1317 14th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 
Brunker, Harry ... 229 W. Tremont, Massillon, Ohio 

Bruno, Myron 324 Ohio Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Brunstad, Ruth.2421 Walnut Blvd., Ashtabula, Ohio 
Bucher, Millicent.15 82 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Buckmaster, Jayne 528 Storer Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Buell, Charlene 1022 8th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Burchfield, Olive 608 Henry St., Toronto, Ohio 

Burford, George Farmdale, Ohio 

Burger, Lois N. Broadway, Sugarcreek, Ohio 

Burke, Oral 218 Sherman Street, Kent, Ohio 

Burkey, Roy R. D. No. 3, Millersburg, Ohio 

Burlak, Felix ...3713 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Burrier, Isabelle R. D. No. 2, Scio, Ohio 

Butler, Robert Suffield, Ohio 

Buzulaicia, George ._ 

780 Poland Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Cam, Mary 915 Thomas St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Cameron, Genevieve R. D. No. 3, Alliance, Ohio 

Campbell, Ruth 3 3 6 E. Indiana Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Canepa, Sylvia ......1301 W. 76th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Cannon, Shirley 118 Brady St., Kent, Ohio 

Capobianco, Carmen 5 59 Crouse St., Akron, Ohio 

Cardinal, Louis 116 E. Oregon Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Carr, Mae 89 Division St., Box 3 07, Hudson, Ohio 

Carson, Gladys 

15 W. Heights Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 
Case, Carlotta ... 1734-1 lth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Castle, Carol Rome, Ohio 

Catlin, Madeline 147 N. Sycamore St., Ravenna, Ohio 
Chamberlin, Bernice ...R. D. No. 2, E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Chapman, Hilda Wolf, Ohio 

Chapman, Douglas. .453 S. Chestnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Chappeleu, Paul 42 8 Diamond St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Chilcote, Dorothy Farmdale, Ohio 

Chuey, Mary. 1550 Bonnie Brae, N. E., Warren, Ohio 
Church, Jeanne .1295 Edanola Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Cioffi, Arthur 222 E. Summit St., Kent, Ohio 

Cisar, Anne 406 Hunter St., Niles, Ohio 

Clark, Elizabeth R. D. No. 2, Medina, Ohio 

Clark, Margaret 3 05 S. Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

Clark, Nellie ...207 S. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Clark, Vonda R. D. No. 1, Farmdale, Ohio 

Cleary, Joan 

Boardman-Canfield Rd., R. D. 4, Youngstown, O. 
Clemensen, Doris .1037 Ohio Ave., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Clement, Eleanor _ 

1324 S. Freedom Ave., Alliance, Ohio 
Clements, Harold .256 S. Main St., Mansfield, Ohio 

Clements, Marion 256 S. Main St., Mansfield, Ohio 

Click, Elva 2416 Clyde PL, S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Cluff, Helen 142 S. Prospect St., Kent, Ohio 

Clum, Mildred 

168 Moore Ave., N. W., N. Philadelphia, Ohio 

Clutter, Lou E. Sparta, Ohio 

Cohen, Thelma 113 W. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 
Colby, Mary. 23 W. Glenaven Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Cole, Elaine R. F. No. 3, Elyria, Ohio 

Comfort, Benjamin 

1825 Gayle PL, S. W., Canton, Ohio 
Conkle, Margery__243 W. Friendship St., Medina, Ohio 

Conn, Miriam 

1211 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Conrad, Faye 1801 Union Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Cook, Mary R. F. D. No. 1, Box 152, Kent, Ohio 

Cook, Pauline 206 College Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Cooke, Gretchan .-.2050-5th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Cooper, Leo 551 Rhodes Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Cooper, Robert 2640 Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Corbett, Florence _ R. D. No. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Corbin, Patricia 3610 Attica Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Cordier, Lois Mogadore, Ohio 

Corea, Joanne 3 04 Hunter Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Corlett, Esther 120 E. South St., Painesville, Ohio 

Counts, Virginia Grafton Rd., Brunswick, Ohio 

Courtright, Harriet .81 1 E. Tuscarawas, Canton, Ohio 
Cowgill, Rachel 

1718 Cleveland, N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Crabtree, Dorothy ._ R. D. No. 1, Piketon, Ohio 

Craemer, Bernice S. O. M. Center Rd., Solon, Ohio 

Cramer, Ruth 

1449 Greenfield Ave., S. \V., Canton, Ohio 

Crampton, Mary 296 E. 271st St., Euclid, Ohio 

Creger, Ruth 1 129 18th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 
Crile, Iro _. 5611 Fleet Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Cromley, Vivian 120 E. Smith St., Hickville, Ohio 

Crosby, Pearl 14581 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Crouse, Helen 

2729 Mahoning Rd, N. E., Canton, Ohio 
Culm, Beryl ... R. D. No. 4, Akron, Ohio 
Cunin, Dorothy 26 W. Summit St., Alliance, Ohio 
Cunningham, Madge ....161 Iowa Ave., Warren, Ohio 
Cushman, Celeste 

400-5th Ave., N., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Custer, Leah .... .....709 Loretta Ave., Toronto, Ohio 

Dailey, Frank... 297 N. Lyman St., Wadsworth, Ohio 
Daley, Loretta .....734 W. 57th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Daltoria, Mary Park Avenue, Macedonia, Ohio 

Datesh, Margaret R. F. D. No. 4, E. Canton, Ohio 

Daub, Norma 151 Gleason Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Davey, Sarah .... __R. F. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Davidian, Bert 11303 Miles Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Davidson, Eloise 

Box 68 B, R. F. D. No. 2, Oberlin, Ohio 

Davidson, Ronald Box 68 B, Oberlin, Ohio 

Davidson, Zella ... Gnadenhutten, Ohio 

Davis, Helen . . Salesville, Ohio 

Davis, Jean _ 551 E. Summit St., Kent, Ohio 

Davis, Samuel 

17112 Lamond Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 
Day, Clara 223 Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Day, Grace — Kingsville, Ohio 

DeEulis, Rose 334 Central Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

DeEulis, Timothy 334 Central Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 
Deevers, Paul 41 Blaine St., Bedford, Ohio 

DeGroft, Bertha ... Chardon, Ohio 

Delahanty, Margaret 

12721 Cornado Road, Cleveland, Ohio 

Dellner, Ray 

Bell St., R. D. No. 2, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 
DeMelker, Helen Sub. So. Broadway, Geneva, Ohio 

DePompei, Anita 549 Broadway, Bedford, Ohio 

Dermasa, Justine __ 

18520 Chapman Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Deshon, Richard .... _ 919 Bowery St., Akron, Ohio 

DeSimio, Lena 108 Vine St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Devine, Mary E. Sparta, Ohio 

DeWeese, Harriette — 515 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Dick, Nathalie Windham, Ohio 

Dickey, Winifred _ 

336 Old Main Road, Conneaut, Ohio 
Dickinson, Hazlett 1482 Maple Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Diday, Hilda ... R. F. D., Mingo Junction, Ohio 

Diller, Robert ... 803 Hudson Rd., Stow, Ohio 

Diltz, Marjorie .... 5 1 8 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Dilworth, Lois .... ....1407 E. State St., Salem, Ohio 

Dimerling, Beatrice 

519 College St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 
Dirodis, Francis ... 624 Mill Rd., Ravenna, Ohio 

Dixon, Ella 517 High St., Niles, Ohio 

Dixon, Ola ... Rushsylvania, Ohio 

Doan, Russell Wayland, Ohio 

Dominick, Nellie . 711-Sth St., S. W., Massillon, Ohio 
Domladovec, Anna.164 Prospect St., Struthers, Ohio 

Doolan, Mary 3 813 Lake Avenue, Ashtabula, Ohio 

Dorsey, Grace 

2215 Lodge Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 
Doubet, Jane ... ....42 5 Vine Court, Niles, Ohio 

Dowding, Tasman 

724-22nd St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Drablle, Rose 

1611 Irwin Place, N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Dubetz, Michael R. F. D. No. 1, Unionport, Ohio 

Duck, Elizabeth 3 28 W. Park, Niles, Ohio 

Duckwitz, Gertrude 

13 228 Detroit Ave., Lake wood, Ohio 
Duerr, Rita ... .2820-3rd St., Canton, Ohio 

Dugan, Louise 3951 Riley St., Struthers, Ohio 

Duke, Donald Sta. A, R. D. No. 2, Uniontown, Ohio 
Duncan, Marian R. F. D. No. 2, Uniontown, Ohio 
Dunfee, Marjory .104 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Dunlap, Lucille Main St., Mineral Ridge, Ohio 

Dunlap, Wilmer 1463 Summit St., E. Palestine, Ohio 

Dunlavy, Howard R. D. No. 2, Ravenna, Ohio 

Dunn, Ruth Silver Lake Estate, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Duns tan, Helen 

1849 Grasmere St., E. Cleveland, Ohio 
Dupola, Mildred ..... 175 Trumbell Ave., Girard, Ohio 
Dura, Alvira 

1 1320 Continental Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 
Durst, Evelyn 

1995 Germaine St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Dusenberry, Jean _ 246 W. Main St., Clinton, Ohio 

Dyer, Mary 1566 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Dyer, Ruth 1566 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Dyke, Ralph 

501 Thomas Court, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Dzurik, Lillian R. D. No. 2, Burton, Ohio 

Ebel, Mary Jane..3291 W. 115th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Eberwyne, Claudia Windham, Ohio 

Ebie, Edna N. Maple St., Hartville, Ohio 

Edmunds, Leslie 445 Burtch Terrace, Akron, Ohio 

Edwards, Betty.-13 32-16th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Edwards, Betty Avondale Blvd., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Eiden, Mary 530 12th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Einsel, Martha 170 Elm St., Struthers, Ohio 

Elgin, Mary 217 N. Depeyster St., Kent, Ohio 

Elliott, Bernita 

1532 Kensington Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 
Ellsworth, Richard._663 E. 107th St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Elsaesser, Carolyn..703-13th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Emerman, Bertha 718 N. Walnut St., Canton, Ohio 

Emmons, Edna .437 Thomas Ct., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Endich, Marcia 3 34-4th St., Steubenville, Ohio 

English, Doris R. F. D. No. 1, Hubbard, Ohio 

Epley, Dean 1717- 14th St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ercanbrack, Benson 

343 8 Bosworth Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Erf, Helen 245 8-6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Erskine, Helen 2 8 E. Wood St., Lowellville, Ohio 

Erskine, Isabel 28 E. Wood St., Lowellville, Ohio 

Ervin, Cathryn 335 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Ervin, John 246 W. Oak St., Kent, Ohio 

Euliss, Ruth 520 Vine St., Alliance Ohio 

Evans, Eleanor 430 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Evans, Jean 226 Chestnut, Kent, Ohio 

Evans, Leora 661 Early Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ewell, Laura -204 S. Willow, Kent, Ohio 

Falcone, Carmen 408 Ellicott St., Batavia, N. Y. 

Falls, Clare 311 Park Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Faloon, Eleanor -1623 E. 42nd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Faloon, Virginia 513 E. Market St., Alliance, Ohio 

Faloon, Wanda ... J 26 S. Lincoln St., Hanoverton, Ohio 

Fargo, Albert 707 N. Main St., Akron, Ohio 

Farinacci, John 

12311 Wade Park Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Farkas, Sam 103 3 Parkwood Drive., Cleveland, Ohio 

Faulk, Mildred- J 34 W. Sixth St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 
Felder, Frank— 12331 Tuscara Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Fellows, Jane Ann 

1411-17th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ferguson, Betty R. D. No. 1, New Milford, Ohio 

Fetzer, Mary 417 Samaritan Ave., Ashland, Ohio 

Fickes, James — Canton Women's Club, Canton, Ohio 

Fields, Emma 29 Maple St., New London, Ohio 

Finefrock, Mildred 705 S. Haines St., Alliance, Ohio 

Fink, Evelyn 3 5 Gregory Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

First, Robert ...3095 W. Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 

Fish, Elizabeth 

3001 E. Overlook Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Fitzgerald, Dorothy 615 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Fitzgerald, Mary ....3 3 05 Lake Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Fitzpatrick, Jane 

133 W. North Ave., E. Palestine, Ohio 

Flanders, Robert 53 8 Hazel Place, Akron, Ohio 

Fleming, Margaret 

1015-15th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Flora, Bertha 425 S. D Street, Hamilton, Ohio 

Florenz, Victoria. .6305 Farnesworth Dr., Parma, Ohio 
Flower, D. Virginia...... 154 E. 226th St., Euclid, Ohio 

Fogg, Sam 211 Brady St., Kent, Ohio 

Kohl, William . .1734 Wickford St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Forte, Pauline 528 Logan St., Steubenville, Ohio 

Forthofer, Ruth Hayes St., Akron, Ohio 

Fouser, Daniel Box 159, R. D. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Foust, Joe R. F. D. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 

Fouts, Jean 1015 Maple Ave., Uhrichsville, Ohio 

Fowler, Effie R. D. 1, Mt. Vernon, Ohio 

Frank, Clara 308 E. 11th St., Dover, Ohio 

Franks, Pauline R. F. D. 2, Uniontown, Ohio 

Freeland, Roberta 

R. F. D. 2, Murray Ridge, Elyria, Ohio 

Frick, Elizabeth Cleveland Road, Wooster, Ohio 

Friedly, Julia .1106 N. Main St., Bellefontaine, Ohio 

Fuller, Betty 4826 Cornell Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Fuller, Patricia 213 University Drive, Kent, Ohio 

Funkhouser, O. Jean 

107 E. Park Ave., Columbiana, Ohio 
Furcolow, Mary ....128 W. Oxford St., Alliance Ohio 

Gaberal, Lenore R. D. 3, Wooster 

Galehouse, Dorothy Marshallville, Ohio 

Galletta, Adeline .34 Tremble Ave., Campbell, Ohio 

Galpert, Maurice 808 Gorge Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Gamber, Winifred ... 206 E. Water St., Orrville, Ohio 

Ganas, James 215 E. 3rd St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Gardiner, Stanley 817 Fess Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Garford, Mary 254 Columbus St., Elyria, Ohio 

Garland, Thelma Blunt, Mineral Ridge, Ohio 

Gartrell, Ralph Box 108, Leesville, Ohio 

Gartrell, S. Kenneth Box 108, Leesville, Ohio 

Gartrell, Vada Leesville, Ohio 

Garvey, Mary ....1816 Walnut Blvd., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Gates, Marjorie W. Main St., Andover, Ohio 

Gautschi, Dorothy 246 E. Hazel St., Girard, Ohio 

Gay, Alice R. F. D. 1, Andover, Ohio 

Gehman, True R. F. D. 7, North Canton, Ohio 

Gehri, Virginia 3 8 Wood St., Willoughby, Ohio 

Geib, Elsie ... Route 2, Fulton Rd. Ext., Canton, Ohio 
Geisinger, Anna Third St., Bergholz, Ohio 

Genuske, Arthur 

147 Halls Heights, Youngstown, 
Gerber, Pauline ._ R. F. D. 2, Orrville, 

Gibson, Annabelle Suffield, 

Gibson, Ruth 9008 Bancroft Ave., Cleveland, 

Gidley, John 456 S. Prospect St., Ravenna, 

Giiford, Herbert 2498 Freedom St., Ravenna, 

Gillett, Ruth 426 Pratt St., Ravenna, 

Gilliland, Mary Centerburg, 

Gilly, Vic ._. R. D. 1, Ravenna, 

Gintert, Mary Leavittsburg, 

Gladigan, Mary 415 Pearl St., Akron, 

Gleeson, Lois _. 

6670 Canal Rd., R. D. 3, Cleveland, 

Gloss, Dorothy 

918 Forest Ave., S. W., Canton, 

Godfrey, Albert 262 Columbus St., Kent, 

Gorby, Rachel ._. R. F. D. 1, Rogers, 

Gordon, Mary Jane.-.R. F. D. 4, Box 725, Akron, 

Gordon, Maurice 1395 Girard St., Akron, 

Goss, Virginia 10739 Lener Ave., Cleveland, 

Gough, Rebecca N. Bridge St., Struthers, 

Graven, Buell 49 Bachtel Ave., Akron, 

Gray, Helen 417 Myrtle St., Ravenna, 

Green, Elizabeth 548 E. Summit St., Kent, 

Green, Terese Dollar Lake, Kent, 

Greene, Dolores .83 8 Bellflower, S. W., Canton, 

Gressle, Harold 3 860 E. 3 8th St., Cleveland, 

Grieme, Priscilla 

1776- 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, 

Griffin, Donald 2489 Mogadore Rd., Akron, 

Griffith, Henrietta 579 Storer Ave., Akron, 

Griffith, Wayne R. F. No. 3, Newton Falls, 

Grooms, Marion R. F. D. No. 4, Salem, 

Grosvenor, Florence 

2605 Northland, Cuyahoga Falls, 
Grosvenor, Richard 

2605 Northland, Cuyahoga Falls, 

Groves, Doris Ashtabula St., Jefferson, 

Gruskiewich, Helen R. D. No. 2, Williamsfield, 

Guinther, Dorothy R. D. No. 4, Canton, 

Gulgin, Peter Grafton, 

Gustafson, Martha 

3 36 Fair, N. W., N. Philadelphia, 

Haas, Geraldine Aurora Station, 

Haas, Winifred 

Lexington Rd., R. F. D. No. 4, Alliance, 

Haberkost, Evelyn . 

1119 Falls Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls, 
Hagedorn, Enid ...421 S. Main St., Columbiana, 

Haines, Esther _ Grafton, 

Hair, Florence 402 S. Lincoln St., Kent, 

Haley, Betty 1255 Logan Ave., N. W., Canton, 
Hall, Ashton Brookfield, 











Hall, Doris 120 Morris St., Kent, Ohio 

Hall, Margaret 723 S. Arch Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Hall, Ragnhild 52 Eagle St., Madison, Ohio 

Hamill, Ruth 15705 Braemar Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 

Hamilton, Frances R. F. D. No. 2, Bellaire, Ohio 

Hamman, Leona ....Valley City, Ohio 

Hamrock, Elizabeth 

R. F. D. No. 1, Box 56, Youngstown, Ohio 

Hange, Clarabel Spencer, Ohio 

Hanley, Rita Salineville, Ohio 

Hanny, Dan 1530 Morgan Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Happoldt, Donna 

1501 Thornapple Ave, Akron, Ohio 

Harmon, Grace R. D. No. 1, Andover, Ohio 

Harmon, Mildren ___R. F. D. No. 2, Columbiana, Ohio 

Harriff, Beverly Milton Blvd., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Harrington, Myron 

117 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Harrington, Robert, ... R. F. D. No. 4, Ravenna, Ohio 

Hartman, Arlene R. D. No. 1, Moultrie, Ohio 

Hassall, James 23 3 Third St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Hassay, John 

1887 Wilson Avenue., Youngstown, Ohio 

Hausman, Loretta Painesville, Ohio 

Hawk, Betty 528 E. Lincoln Way, Lisbon, Ohio 

Hawn, Marcena ... .640 W. 3 5th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Hawse, Helen 222 Norton Ave., Barberton, Ohio 

Hawthorne, Clyde 

1272 Richmond Rd., Lyndhurst, Ohio 
Haynie, Flora .... R. F. D. No. 5, Warren, Ohio 

Hazle, Edward .... Box 205 B, R. D. 1, Akron, Ohio 
Hazlett, Eleanor .... 60 W. York St., Akron, Ohio 

Heeley, Marian 743 Parkview Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

Heiks, Laura 53 Sheldon St., Rittman, Ohio 

Heitge, Catherine 629 First St., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Heller, Mary 

3 241 Bradford Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Helmboldt, William 449 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

Helmick, Sheldon 1001 7th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Helmkamp, Ruth 

937 Dueber Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Heminger, Dorothy 

4544 Brookdale, Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Henderson, Roberta 

113 N. Market St., St. Clairsville, Ohio 
Henne, Donna 3 Prospect Ave., Hartville, Ohio 

Herren, Evelyn R. D. 3, Alliance, Ohio 

Herrich, Patricia Twinsburg, Ohio 

Herrin, Betty 53 Fernwood St., Barberton, Ohio 

Herrington, Delia R. D. 2, Chardon, Ohio 

Hickman, Mary R. F. D. 2, Ravenna, Ohio 

Hill, Luella R. F. D. 1, Orwell, Ohio 

Hill, Norvel 162 Vincent St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Hiltner, James 1137 1 3 th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Himelrigh, Thelma R. F. D. 3, Barberton, Ohio 

Himes, Virginia R. D. 2, Louisville, Ohio 

Hinkle, Helen ....3 87 Washington St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Hite, David Box 301, Utica, Ohio 

Hobbins, Margaret R. F. D. 2, Beloit, Ohio 

Hoben, June 3612 Spokane Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hobson, Margaret Damascus, Ohio 

Hoenstine, Chester Queen, Pa. 

Hoffman, Carolyn 123 Williams, Niles, Ohio 

Hogue, William 728 Virginia Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Holben, Helen R. D. 1, Canfield, Ohio 

Holcomb, Russel E. Orwell, Ohio 

Holm, Marjorie Dunn Ave., R. D. 2, Canton, Ohio 

Holmes, George Kent-Tallmadge Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Hoobler, Mary R. D. 4, Massillon, Ohio 

Hooker, Dorothy Eileen 

Coshocton R. R. D. 1, Coshocton, Ohio 

Hoornstra, Gretchen 

1960 Randall Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hoose, Isabelle 226 N. DePeyster St., Kent, Ohio 

Hoover, Harriet 

195 Indianola Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Hoover, Marie 168 Penn Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 

Hope, Edith 703 W. Jackson St., Painesville, Ohio 

Hopko, John Boston, Ohio 

Horner, Sarah Boyden Rd., Northfield, Ohio 

Horst, Genevieve Ashtabula, Ohio 

Horwath, Anna —.4942 E. 109th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Hosea, Virginia 212 W. Oak St., Kent, Ohio 

Hoskins, Dorothy— -407 Thayer Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Hoskins, Helen 545 Stanton Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Hoskins, Kenneth .R. D. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Hostetler, Donis 33 3 Hester Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Hout, Jeanne 1102 19th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Howard, Dean 

2332 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, Ohio 

Howenstine, Ellen 811 Park Ave., Elyria, Ohio 

Hoyt, Doris R. D. 1, E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Hubbard, Jane R. D. 5, Chatham, Ohio 

Hudson, Ruth __1945 Cook St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Huffman, Willard 

649 Second Ave., N. W., Brewster, Ohio 
Hughes, Judy -...1103 W. Main St., Van Wert, Ohio 

Hulbert, Kenneth 271 Madison St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Hulbert, Nadine 202 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Hurd, Pauline R. F. D., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Hurd, Russell— .336 Ravenna Rd., Newton Falls, Ohio 
Huston, Christine 

161 N. Railroad St., N. London, Ohio 

Huston, Elmer Rogers, Ohio 

Hutchins, Mary —.402 E. Maple St., N. Canton, Ohio 

Hutter, Viola 

420 Fairmont Ave., N. E., Warren, Ohio 

Hyatt, Clyde R. D. 4, Box 631, Akron, Ohio 

Hylkema, Johanna 

2416 Elm Road, N. Olmstead, Ohio 

fckes, Maxine 402 High St., Louisville, Ohio 

Immel, Lemoine 949 Wells Rd., Massillon, Ohio 

Immormino, Angeline 

2422 E. 49th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ince, Irene 73 5 S. Webb Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Ingalls, Aileen 134 E. Mildred Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Inglehart, Blanche -440 W. Jackson, Painesville, Ohio 

Irvine, Mary R. D. 1, Steubenville, Ohio 

Irving, Annie R. D. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Jackson, Isabelle R. D. 2, Wellington, Ohio 

Jackson, Nellie La Grange, Ohio 

Jacob, Helen. -1371 Roslyn Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Jacobs, Ruth R. D. 1, New London, Ohio 

Jacobson, Kenneth 

146 E. Selason Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

James, Harold 143 Oak St., Warren, Ohio 

James, Mary Jane 

156 W. Woodland Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

James, Rachel Irondale, Ohio 

Jameyson, Ruth R. D. 1, Spencer, Ohio 

Javins, Alba Atwater, Ohio 

Jeffers, Wilma R. D. 1, Creston, Ohio 

Jenkins, John Brookfield H. S., Brookfield, Ohio 

Jewell, Elaine Farmdale, Ohio 

Johnson, Annabel 

370 Warren Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Johnson, Donald R. D. 5, Box 400, Akron, Ohio 

Johnson, Grace R. D. 2, Box 3 60 B, Warren, Ohio 

Johnson, Lloyd 

R. F. D. No. 3, Hudson Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Johnson, Robert R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Johnston, Eleanor .604 Jamison St., Parkersburg, Ohio 

Johnston, Etta 10 Main St., Poland, Ohio 

Jones, Caroline 69 Bissell Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Jones, Gertrude — R. D. No. 1, Box 218, Warren, Ohio 

Jones, Helen 

Canton-Massillon Rd., R. D. 1, Canton, Ohio 

Jones, Joseph R. D. No. 3, Louisville, Ohio 

Jones, Leah 

Enterprise Laundry, W. 8th St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Jones, Ruth-Enid Shannon Drive, Girard, Ohio 

Juergens, Eleanor.Sherman Church Rd., Canton, Ohio 

Jute, Caroline 926 W. 3 8th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Kaczar, Stanley R. D. 5, Norwalk, Ohio 

Kainrad, Chris Diamond, Ohio 

Kaiser, Janet R. F. D. 5, Youngstown, Ohio 

Kalvesmaki, Viola -1375 Oak St., S. W., Warren, Ohio 

Kaminski, George 

5505 Vandalia Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Kang, Han Mo Hamburg, Corea 

Karnes, Gertrude R. D. 2, Greenfield, Ohio 

Katz, Dorothy __311 14th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 
Kaufman, Minnie 1530 Elm St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Kearns, Martha 53 3 Roosevelt Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Keck, George 171 Diamond, Ravenna, Ohio 

Keep, Radah Dorset, Ohio 

Kegler, Edward Mechanic Ave., Alden, N. Y. 

Keifer, Frank 161 Western Ave., Mansfield, Ohio 

Keller, Theodore Box 65, Brady Lake, Ohio 

Kelly, Jeanne _910 Fulton Rd., N. W., Canton, Ohio 
Kempf, Eugene -1139 Orchard St., Coshocton, Ohio 

Kennedy, Frankly n _ 

9713 Hilgert Dr., Cleveland, Ohio 

Kent, Leonard 150 Edgerton Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Keplinger, Glenn R. D. 2, Dover, Ohio 

Keppler, Marjorie 130 W. Sixth St., Dover, Ohio 

Kerka, Joseph 3046 Sackett Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Keyser, Daniel Shadyside, Ohio 

Kibbey, Mary Hartville, Ohio 

Kieselbach, Alfred __455 W. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Kiley, Eleanor 511 Third St., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Kimes, Helen __ __R. D. 1, Kent, Ohio 

King, Bernice 345 Prospect Rd., Ashtabula, Ohio 

King, Geneva _ R. D. No. 3, Kent, Ohio 

King, June 132 S. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Kinney, Elma R. D., Garrettsville, Ohio 

Kinsey, Donald R. D. 1, Dennison, Ohio 

Kirkpatrick, Kathryn .._ 206 S. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 
Klay, Wilbur .... _...Mt. Hope, Ohio 

Klein, Jean Fresno, Ohio 

Klein, Margaret May Ave., Northfield, Ohio 

Klein, Ruth ... . .....430 Cleveland Rd., Ravenna, Ohio 

Klopfenstein, Margaret R. F. D. 2, E. Canton, Ohio 

Knapik, Dorothy 

11214 Forest Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Knapp, Alice R. D. 1, Box 118, Mogadore, Ohio 

Knauf, Esther _ _..R. D. 1, Canfield, Ohio 
Knouff, Mary __ .... Ridge Rd., Willoughby, Ohio 
Knox, Beatrice 

695 N. St. Clair St., Painesville, Ohio 

Knox, Helen 3 52 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Koba, Leo __ 1 146 W. 20th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Koch, Marie 202 First St., Minerva, Ohio 

Koeppe, Eloise Hudson Rd., Aurora, Ohio 

Koerpel, Hanadern 

2009 Mayview Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Kohr, Charlotte 210 Iron Ave., Dover, Ohio 

Roller, Marvin .....12428 Say well St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Konkel, Cecelia ...907 13th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 
Kopach, Sylvia... .703 Hamilton Ave., McDonald, Ohio 

Kopp, Betty Box 3 52, Girard, Ohio 

Korb, Eugene 1676 Green Rd., So. Euclid, Ohio 

Kosman, Flora R. D. 1, Box 75, Middlefield, Ohio 

Kosman, Florence .402 S. Lincoln, Kent, Ohio 

Koste, Margaret ...411 Third St., Martins Ferry, Ohio 

Krabill, Ralph Louisville, Ohio 

Kramer, Dorothy R. D. 3, Massillon, Ohio 

Krieg, Freda Fly, Ohio 

Kriner, Cora ... 240 Selby St., Alliance, Ohio 

Kruck, Mary .926 High Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Kunert, Betty R. D. No. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Kutz, Margaret Box 172, Middlebranch, Ohio 

Lacy, Bernice ...15017 Hilliard Rd., Lakewood, Ohio 

Ladrach, Adelbert R. F. D. 2, Sugarcreek, Ohio 

Lahiff, Mary 140 Cleveland Ave., Amherst, Ohio 

Lake, Helen .... ...211 N. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Lang, Walter Randolph, Ohio 

Lanning, Virginia Shadyside Ave., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

LaPolla, Ruth ... .126 Grant St., Warren, Ohio 

Larson, Eugene ...827 Miami Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Lash, Russell R. D. 1, Justius, Ohio 

Lauderbaugh, Betty... .302 S. Chestnut St., Kent, Ohio 
Laughrey, Alberta 71 1 E. Main Rd., Conneaut, Ohio 

Law, Margaret R. D. 5, Warren, Ohio 

LaWand, Velma 

11911 Shadeland Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Lawn, Lorraine R. F. D. 1, N. Lima, Ohio 

Lawrence, Jean 590 Broadway St., Medina, Ohio 

Lawrence, Margaret 

53 66 Lee Rd., Maple Heights, Ohio 

Lawrence, Myron 

5366 Lee Rd., Maple Heights, Ohio 

Leah, Ruth R. D. 2, Warren, Ohio 

Lebold, Lois 794 E. Buchtel Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Leininger, Christine 

908 High Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 
Leist, Catherine— 11 24- 12th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Leonard, Frances R. F. D. 3, Jefferson, Ohio 

Lesher, Vivian 860 Amherst St., Akron, Ohio 

Lichti, Esther ...1871 Fifth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Lindsay, Virgil ...216 Franconia St., Marion, Ohio 

Litzert, Mary R. D. 3, Hudson, Ohio 

Likens, Eleanore _.. 886 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Lilie, Jean _ .. .3201 W. 94th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Linder, Ada R. D. 1, Alliance, Ohio 

Little, Warren ..Chillicothe Rd., Aurora, Ohio 

Locker, Jennie 597 Wooster Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Lockwood, Helen... 4676 Horton Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Lodzieski, Rose. 8903 Macomb Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Logan, Pauline ...Farmdale, Ohio 

Lossee, Lois Ridge Rd., Kinsman, Ohio 

Lothrop, Frances 

183 5 Grasmere Ave., E. Cleveland, Ohio 

Lovejoy, Mary Kathryn Neffs, Ohio 

Lowry, Gladys R. D. 3, Lisbon, Ohio 

Lude, Dorothy R. D. 1, Clarington, Ohio 

Ludt, Silas Simon Rd., R. F. D., Youngstown, Ohio 

Luikart, Dorothy N. Chestnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Lukens, Betty R. F. D. 3, Kent, Ohio 

Lutz, Ethel R. F. D. 2, Louisville, Ohio 

Lythgoe, Warren R. D. 4, Akron, Ohio 

McAlister, Wilbur R. D. 4, Louisville, Ohio 

McCamentt, Glen North St., Utica, Ohio 

McCandless, Donald R. D. 1, Kinsman, Ohio 

McCandless, Sara R. D. 2, Hubbard, Ohio 

McCarthy, Roberta 47 Riley St., Pawtucket, R. I. 

McConnell, Helen R. D. 4, Wellington, Ohio 

McCool, William Main St., Neffs, Ohio 

McCorkle, Jean R. D. 1, Box 190, Warren, Ohio 

McCracken, Helen.___723 N. Wooster, Strasburg, Ohio 

McCue, Margaret — 

1634 16th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

McDermott, Dorothy 

704 Maryland Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

McElroy, Dorothy 130 W. Elm St., Kent, Ohio 

McGinnis, Benjamin 

2227 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

McGlothin, Don Oka, Calhoun Co., W. Va. 

McGuire, Betty 486 Crouse St., Akron, Ohio 

McGurk, Jack 75 S. Canton Rd., Akron, Ohio 

Mcllvaine, Earl 46 Alfaretta St., Akron, Ohio 

McKahn, Jayne 211 Bank St., Lodi, Ohio 

McMillen, Lois „. 42 Wayne Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

McMillion, Margaret R. D. 1, Millersburg, Ohio 

McPherson, Kathryn R. D. 3, Atwater, Ohio 

McSorley, Jane ....1474 Lincoln Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Mackall, Mary Negley, Ohio 

Madden, Helen 18925 Neff Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Maffett, Dohrman .R. D. 2, Carrollton, Ohio 

Mahaffey, Jane 569 Storer Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Maier, Dorothea 

3 57 Bellflower, N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Majeck, Louis R. D. 1, Spokane, Ohio 

Mallory, Doris 1812 E. 44th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Malone, Margaret 195 Marion St., Struthers, Ohio 

Malpose, Edith ....207 Branden St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Malquist, Jean 2022 E. 42nd St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Manchester, Elizabeth 

208 N. Lincoln Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Mancovitz, Abe 800 Aberdeen St., Akron, Ohio 

Mandula, Madge— -3 566 E. Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 

Manes, Wilbur 913 S. Willow Ext., Kent, Ohio 

Manfull, Daniel R. F. D., Mechanicstown, Ohio 

Manos, Helen 2104 Sixth St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Mansfield, Richard 888 Lawton St., Akron, Ohio 

Maretka, Annie R. D. 1, Burton, Ohio 

Markley, Ethel Box 115, Burbank, Ohio 

Masto, Evelyn 

225 Williamson Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Matejka, Anthony . 

1641 Gibbs Ave., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Matis, Katherine 290 Noble, Akron, Ohio 

Matter, Emma 726 S. Main St., Orrville, Ohio 

Matthews, Earl ....407 Indiana Ave., McDonald, Ohio 

Maurer, John 

179 Kenilworth Ave., N. E., Warren, Ohio 

Maxa, Mildred R. D. 2, Mantua, Ohio 

Maxwell, Ruth Broadacre, Ohio 

Marborn, Alice Kinsman, Ohio 

Meacham, Dorothea 

509 Myrtle Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Meaney, Mary Jefferson Rd., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Meinzen, Elizabeth Homeworth, Ohio 

Melick, Ollie Howard, Ohio 

Melin, Gullan _925 Canfield Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Mendiola, John 210 Harris Ave., Ravenna, Ohio 

Messersmith, Mary__834 Tod Ave., S. W., Warren, Ohio 

Metts, Mary 612 Henry Ave., Wellsville, Ohio 

Meyer, Ruth 220 N. Lincoln St., Kent, Ohio 

Mickey, Bethann R. F. D. 1, Lodi, Ohio 

Miller, Annetta —256 Early Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Miller, Betty 33 6 E. Kline St., Girard, Ohio 

Miller, Edith 119 Keystone, Meyersdale, Pa. 

Miller, Genevieve ..5112 Reed Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Miller, Laura Box 86, Cortland, Ohio 

Miller, Lucille R. D. 2, Alliance, Ohio 

Miller, Mary Jo 

70 N. Broadway, N. Philadelphia, Ohio 

Miller, Mary K 114 University Dr., Kent, Ohio 

Miller, Robert 3 1 Marshall St., Norwalk, Ohio 

Mills, Arden Streetsboro St., Hudson, Ohio 

Mirto, Carmen 

Box 247, N. Main St., Waynesburg, Ohio 

Mitchell, Roscoe R. D. 2, Everett, Ohio 

Mitchell, Thomas.2617 Hall Rd., Dover Center, Ohio 

Mitcheson, Marybell R. D. 3, Lisbon, Ohio 

Mobley, Ruth 

220 Morrison Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Mock, Helen 

349 Kenilworth Ave., S. E., Warren, Ohio 

Mohn, Portia 191 East St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Mole, Wilomene R. D. 2, Grafton, Ohio 

Mollica, George 577 Grant St., Akron, Ohio 

Molnar, Helen 1651 E. 30th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Montalto, Grace 1720 Oakdale Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

Montecalvo, Edith. ...45 5 Sycamore St., Ravenna, Ohio 
Montgomery, Mary.,503 E. Main St., Louisville, Ohio 

Mook, Alberta 

1322 Nimrod Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Moore, LaVerne 63 8 Vine St., Kent, Ohio 

Moore, Margaret Poland, Ohio 

Moore, Virginia..3927 Howard St., Youngstown, Ohio 
Morgan, Delbert 

941 Tallmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Morgan, Maralee ....1719 E. 86th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Morrell, Ruth 11504 E. Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Morris, William 

8102 Grand Division, Cleveland, Ohio 
Morrow, Mary ...1505 Shady St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Moseley, Hazel 661 Foster St., Warren, Ohio 

Mosher, Francis _. R. F. D. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Moss, Jane 304 Cherry Rd., N. E., Massillon, Ohio 

Mosser, Mildred 143 2 Dueben Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Moughiman, Laura Sherrodsville, Ohio 

Mounts, Gene 41 1 Almyra Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Muerth, Ralph .._ R. D. 4, Alliance, Ohio 

Mullett, Margaret Windham, Ohio 

Mumaw, Dorothy Dalton, Ohio 

Munger, Bonita Satin St., Jefferson, Ohio 

Muntean, Amelia .1643 E. Tuscarawas, Canton, Ohio 

Murphy, Ann 615 Monroe St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Murphy, Rex Irondale, Ohio 

Murray, Emma Jean .... R. D. 1, Clinton, Ohio 

Musser, Janet .801 Riverside Ave., Wellsville, Ohio 
Myers, Elizabeth 

2405 University Circle, Canton, Ohio 
Myers, Irma .913 Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Myers, Jessie 1225 20th St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Myers, Laura Greentown, Ohio 

Myers, Leota R. D. 1, E. Palestine, Ohio 

Neal, Richard North Kingsville, Ohio 

Neal, Robert North Kingsville, Ohio 

Neale, Helen 609 Bedford Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Nearpass, Charlotte N. Kingsville, Ohio 

Neel, Orile -22 Walnut St., New London, Ohio 

Neidhardt, Helen Spencer, Ohio 

Nelson, Margaret 

624 W. Jackson St., Painesville, Ohio 

Nerone, Therese 52-12th St., Campbell, Ohio 

Netzen, Leslie 3344 Wilson Place, Toledo, Ohio 

Newell, Livonia Sherrodsville, Ohio 

Newman, Grace R. D. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Nicholls, Arthur .452 W. Chestnut St., Akron, Ohio 

Nickerson, Hugh Hudson, Ohio 

Nighman, Helen 1011 Hudson Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Nischwitz, Reynold 

Royalton Rd., R. D., Strongsville, Ohio 

Noland, Marjorie Peninsula, Ohio 

Noll, William 143 W. Earl Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Nostadt, Pauline R. F. D., N. Bloomfield, Ohio 

Nunnally, Harriet 

1351 Albert St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Nuzum, Joe _ Winterset, Ohio 

Oberlander, Theresa .1013 N. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Ocasek, Betty Elyria-Twinsburg Rd., Elyria, Ohio 

Ochsendorf, Edith .519 S. 4th St., Steubenville, Ohio 
Odadzin, Eleanor R. D. 1, Atwater, Ohio 

Oehlschlaeger, Victor =. 

16305 Friend Ave., Maple Heights, Ohio 

O'Hara, Kathleen 339 Broadway, Wellsville, Ohio 

Orpin, Robert 465 Broadway, Bedford, Ohio 

Osberg, Dorothy ....Center St., Poland, Ohio 

Osborne, Irene 808 S. Freedom St., Alliance, Ohio 

Osborne, Katharine High St., Jewett, Ohio 

O'Sinski, Margaret 

2212 Indiana Way, N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Osmun, Erla N. Lima, Ohio 

Ostervich, Eddie .1028 Dublin St., Akron, Ohio 

Overholt, Edna. R. F. D. 3, Mogadore Rd., Kent, Ohio 

Oviatt, Ruth 200 Sherman St., Kent, Ohio 

Oyster, Zoe 1679 Burt Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Page, Joe ... ...3049 E. 65th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Page, John 3049 E. 65th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Page, Josephine - North Jackson, Ohio 

Palmer, Winifred R. F. D. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Paluch, Anthony ..... Wolf Run, Ohio 

Pamer, Frank 3467 E. 149th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Papp, Alex 239 King St., Fairport Harbor, Ohio 

Parise, Fanny 424 Pratt St., Niles, Ohio 

Parker, Alice 64 Pine St., Geneva, Ohio 

Parkenson, Laurel 3 36 High St., Kent, Ohio 

Parmigean, Ralph 506 E. 15th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Parsons, Aletha R. D. 3, Wakeman, Ohio 

Parsons, Ruth 4135 E. 100th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Partridge, Mary Farmdale, Ohio 

Pascoe, James 1814 W. 48th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Patrick, Margaret _ 

R. D. 2, Wayside Farm, Amsterdam, Ohio 

Patterson, Eleanor _ 

Chagrin-Bainbridge Rd., Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Patterson, Helen R. F. D. 1, Salineville, Ohio 

Peabody, Grace ._ 

2009 Warrensville Center Rd., S. Euclid, Ohio 

Peachey, lone Usher Road, Olmstead Falls, Ohio 

Pearl, Violet 127 Bellflower St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Pease, Beryl .29005 Lake Road, Bay Village, Ohio 

Peet, Jane 1335 Cove St., Apt. 5, Lakewood, Ohio 

Penn, Howard __.. 

1544 Merlin Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Peoples, Albert 223 Harris St., Kent, Ohio 

Peoples, Kathryn.616 W. Bank St., Uhrichsville, Ohio 
Perry, Muriel _ 

984 Roanoke Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Peters, Elizabeth 313 Scott St., Niles, Ohio 

Peters, Ethel .1047 Roanoke Rd., Cleveland Hts., Ohio 

Peters, Harold (Withdrawn) 

Peters, Herman 1867 5th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Peterson, Christina 

205 S. Schenley Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 
Peterson, Helen .1616 Maywood Road, S. Euclid, Ohio 

Petta, Rocco 

407 Midland Ave., Rye, N. Y. (Withdrawn) 

Petty, Virginia.... 2059 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Phelps, Jean 115 Courtland St., Wellington, Ohio 

Philius, Betty -712 Warren Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 
Philius, Charles .712 Warren Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Phillips, Elizabeth 221 Morse Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Pickard, Elsie R. D. 8, Box 715, Akron, Ohio 

Piehl, Alice 515 Pauline St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Pincombe, Virgil 22 Charles St., Bedford, Ohio 

Pinyoun, Roy 

1706 Strathmore St., East Cleveland, Ohio 

Pliskin, Libby 609 Euclid Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Plummer, Alice ... .227 Sheridan Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Plummer, Florence R. D. 2, Warren, Ohio 

Plummer, Leonard .227 Sheridan Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Podwojski, Coletta 

4632 Turney Rd., Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Polen, James High St., Hopedale, Ohio 

Polli, Michael 

1594 Fruitland Ave., Mayfield Hts., Ohio 

Pomeroy, Leonard R. D. 3, Painesville, Ohio 

Pope, Christ 905 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, Ohio 

Post, Donald Chesterland, Ohio 

Potter, Jean ._ 

36 N. Brockway Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Potts, Robert ....229 Liberty St., Medina, Ohio 

Pratt, Iris Green Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Presley, Phyllis 47 Center St., Willoughby, Ohio 

Preston, Harley.1948 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Pyson, Marian 3 648 W. 46th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Quinette, Charles 

3420 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Quinette, Florence 

3420 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Rahal, James 831 Cherry St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Raimonde, Adeline _ ....Third St., Yorkville, Ohio 

Rapp, Carl 1723 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ratchford, June _. 

2436 Beech St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Ray, J. Daniel... 907 Third St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ray, L. Margaret 

1847 Stanwood Road, E. Cleveland, Ohio 

Raymer, Earl R. D. 1, Conneaut, Ohio 

Read, Gerald 551 N. Main, Akron, Ohio 

Ream, Doris R. F. D. 5, Canton, Ohio 

Reed, James 

502 Sieber Ave., Akron, Ohio (Withdrawn) 

Reed, Marjorie R. D. 2, Beech City, Ohio 

Reed, Sara 810 Avon St., Akron, Ohio 

Reese, Betty .167 Oak Knoll Ave., S. E., Warren, Ohio 
Reese, Violet ...464 Meadowbrook Ave., Warren, Ohio 

Reesh, Ruth 378 E. Clark St., East Palestine, Ohio 

Reeves, Gladia.__.1004 Main Ave., W., Massillon, Ohio 
Remick, Helen 

32 W. Glenaven Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Rice, Mary Jane 105 High St., Lodi, Ohio 

Richards, Adalyn Hartville, Ohio 

Richards, Viola ... 3008 Wilson Ave., Campbell, Ohio 

Richardson, Winifred 

R. F. D. 8, Box 105, Akron, Ohio 
Ricke, Ruth ..18305 Fernway Dr., Shaker Hts., Ohio 

Riddle, June R. D. 1, Toronto, Ohio 

Riddle, Mary R. D. 1, Toronto, Ohio 

Ridinger, Ruth 

1714 Oakwood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 
Rigelhaupt, Bert 283 Custar Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Riley, John R. D. 1, Dover, Ohio 

Ringley, Mildred Rogersville, Ohio 

Ripley, Donald 

2 834 Hudson Dr., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ripple, Virginia R. D. 1, Massillon, Ohio 

Ritchie, Leona Hudson, Ohio (Withdrawn) 

Roberson, Geneva 139 S. Mantua St., Kent, Ohio 

Roberts, Harriet ...1979 E. 82nd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Roberts, Margaret 

3 37 Iddings Ave., S. E., Warren, Ohio 

Robertson, James 446 McGowan St., Akron, Ohio 

Robinson, Christina 496 Perry St., Salem, Ohio 

Robinson, Mary State St., New Waterford, Ohio 

Rodda, Tom 124 Summit St., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Rodkey, Leonard, Jr. 

201 Chicago Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Rogers, James Battles Road, Gates Mills, Ohio 

Rohlf, Grace ......23 8 N. Water St., Steubenville, Ohio 

Romito, Henry 208 Hazen St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Romito, Herman 85 Cowles Ave., Bedford, Ohio 

Rongone, Pearl .548 Broadway St., E. Cleveland, Ohio 
Rosenberger, Carl .861 Dana St., N. E., Warren, Ohio 

Ross, Nancy 1629 Main St., Wellsville, Ohio 

Rossetti, Herman .1014-7th St., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Roth, Grace 

1609 Hammond Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Ruble, Evelyn Glenmont, Ohio 

Ruble, Jean 2201 22nd St., Akron, Ohio 

Ruff, Maxine Bayard, Ohio 

Ruggles, Dorothy 321 Erie St., Kent, Ohio 

Rumbaugh, Georgia 

106 N. Clay St., Millersburg, Ohio 
Rummell, June 

43 23 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, Ohio 
Rummell, Shirley 

4323 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, Ohio 

Runk, Dorothy 

2492 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Russell, Doris 13 81 E. 84th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Ruta, Stella 1495 E. 120th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Rychlik, Dorothy ...417 E. Erie St., Painesville, Ohio 

Sackett, Esther Route 3, Kent, Ohio 

Saenger, Karl 

11008 Edgepark Drive, Garfield Hts., Ohio 

Saiben, Rosemae 4633 Hudson Ave., Akron, Ohio 

St. John, Eileen Asthore 

1767 Danvill Dr., S. Euclid, Ohio 
Saker, Sylvia 

1 1 57 Edgewood St., N. E., Warren, Ohio 
Salreno, Angela.... 3 67 Division St., Youngstown, Ohio 
Sarchione, Mary..l517 E. Patterson St., Alliance, Ohio 
Sartoris, Margaret ...190 Brookside Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Sassaman, Betty R. D. 1, Alliance, Ohio 

Saukkonen, Irma 

17444 Broadway Ave., Maple Hts., Ohio 

Saum, Ellen 3 56 Cambridge, Elyria, Ohio 

Saviers, Marie East Palestine, Ohio 

Scalzi, Constance 200 Second St., Yorkville, Ohio 

Scarpitti, Arthur 863 Gorge Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Scavona, Marian 

2479 S. Taylor Road, Cleveland, Ohio 

Schaefer, Bernice _ Box 32, Greenford, Ohio 

Schaeffer, Betsy 1820 Oak St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Schamp, Harold 

2911 Rosewood PL, N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Schantz, Virginia 123 E. Oak St., Orrville, Ohio 

Scharf, John 

1340 E. Boston Post Rd., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
Schiami, Clara.1013 Washington Ave., Girard, Ohio 

Schlecht, Helen 432 E. Prospect St., Girard, Ohio 

Schilmiller, Donald 1375 Copley Road, Akron, Ohio 
Schlesinger, Betty 

1851 Regburn Road, Cleveland, Ohio 

Schneider, Edward R. F. D., Kent, Ohio 

Schneider, Helen .2509 3rd St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Schneider, Rhea 

23 56 Selma Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio 

Schnitzer, Miriam Elk St., East Sparta, Ohio 

Schott, Jean __ 3 00 N. Broad St., Louisville, Ohio 

Schrader, Dorothy R. F. D. 5, Youngstown, Ohio 

Schrecengost, Celeste 

920 Pasadena St., Youngstown, Ohio 
Schreckengost, Marjorie .603 East Main St., Kent, Ohio 
Schreckengost, Martha .603 East Main St., Kent, Ohio 
Schroyer, Doris .... R. F. D. 2, Warren, Ohio 

Schutz, Pearl Marshallville, Ohio 

Schwartz, A. L 3251 Berkley Road, Cleveland, Ohio 

Schwendeman, Donna 

2157 W. 101st St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Scobie, James Peninsula, Ohio 

Scobie, Jeanette Peninsula, Ohio 

Scott, Bernice R. D. 1, Alliance, Ohio 

Scott, Johney Ravenna, Ohio 

Scribner, Robert ..... Mill St., R. D. 2, Conneaut, Ohio 

Scully, Martha 25 S. Chestnut Ave., Niles, Ohio 

Season, Dorothy. ...2044-6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Secrest, Edith 54 N. Third St., Rittman, Ohio 

Sedlacko, Stephen 21 Harding Ave., Struthers, Ohio 
Seeds, Roberta Silver Lake, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Seeger, Twylah Box 58, Springfield, Ohio 

Seeman, Arlene R. D. 3, Ravenna, Ohio 

Seesholtz, Mary 401 Third St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Seitz, Edwin 123 E. Virginia Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Senerchia, Marie 428 Myrtle St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Serene, Michael 1042 Duso Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Seymour, Jean ...144 N. Meridian St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Shader, Florence __ 423 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Shaffer, Harold .... _ R. F. D. 1, Hartville, Ohio 

Shaffer, Herbert R. F. D. 1, Hartville, Ohio 

Shaheen, Ann 807 Rex Ave., N. E., Canton, Ohio 

Shanaberger, Mildred Mrs. R. F. D. 1, Diamond, Ohio 
Shank, Eugene .1984 High St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Shapiro, Evelyn 644 Sunset View Dr., Akron, Ohio 
Shaw, William 319 E. 364th St., Willoughby, Ohio 

Sheatsley, Elizabeth R. F. D. 1, Paris, Ohio 

Sherlock, Ruth 49411 Market St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Sheron, Phyllis 

7512 Brecksville Road, Independence, Ohio 
Shetler, Betty.. 349 Harter Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Shilling, Catherine 

1155 Wallace Ave., S. E., Massillon, Ohio (Deceased) 

Shively, Grace Windham, Ohio 

Shive, Marjorie 

1818 Troger Ave., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Shirk, Sarah 615 Fuso St., North Canton, Ohio 

Shoff, Virginia 69 S. Forge St., Akron, Ohio 

Shontz, Margaret 

13920 Elm St., Cleveland (Withdrew) 

Shook, Howard 

3025 Hudson Drive, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Shulman, Gladys 

240 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 
Shultz, Thelma 164 E. Cambridge St., Alliance, Ohio 

Shuman, E. Lenore 

1447 Orchard Hts. Drive, Mayfield Hts., Ohio 

Shuman, Omar 

1447 Orchard Hts. Drive, Mayfield Hts., Ohio 

Sibila, Jeannette Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Sidley, Margaret. .505 W. Harrison St., Alliance, Ohio 
Sidley, Mary ..... .....R. F. D. 3, Ashtabula, Ohio 

Siegfried, Verna ...126 S. Wood St., Loudonville, Ohio 

Sill, Bertha ... 440 Fairchild Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Silsby, Hazel 1443 Dill Ave., S. Euclid, Ohio 

Simkins, Elwood R. F. D., Suffield, Ohio 

Simonds, Myrtle R. F. D. 2, Hudson, Ohio 

Simpkinson, Halley.161 E. Riddle St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Simpson, Elspeth 

R. F. D. 1, Box 168, E. Akron, Ohio 

Singley, Adele 1932 E. 116th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Slater, Dorothy ... R. F. D., Paris, Ohio 

Smathers, Laura 1328 6th St., Lorain, Ohio 

Smith, Bette .... New Huron, Ohio 

Smith, Betty 684 W. Main St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Smith, Bonilyn ... R. D. 2, Elyria, Ohio 

Smith, Dorothy 

703 Sheldon St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Smith, Elizabeth Hudson, Ohio 

Smith, Elnora Bloomingdale, Ohio 

Smith, Isabel . Burghill, Hartford, Ohio 

Smith, James .9812 Hilgert Drive, Cleveland, Ohio 

Smith, June 

Jefferson Co. Children's Home, Wellsville, Ohio 
Sullivan, Ernie ... .427 S. Sycamore St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Smith, Louise ... R. F. D. 1, Box 47, Kent, Ohio 

Smith, Margaret 

191 Hollywood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Smith, Robert Diamond, Ohio 

Smith, Suzanne 

1327 Ferndale Rd., N. W„ Canton, Ohio 

Smith, Viola 13 58 Granger Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Smith, Winifred 

611 Morningview Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Snyder, Esther New Middletown, Ohio 

Snyder, June 6917 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Snyder, Pauline New Middletown, Ohio 

Snyder, Ruth .17004 Truax Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Sodee, Eunice 204 19th St., N.E., Canton, Ohio 

Sofranec, Genevieve 

118 Williamson Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 
Sokolaski, Chester 1486 9th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Solach, Stella 147 Done St., Amherst, Ohio 

Speck, Rosalyn ... 920-12th St., Canton, Ohio 

Spelman, Marian .... 501 West Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Spencer, Mary ____803 Park Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 
Spencer, Peggy 

1561 Alexander Rd., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Spidel, Elizabeth._63 5 N. Wabash Ave., Brewster, Ohio 
Spodar, Anne....9707 Stoughton Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Sponseller, Elizabeth 

R. D. 3., Harrisburg Rd., Canton, Ohio 

Sprague, Dorothy Tallmadge, Ohio 

Sprunger, Orlo R. D. 2, Wadsworth, Ohio 

Squires, Evelyn R. D. 7, Akron, Ohio 

Staley, Dorothy . R. D. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Stambaugh, Marie R. D. 8., N. Canton, Ohio 

Stanley, Edna R. D. 2, Beloit, Ohio 

Starkey, Betty City Farm, Warrensville, Ohio 

Starkey, Leila 1214 S. River Ave., Toronto, Ohio 

Starn, George 320 Erie St., Kent, Ohio 

Stauffer, Bernice Nassau St., E. Canton, Ohio 

Steckel, Harold 765 N. Main St., Akron, Ohio 

Steckel, Lucile 765 N. Main St., Akron, Ohio 

Steele, Marie 1423 Superior Ave., Canton, Ohio 

Stefanik, Milan ....3497 W. 46th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Steinert, John Neffs, Ohio 

Stelson, Ada 540 S. Lincoln, Kent, Ohio 

Sternad, Marcia 

15801 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Stevens, Charles Box 114, Minerva, Ohio 

Stevens, Katherine 517 Fourth St., Fairport, Ohio 

Stockdale, Bob 264 Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Stone, Florence-Box 48, Outlook Dr., Tallmadge, Ohio 

Stopher, Margaret 13 8 N. Lincoln, Kent, Ohio 

Stout, Eileen Danville, Ohio 

Strahl, Mary 224 Lawrence St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Strain, Mildred. .375 Maplewood Ave., Struthers, Ohio 

Strainic, Peter 1368 E. 65th St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Strauss, Reitta 106 Churchill Rd., Girard, Ohio 

Stroup, Atlee Homeworth, Ohio 

Stronse, Helen ....423 N. Wood St., Loudonville, Ohio 
Stueve, Robert. 1866 Grantham Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 
Stump, Louise.— 403 3 Brooklyn Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 
Stump, Robert —.501 New York Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Suderow, Mary Canal Fulton, Ohio 

Sugaski, Edward R. F. D. 1, Wellington, Ohio 

Suppes, Gertrude.217 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Suppes, Marjorie 217 Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio 

Swan, Ada 1923 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Swan, Mae 184 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Swearengen, Gladys.— 76 Euclid Ave., Delaware, Ohio 

Szabo, Marie Brainard Rd., Warrensville, Ohio 

Szasz, Emma 13 84 W. Webb Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Szenesh, Rose R. D. 1, Orwell, Ohio 

Taanila, M. E 1703 W. 8th St., Ashtabula, Ohio 

Tabor, Frank R. D. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Takacs, Margaret 

2137 W. Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 

Tallentire, John 

2113 Oakwood Drive, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Tardy, Ruth North Ave., Garrettsville, Ohio 

Taylor, Ralph 4275 Harrison, Bellaire, Ohio 

Terrell, Logan 1901 Belmont St., Bellaire, Ohio 

Terrill, Donald R. F. D. 2, Kingsville, Ohio 

Terrill, Mrs. Lillian 200 Crain Ave., Kent, Ohio 

Tewes, Donald 868 W. Main St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Theobald, George 

2793 Scranton Road, Cleveland, Ohio 
Thomas, Annabelle 

Silver Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thomas, Bessie Chesterland, Ohio 

Thomas, Estella 402 Jefferson St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Thomas, Geraldine 

8317 Goodman Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Thomas, Mary 13 Park Ave., New London, Ohio 

Thomas, Virginia 

840 Tallmadge Road, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Thompson, Betty 

Cleveland Ave. Ext., R. 2, Canton, Ohio 

Thompson, Faye Fredericksburg, Ohio 

Thompson, Florence 

517 W. Judson Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 
Thompson, Jeanne..l644 E. 86th St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Thompson, Lois .1716 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Thompson, Margaret Waynesburg, Ohio 

Thompson, Martha Garfield, Ohio 

Thompson, Mildred 

4245 W. 22nd St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Thyng, Rupert Dale, Indiana 

Timmons, Martha R. F. D. 2, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 

Titus, Anna Farmdale, Johnston, Ohio 

Tobasco, Andrew ....227 Oak St., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Tolla, Julia R. F. D. 1, Diamond, Ohio 

Tomasheska, Jack Main Street, Grafton, Ohio 

Toth, Elizabeth 3 064 Vine Ave., Lorain, Ohio 

Toth, Jean 2402 14th St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Tracy, Wilma 

717 Minerva St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 
Tranter, Richard— 200 N. Portage Path, Akron, Ohio 

Tretta, Max 782 Main St., Akron, Ohio 

Troeger, Elisabeth R. F. D. 5, Defiance, Ohio 

Troyer, Loris Walnut Creek, Ohio 

Truax, Vivian....3725 Lincoln Ave., Shadysville, Ohio 

Trunkey, Mary Market St., Shreve, Ohio 

Trunkey, Mary Market St., Shreve, Ohio 

Tulencik, Wendell 721 N. 4th St., Toronto, Ohio 

Turk, Gladys R. F. D. 1, Kent, Ohio 

Turner, Clarence 76 Russell Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Turner, Dorothy 

2 63 -17th St., N. W., Barberton, Ohio 

Ugran, Anne 

820 W. Madison Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Ulicny, Betty 956 Homeward Ave., Salem, Ohio 

Ulmer, Jean .1752 Sixteenth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Ungashick, Helen Jane 

12 04- 8th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Urban, George R. F. D. 2, Kent, Ohio 

Vagnozzi, Anna.750 Wilson Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Vagnozzi, Lawrence 

750 Wilson Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Vallen, Kathryn 314 S. Lincoln, Kent, Ohio 

Van Dorsten, Ruth 

700 McKinley Ave., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

Van Fleet, Roberta : 

1910 Maynard Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Van Iden, Starr 

3923 Bluestone Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Van Slyke, Juliana 

4324 Birchwood Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 
Vargo, Susanna 

8410 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Vernon, Ruth 426 Freedom Ave., Alliance, Ohio 

Vitangeli, Dominic 

916 Lafayette Ave., S. E., Canton, Ohio 

Vlad, Mary 

R. F. D. 5, Market St. Ext., Warren, Ohio 

Volk, Charlotte 

1064 William Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

Voth, Roland 3274 E. 121st St., Cleveland, Ohio 

Vujaklya, Helen 3 570 Fulton Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 

Vutech, Virginia 

2405 University Circle, Canton, Ohio 

Wagstaff, Claire 

530 W. Evergreen Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Walding, Marel 606 E. Main St., Madison, Ohio 

Wallace, Martha Belle 

Star Route, Box 152, W. Palm Beach, Fla. 

Wallis, Vera 

2495 Maplewood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Walrath, Vernon R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Walsh, Marie 2402 Ohio Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Watter, Ann _ Dundee, Ohio 

Walters, Verla ..220 Parkway, Ravenna, Ohio 

Wang, Geraldine ...75-1 lth St., Alliance, Ohio 

Wappner, Martin 112 W. Williams St., Kent, Ohio 

Ward, Dorcas N. Griffith St., Sycamore, Ohio 

Ward, Helen ... .2007 E. 81st St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Ward, Roy ... .. . R. F. D. 4, Woodsfield, Ohio 

Wardell, John 

145-8th St., N. E., N. Philadelphia, Ohio 

Wardman, Catherine 914 Avon St., Akron, Ohio 

Wat kins, James 

161 S. Garland Ave., Youngstown, Ohio 

Watson, Elizabeth 

1237- 15th St., N. W., Canton, Ohio 

Watson, Mary 172 Evergreen St., Conneaut, Ohio 

Wearstler, Mildred Atwater, Ohio 

Weaver, Marjorie Mineral City, Ohio 

Weber, Leona 151 Bodmer Ave., Strasburg, Ohio 

Weber, Virginia 

1500 Lincoln Way, W., Massillon, Ohio 

Webster, Dorothy Cook Rd., N. Olmsted, Ohio 

Weimer, Karl ... 13 84 Grant St., Akron, Ohio 

Weinstein, Harriett Tallmadge, Ohio 

Weinstein, Mildred R. F. D. 1, Farmdale, Ohio 

Weir, Francis 8 Murray Ave., Willoughby, Ohio 

Weis, Paul .739 E. King St., Lancaster, Ohio 

Wells, Jennie 539 Hopocan Ave., Barberton Ohio 

Werner, Dolly 

73 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wertheimer, Bernard Peninsula, Ohio 

Westfall, Elizabeth ... 

92-4th St., N. E., Carrollton, Ohio 

Wharton, Elizabeth Jane 

135 Mayfield Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Wheeland, Doris Port Washington, Ohio 

Wherley, Paul Stone Creek, Ohio 

Whinery, Elsie R. F. D. 5, Salem, Ohio 

Whipple, Catherine _ 

3012-6th St., S. W., Canton, Ohio 

White, Denzil..40 S. Walnut St., East Palestine, Ohio 

Whitinger, Mary Sioux Rapids, Iowa 

Whitmire, Eileen R. F. D. 1, Navarre, Ohio 

Whittlesey, Marjorie ... .205 S. Water St., Kent, Ohio 

Whittlesey, R. Rudolph Atwater, Ohio 

Widowski, Joe 

13 81 Norton Blvd., Mayfield Hts., Ohio 

Wilenius, Wilfred Rootstown, Ohio 

Wiles, Sylvan .... ....190 W. Park St., Rittman, Ohio 

Willett, Audre ... ..West Ohio Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Williams, Ernest .129 Canal St., Newton Falls, Ohio 

Williams, Margaret 

315 W. 5th St., E. Liverpool, Ohio 

Williams, Margaret 

1296 Donald Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 

Williams, Marian.. ..3 34 S. Willow St., Kent, Ohio 

Williams, Mary an 

12612 Maplerow Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Williamson, Claire 978 W. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Willoughby, Charlotte 

2110 Lake Road, Rocky River, Ohio 

Wilson, Etta 165 W. Virginia Ave., Sebring, Ohio 

Wilton, Alice ... .....R. F. D. 3, Louisville, Ohio 

Wise, Doris 

Lovers Lane, R. F. D. 4, Ravenna, Ohio 
Womer, Dorothy. .14914 Esther Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 
Wood, Isabelle .531 E. Main St., Kent, Ohio 

Woodard, Elizabeth.....llO E. 2020 St., Euclid, Ohio 

Woods, Jeanette 401 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Woods, Mary 401 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Woods, Virginia 401 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, Ohio 

Woodward, Shirley Box 185, Hiram, Ohio 

Wootopulos, Helene 

1034 Bernard St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Wrentmore, George R. F. D. 2, Lockwood, Ohio 

Wright, Jean 221 N. Professor St., Oberlin, Ohio 

Wright, Norma 

2475 Fourth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Wright, Portia 1008 Franklin St., Toronto, Ohio 

Wyatt, Lela R. F. D., Wadsworth, Ohio 

Yonocsko, Mike Niffs, Ohio 

Yerman, John R. D. 1, Diamond, Ohio 

Yingst, Camilla 204 First St., Minerva, Ohio 

Young, Dale E. Akron, Ohio 

Young, Janet Congress Lake, Hartville, Ohio 

Young, Julia ._ R. F. D., Hopedale, Ohio 

Young, Louise W. Prospect Ave., Mantua, Ohio 

Young, Lucille W. Prospect Ave., Mantua, Ohio 

Young, Thelma R. F. D., E. Canton, Ohio 

Yount, Rachel 300 E. Voris St., S. Akron, Ohio 

Zeisler, Ruth 1437 Shehy St., Youngstown, Ohio 

Zerbe, Harriett Georgetown Road, Canton, Ohio 

Ziegler, Grace 

821 Plymouth Center, N. W., Canton, Ohio 
Ziemba, Billie ...3 55 8 E. 13 5th St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Ziler, Vivian .1755 Eighth St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Zimmerman, Edna R. F. D., Marshallville, Ohio 

Zimmerman, Mary 522 Glendora Ave., Akron, Ohio 

Zoller, Phyllis 

R. F. D. 3, Painesville-Warren Road, Painesville, Ohio 
Zuercher, Barbara R. F. D. 1, Dalton, Ohio 


Go to the Brady or the Robin Hood for that refreshing "coke." 

Look up Bransby's when the Stater asks you for a photograph 
for that queen picture. 

Visit Elgin's when in dire need of a watch to keep you from 
getting campused. 

Drop in Coe Livingston's or Green's to find out if they have 
your size in a tux collar, or contemplate buying a suit. 

Gas up at Jones' new gas station when the "Governor" lets 
you have the family chariot. 

Patronize the local florists for the last minute corsage. 

Must not forget when hiring a band to see Bobby Katz first. 

These are just some of the local people -with whom you deal 
in business ventures. By turning the following pages you 
will gain some useful information on where you can get that 
useful something in Kent. 


JAMES OZRO ENGLEMAN, A. M., Ph. D., LL. D., President 




JOHN L. BLAIR, A. M., Ph. D. 


Acting Dean 

Approved by State Department of Education for teacher training 
in the following fields: 






Fully accredited member of . . . 

The Ohio College Association 
The American Association of Teachers Colleges 
The North Central Association of Colleges 
and Secondary Schools 

(Accredited as a degree-granting institution.) 

Annual catalog, summer school bulletin, 
graduate school bulletin, correspondence study 
bulletin, or other information sent on request. 



Quality Products that 
Render New Services 

More Mileage 
Quicker Starting 
Self Lubrication 


We Earnestly Solicit Your Business 



Lincoln and Main 


Kent Students Prefer FORDS 


XL. . .. 


£ <* ' ?* 


^djM j&BA .^L^l^ s 

fll jB^K: 

Kent, Ohio 


Authorized Ford Dealer 

Phone 50B 

// WV G»I He//) Yo» . . . 

WHETHER YOU go into business, teaching or something else, ques- 
tions may occasionally arise concerning trees and problems of tree care. 

When such questions are encountered it may be that we can furnish 
counsel, literature or some other helpful cooperation. 

In any event, we hope that you will always feel free to let us know 
whenever we may be in a position to give you special assistance. 

To the graduating class of 1937 we extend our earnest best wishes. 






is an art 

A Lifetime Experience 
in the art of growing 
and arrangement of 


1312 N. MANTUA - PHONE 74 


Meet us 

— ■ — at The 

Robin Hood 

Across From The Kent State University Campus 


















Tire Service 

Phone No. WA. 5722 




'Everything you expect in a Modern Drug Store" 

On The Main Corner Phone 150 



Service Efficiency 

Courtesy Quality 





LAMPS and 


Complete Home Furnisher 
Licensed Funeral Director 

Corner Main and River Streets 
Phone 53 KENT, OHIO 

NOW — INSURANCE for Your Savings in 


SAVE— "The Federal Way" 




First Mortgage Loans — Construction — Refinancing 

OFFICE— 141 E. Main St., Kent Phone 522 


W. W. REED & SON, Inc. 

Established 1913 



You'll Never Forget Captain Bradi] 


Kent. Ohio 

SchafTner & Marx 


Mallory and Knox 

Manhattan Shirts 


— Weyenberg 




Bobby Katz and 

His Orchestra 

at important K. S. U, 


Mildred Maxa 


Have your eyes examined 


by a 

Licensed Optometrist 



( UMiii)]) 

The Bank of Courtesy 
to University Students 


Official University Pins 

2% and Safety 

Rockwell Bldg. East Main St. 



Commercial Printing 
of All Kinds 

13 8 East Main Street 
Kent, Ohio 

Every Student Need 


The Campus Supply 









No. 1 









Deposits Insured up to $5,000 
by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 



Offers students and faculty a 
complete printing service for all 
social needs; dance programs, ban- 
quets, parties, and recitals. 

Also a complete line of college 
supplies. Exclusive engraved Uni- 
versity stationery not obtainable 

If you don't see -what you want 
ask for it. If it's made we'll get it 
for you. 

125 E. Main - Kent, Ohio - Phone 654 





the Modern 






^VtlHIT HAt-l- 

***/>* "V 



,0° o", 

>?/ *v»^w« f/c-/y/i 


311 1 

^/ />£* 7-/* TS/SrA 

deita sicnA 

'T r r f 

\r r r f 
Fr r r 

Ur r r . 
\r r r r. 


^1 ii _L /o 

1 1 

"-£hA£ k/es7 


^"ilfia / 


*W» H